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vol. 4.)


Barton, Kate C. Clothilde; or, The secret of three

generations. Abbott, Lyman. Laicus.

Barham, R. H. Ingoldsby Legends (prose and verse). About, Edmond. Man with the broken ear.

Jerry Jarvis's wig. (In Little Classics, Life, Notary's nose, The Adams, H. C. Tales upon texts.

Bauer, Miss C. (Carl Detlef). At Capri. Addison, J. Westminster Abbey. (In Little Classics, Beecher, Henry W. Norwood. (2 cop.) "Life,” vol. 4).

Benedict, F. L. Madame. Aguilar, Grace. Days of Bruce, vol. 1 (2 cop.)

Miss Dorothea's charge. Days of Bruce, vol. 2 (1 cop.)

Miss Van Kortland. Home influence.

St. Simon's niece. (2 cop.) Home scenes.

Bentzon, T. Remorse. Woman's friendship

Berger, C. (pseud.) See Sheppard, E. S. Ainslie, Herbert (pseud.) See Maitland, E.

Besant, Walter. By Celia's arbor. Aldrich, Thomas B. Prudence Palfrey.

Bjornson, Bjornstjerne. Arne. (3 cop.)
Queen of Sheba (2 cop.)

Fisher Maiden, The (2 cop.)
Story of a bad boy.
Alexander, Mrs.

Happy Boy, The
Heritage of Langdale, The


Black, C. Sussex idyl, A cop.)

Black, William. Daughter of Heth, A Ralph Wilton's weird.

Green pastures and Piccadilly. (2 cop.) Wooing o'it, The

In silk attire. (2 cop.) Ames, Mary C. His two wives.

- Kilmeny. (3 cop.) Andersen, Hans Christian. 0. T.

Macleod of Dare. (2 cop.) Pictures of travel.

Madcap Violet. (2 cop.) Poet's Bazaar, The

Princess of Thule. Two baronesses, The

Strange adventures of a pony phaeton. Arthur, T. S. Home heroes, saints and martyrs.

Three feathers. (2 cop. ) Six nights with the Washingtonians.

Blackburn, W. M. Geneva's shield. - Ten nights in a bar-room.

Blackmore, R. D. Alice Lorraine. Auerbach, Berthold. Aloys.

Cradock Nowell. Black Forest villāge stories.

– Cripps, the carrier. Convict, The

Erema; or, my father's sin. - Edelweiss.

Lorna Doone. - Joseph in the snow.

Maid of Sker.
Little Barefoot (2 cop.)

Boniface, J. X. (X. B. Saintine). Picciola; the

prisoner of Fenestrella. Poet and merchant.

Bowles, Emily, In the Camargue.
Villa on the Rhine, vol. 1 (2 cop.)
Villa on the Rhine, vol. 2 (2 cop.)

Boyesen, H. H. Gunnar.

Norseman's pilgrimage, A
Austin, J. Persuasion.

Bowra, H. Young wife's story, A
Pride and prejudice.

Brachvogel, A. E. Beaumarchais.
Sense and sensibility.

Brackenridge, H. H. Modern Chivalry.
Braddon, M. E.

Aurora Floyd.

Dead men's shoes.

Hostages to fortune.

Joshua Haggard's daughter.
Bailey, J. M. (Danbury News Man.) They all do it. Lady Audley's secret.
Baker, W. M. Virginians in Texas, The

Milly Darrell.
Balzac, Honoré de. Alchemist, The

Publicans and sinners. Cæsar Birotteau.

Taken at the flood. Eugenie Grandet.

Bremer, Fredrika. Father and daughter. Banim, J. Rival dreamers, The. (In Little Classics, Home, The "Fortune,” vol. 12.)

Bronte, Annie (Acton Bell). Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Banim, M. Bit o' writing, The

Bronte, Charlotte (Currer Bell). See Nichols, Mrs. Mayor of Wind Gap, The

C. B.

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