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In vestments and aulterclothes.

Ffyrst a swett of Vestyments of rede clothe of gold wythe spangs and crossys in the myddyst enbrotherd wythe Ihus Xryste and portcolis to the value of........

Item ye copys of the same clothe of gold wyth lyke velvett and enbrothered to the value of

Item a vestment of clene clothe of golde wythe ye bake of enbrothered warke of ye value of

Item a vestment of Grene velvett enbrothered with rede rosys with a crose of gold of stole warke wroght with daysys to the value of


Item two pawlys for the hye Alter paned with greyn velvett and blewe wroght with rede rosys of golde and rosys of sylver to the value of


Item two other pawlys for the hye Alter paned with clothe of golde and cremesyn velvett to the value of

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Item four casys of clothe of golde with fynne corporalls pertenyng to the same to the value of

Item two Spanyshe napkyns wroght

with sylke and gold

Money payd for thes by ye sayd Reuerende Ffather in God

li. s. d.

26 0 0

34 6 8

7 13 4

13 6 8

15 0 0

6 13 4

1 68

128 10 0

In Books.

Hic sequuntur nomina Librorum receptorum per me Robertum Shortonum, pro Libraria Dicti Collegii.

In primis recepi a Reverendo in Christo Patre Domino Roffensi Episcopo, ultimo die Septembris, anno Regis Hen. VIII. tertio.

Duo Missalia in pergamena impressa.

Item ab eodem, Symon de Cassia de gestis Christi.
Item ab eod. opera Floreti in duob. vol.
Item ab eod. Alexander de Hales in trib. vol.

Obligacio Joye.

Item ab eod. Rev° in Christo Patre Dno Roffensi Ep, primo die Octob" anno quinto Regis Hen. VIII.

In primis Novella 'Joannis Andreæ super decretalibus in duob. vol. 1 lib.

Item ab eod. Archidiaconus super decret. 9s. It. ab eod. Corpus Juris Canonici in trib. vol. 1 lib. 6s. 8d.

It. ab eod. Sabavella super clemet. 6s. 8d. It. ab eod. Albertus sup. Evangelia in trib. vol. 15s. It. ab eod. Albertus sup. sententias in trib. vol. 158. It. ab eod. Dominicus sup. sext. decret. 9s.

Summa 5 lib. 1s. 4d.

1 Joannes Andreæ, jus Bononiæ docuit A.C. 1345; scrip

sit in Novellas; obiit peste A. C. 1348.

It. de Joye in parte solutionis suæ obligacionis anno quinto Regis Hen. VIII. ultimo die Sept. Albertus de mirabili scientia Dei in duob. vol. 10s.

Obligacio Wynkyn pro octo libris.

In primis recepi ab eod. Wynkyn, primo die SeptR anno quinto Regis Hen. VIII.

Opera Jeronimi in duob. vol. 18s.

It. ab eod. 'Ricardus de media villa in duob. vol. 1 li. It.ab eod. Ordinalia duo impressa in papiro, 1 li. 6s. 8d. It. ab eod. Missale 3s. 4d.

It. Manuale in pergamena, 1 lib. 6s. 8d.

It. ab eod. opera Chrysostomi in duob. vol. 128.
It. ab eod. Chronica


It. ab eod. Faber sup. Epistolas Pauli 58.

It ab eod. opera Bernardi 88.

It. ab eod. opera Origenis in duob. vol. 18s.

It. ab eod. opera Cypriani 3s. 4d.

It. 2 Holcott sup. Sapientia 58.

Summa 7 lib. 18s.

1 Richardus Middletonus, Franciscanus Anglus, scripsit in Evangelia, in epistolas Paulinas, Magistrum Sententiarum, &c. obiit A. C. 1300.

2 Robertus Holkotus, Dominicanus Anglus, Theologiam Oxonii docuit. Commentariis in S. Scripturam, &c. inclytus. Obiit peste A. C. 1349. The Treatises of these two Writers, viz. Ric. de media villa, Venet. 1509, and Holkot sup. sapientia, Hag. 1497, together with the Treatises of Albertus Magnus viz. sup. Evangelia, Hag. 1504,-sup. Sententias, Bas. 1506, and-de mirabili Scientia Dei, Bas. 1507, which still remain in St John's College Library, are probably the identical Books given by Bishop Fisher.

Obligacio Pynson pro 2li. 6s. 8d.

Pro qua summâ recepi ab eod. xvi processionalia, viz. duodecim in pergamenâ, et quatuor in papiro.


A letter sent to the College by my Lo. of Rochester, on the behalf of 'Mr. Wakefield beinge to travell beyond the seas, that he might have the benefit of his fellowship for two years.

After my ryght hartty recommendacions, wher master Wakfeld this bearer ys mynded to goo byyonde the sea, to thentent thatt he may be the more expolite and perfite in the tonge of Hebrew; I have graunted hyme the emolumente of his College duryng the space of two years next ensewyng; trustyng that at his return he shall be more able to perfite others in the sayme learning, and to doo honour both to your College and to the hoole reame. Thus fare ye weale, at Rochester by your old assured frend

Jo. Roffs.

He was the first Professor of Hebrew on the foundation of Hen. VIII. as appears from Ascham,- De Cantabrigia, si quid aves audire, en jam nova tibi videri potest; tam divinis et immortalibus literarum præsidiis et ornamentis auxit eam optimi principis nostri munificentia. Wigginus Theologiæ, Smithus Jurisprudentiæ, Checus Linguæ Grecæ, Wakfeldus Hebraicæ, Blitus, qui sororem D. Checi duxit, Medicinæ, Publici Professores sunt instituti. Salarium quadraginta librarum singuli quotannis sunt accepturi.' (Epist. Fam. Lib. ii. 9.)


A Letter of Bishop Fisher to Richard Croke.

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Baker, after having mentioned the University's decreeing Bishop Fisher annual Exequies, in acknowledgment of the great services done by him to the University, as well in his own private foundations and in private Colleges, as in his more public character as their Chancellor, instances Fisher's singular virtue and moderation in so far declining the welcome offer, as to desire that Lady Margaret might have the first place in their prayers; and Baker observes that it is an answer to the objec'tions of one Richard Croke, an ambitious, envious, ' and discontented wretch, who had been preferred ‘by him, and had eat his bread; and yet had the 'impudence to charge him with setting up for 6 Founder, and with other such calumnies as his 'malice could invent. His objections are best an'swered by the Bishop himself in a letter he vouch'safed to write to that wretch; and it is very well 'worth reading to any one that has an honour for 'the Bishop's memory, or that can take pleasure in seeing right done to innocence against calumny ' and detraction.'

Epistola Joannis Roffensis ad Crocum. MIROR profecto 'Croce quod in his negotiis tempus conteris tuum, quum nec hac, aut mundi 1 Richard Croke, or Crocus as he writes himself, was admitted Scholar of King's College Apr. 4, 1506; studied Greek

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