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Henry Maurice, D.D. sometime Fellow of Jesus College; elected Jul. 18, 1691, and became Prebendary of Worcester. He died suddenly at Newington, near Dorchester, in Oxfordshire, of which place he was Rector, on Friday, Oct. 30, 1691, aged 44; and was buried in the Church there. There is an inscription to his memory in Jesus College Chapel.

Thomas Sykes, B.D. Fellow of Trinity College; elected Nov. 6, 1691, and installed Prebendary of Worcester, Nov. 18 following. He was afterwards D.D.; elected President of his College, 1704, and died Dec. 14, 1705.

John Wynne, D.D. Fellow of Jesus College; elected Professor Dec. 20, 1705; and installed Prebendary of Worcester Mar. 16 following. He became Principal of his College 1712, and Bishop of St Asaph 1714. He resigned this Professorship Feb. 10, 1715.

William Delaune, D.D. President of St John's College 1698, Rector of Chilbolton, Hants, and Prebendary of Winchester, was elected Professor Feb. 18, 1715, and installed Prebendary of Worcester Mar. 14 following. He died May 23, 1728, and was buried in his College Chapel.

Thomas Jenner, B.D. Fellow of Magdalen College, was elected Professor May 28, 1728, and became Prebendary of Worcester. He proceeded D.D. July 11, 1729, became President of his College in 1745; and dying Jan. 12, 1768, was buried in his College Chapel.

Thomas Randolph, D.D. President of Corpus Christi College, was elected Professor 1768, and became Prebendary of Worcester. In the preceding year he had been appointed Archdeacon of Oxford. He died Mar. 24, 1783, and was buried in the Cloister of his College.

Timothy Neve, D.D. sometime Fellow of Corpus Christi College, afterwards Rector of Goddington and Middleton Stoney, both in Oxfordshire, and Chaplain of Merton College, was elected Professor Mar. 31, 1783, and installed Prebendary of Worcester Apr. 24 following.

Septimus Collison, D.D. Provost of Queen's College, elected Professor 1798.

Godfrey Fausset, D.D. sometime Fellow of Magdalen College, the present Professor, elected 1827.


A Catalogue of The 'Lady Margaret's Preachers at Cambridge, collected from the public Registers and other MMS.; now first published in pious memory of the Foundress, and of such worthy men as have been useful in their generations.

John Fawn, B. D. the first Preacher by the Charter of the Foundation, dated Oct. 30, An. 20 Henry VII. viz. 1504. * He was yet Preacher, * Regr. An. 1509, when by Grace his absence was dispensed 1508, 9. with, in discharge of his duty of Preaching.

Thomas Ashley, Fellow of King's College, admitted Preacher 1519.

John Edmunds, D. D. the first named of the original Fellows of St John's College, afterwards Fellow of Jesus College, and Master of Peter House an. 1527,and Preacher 1521; an active daring Man;

119 Henry VII. Rex omnibus &c. Licentiam damusMargaretæ Comitissa Richmond. Matri nostræ præcharissimæ, quod ipsa Mater nostra, vel executores sui-quandam Cantariam perpetuam unius Predicatoris verbi Dei, ad laudem et honorem nominis Jhesu ac Annuntiationis B. Mariæ Virginis, divinique cultus augmentum verbum Dei, ob salutem animæ dictæ Matris nostræ-in universitate Cantabr. Lincoln. Dioc., juxta ordinationes et statuta ipsius Matris nostræ, vel executorum suorum fundatorum hujusmodi Cantariæ in perpetuum predicatur. fundare, creare, erigere, et stabilire possit.-T. R. apud Westm. vii. Febr. (MSS. Mri Rymer, describente Dre Kennett Epo. Petr-burg.)

Acad An.

* Regr. when he was Vice-Chancellor, an. 1528, 9,

Acad. MS.


* Ro

Miscel. P. bert Clyff, LL. D. the Bishop of Ely's Chancellor (then a Member of the University) was excommunicated; and after much debate, was at last dismissed, 66 upon his submission on his knees before the ViceChancellor, meekly taking his absolution ;" and has left a caution to pride and insolence. (See Fiddes's Life of Wolsey, Collec. p. 46.)

1 Walter Preston, D.D. Fellow of Christ's College, elected Preacher, April 20, 1524, in St Mary's Church.

William Harvey, B. D. Fellow of Queens' College, admitted Preacher 1525.

2 William Buckmaster, D. D. successively Fellow of Peter House and King's Hall; admitted Preacher, Dec. 15, 1528. He was Vice-Chancellor when the case of the King's Divorce was debated, and has left some account of that affair in a long letter to Dr Edmunds. Also see Strype's Mem. Eccles. Vol. I. App. pp. 243, 4.

1 Walterus Preston Soc. Coll. Chr. et S. T. P. electusApr. 20, 1524, in ecclesiâ S. Mariæ, &c. [Regr. Acad.]

2 Gul. Buckmaster Socius Coll. Sti Petri prius, admissus Apr. 27, an. 1517; dein Socius Aulæ Regiæ, admissus circa an. 1532; eo enim anno Dûs Jo. Blanke admissus est Socius Coll. Sti Petri loco Mri Dris Buckmayster.

'An. 1528, Dec. 15. Wmus Buckmaister, S. Th. Professor, electus, admissus, et juratus ad officium Prædicatoris in Universitate, juxta ordinationes Dnæ Margaretæ Fundatricis ejusdem officii. Perlegit illico Statuta Fundationis, coram Dno Vicecan., Mris Collegiorum, et eorum Præsidentibus, ad quos spectabat electio. Propriâ manu hoc hic scripsit.' (Transcript. ex veteri Libro Procuratoris in Archiv.)

John Wyot, B. D. Preacher 1530; who was again elected ann. 1532, 1535.

Edward Alenson, B. D. Fellow of Pembroke Hall, Preacher 1538.

Richard Wilks, B. D. Preacher 1539; elected Master of Christ's College 1548, Master of St John's Hospital, Ely, 1547, and Prebendary of Ely 1550. He was one of those with whom Dr Redmayn, just before his death, held a conference, Nov. 2, 1551, and in their presence declared his unshaken rejection of the Romish errors. (See Fox's Acts and Mons.) In the first year of Queen Mary, 1553, he was thrust out of all his preferments, and dying at Ely in 1556, was buried in St Mary's Church there.

Henry Pauley, B. D. Preacher 1540; elected again 1542.

Richard Atkinson, D. D. Preacher 1545; then Fellow, after, Provost of King's College, an. 1553. Godfrey Gilpin, B.D. elected Preacher Nov. 11, 1547, Fellow of Trinity College ;-' nominatus Socius in Charta Fundationis Coll. Trin. dat. Dec. 24, an. 38. Henry VIII. viz. 1546.

Edmund Grendall, B. D. Fellow of Pembroke Hall, admitted Preacher March 24, 1549. Under Q. Mary he was an exile; but returning at the accession of Elizabeth, an. 1559, he was elected Master of Pembroke Hall (but was never in the College during the time of his Mastership, which lasted till 1562) and the same year was consecrated Bishop of London. In 1570 he was translated to the Archbishoprick of York, and in 1575 to that of Canter

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