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To the Boolean Library, with solumes 2-5 cinclusive, from $. 5. Dodpon, 7 June, 1917.

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In the publication of modern Sermons too little attention appears to have been paid to the illiterate classes of the Commu. nity. Some attempts indeed have been made to furnish them with Discourses adapted to their capacities ; but without any disparagement to these attempts, it may be safely asserted, that the supply has not been adequate to the demand. The considerate Clergyman can find but few volumes written with such plainness of language, as to allow of his circulating them in his Parish, with the hope of their being generally understood. This is a defect, which the writer, in common with many other Parochial Ministers, has long felt and de. plored; and which it is his desire and endeavour by the present publication in some measure to remedy. How far he has suc

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