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the gospel, 33. How it The death of Christ, con. 8 was administred under the law, con, 49. In it he saw no corruption, con. 7.5 cat. 34. "How under the gof. 8


cat. 52. The divine pature pei, con. 7. 6. cat, 35.

having sustained the human from Councils or fynods ought to be, con. fiaking under the power of death, 31. I they may be called by the cat 38 By his obedience and death, civil magistrate, con 23 3. 31. 2. be made a proper, real and full faWhen ministers may meet without tisfaction to the justice of the ra. the call of the civil magistrate, cop, ther, con 11. 3. cat. 71. Thro'zbe 31. 2. What power councils have, virtue of his death and resurrection, COA. 31. 3. What submision due to believers are fanctified, con. 13. 1. their decrees, ibid. Not infallible Believers have fellowlaip with Chritt fince the apostles rimes, con 31 4. in his death, con 26. 1, and from But their determinations are to be his death and resurrection they draw tried by the scriptures, con 1. 10. Arength for the montifying of fin and How far they may meddle in civil quickning of grace, cat. 167. The affuis, cod. 31 5

Lord's fupper is a memorial of his Creation of the world, con 4.1.

death, con 29

1. cat. 168. and cat 15. Of man, con 4.

cat. in that sacrament, worthy com17. Of angels, cat. 16.

municants meditate affe&ionately Creatures. Dominion over the crea- on his death and sufferings cat 174. tures given to man, con'. 4. 2 cat. and receive and feed upon all the 17. They are curled for our fakes, benefits of his death, con. 29 7. face the fall, cat. 28. Religious The Decalogue, See commandments. worship to be given to no creature, The Decrees of God, the nature, end, con. 21. 2. cat. 105:

extent and properties of them, con. Curiosity, Bold and curious searching 3. 1, 2. cat. 12. The decree of preinto God's secrets, discharged, cat. destination, con. 3. 3. 4. of elec105. curious prying into God's tion and reprobation, con 3 5,6, decrees forbidden, cat. 113. curi. 7. cat, 13. How God executein his ous or unprofitable quellions are decrees, cat 14. How the doctrine to be avoided, ibid.

of decrees is to be handled, and The Curse and wrath of God, man what use to be made of them, con. liable to it, both by original and 3. 8. Curious prying into God's actual lio, con. 6. 6. cat. 27.

decrees, forbidden, cat. 13. How it may be escaped, Cor. 7. Desertion. Wilful defertion, un3. cat. 153.

lawful, cat: 139.

Such as cannot Eurling, fintul, cat. 113.

be remedied, by the church or D

civil magiftrate, is caule fufficient ANCING. Lascivious dancing of diffolving the bood of marriage, forbidden, cai. 139.

con 24. 6. Dead, not to be prayed for,.con. Despair, finful, cat. 105. Believers 21 f. cat. 183.

always fupported from utter de Death, being the sages of fin, coa. 6. spair, con. 18. 4 cat 81. 6. cat. 28. 84. It is appointed for Devil, all compacts and consulting all men. cat. 84. How it is an

with him, linful, cat 105. alvantage to the righteous, cat. 85. Diligence in our calling, a duty, The state of believers immediately çat. 141. after death, con. 32. 1. cat. 86, Dipping in baptism, not neccflry, of the wicked, ibid.



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81, 172

145, 148

con. 28. 3.

Election, out of God's mere free D content at the dispositions of grace, con 3.5. cat. 13. i rom all God's providence, boul, cat, os, eternity in Chritt, ibid. Eledion 113. Discontentment with our own not only 10 eternal life and glory, ellare, finful, cat, 148.

but alts, to the means thereot, con. Divorce, lawlul in case of adultery 3 6 cat. 13. All the elect, and a ter marriage, or of such wilful ihey only, are effecually called and deicrtion as cannot be remedied, saved, con 3.6 10.1, 4. cat. 66. con, 24, 5, 0). A publick orderly Tho' others may be outwardly calcourte of proceeding is to be ob. led by the word, and have some served in it, con 24 6.

common operations of the Spirit, Dominion. See sovereignty, crea: ibid. Elect infants, and other elect ture fin

persons who are incapable of being Doubting of being in Chrill, may called by the word how faved, cup. confist with a true interest in him, 10. 3. What use to be made of the 17 3. 18. 4. car

doctrine of election, con. 4.8. And And therefore thould not hinder how meo may be assured of their from partaking of the Lord's Sup. eterpal election, ibid. See affurance. per, cat. 172.

Envy, sinful, cat. 128, 136, 142; Drunkennels forbidden, cat 139. Duty to God by the light of nature, Equals, their duties and lips cat. con. 21. 1. Duties required in the

131, 132 first commandment, cat. 104 1o Equivocation, speaking the truth in the second, cat 108 In the third, doubtful and equirocal expresa os, cat. i 12. In the fourth cat 1.6. to the prejudice of truth or justice, Duties of inferiors to their superi.

sinful, cat 145 con. 23 5. cat 27

What Eucharilt See Lord's Supper. is required of fuperiors, con. 23 Exaltation of Christ, con. 8. 4. cat, 2. cat. ' 29. Duties of equals, cat. 51. In his refurrection, cat. 52 13. Duties of the sixth command. his afcenfion, cat, 53 In his fitting ment, cat. 135 Of the seventh car, at the right hand of God. cat. 54. 138. Of the right, cat. 141. of In his coming to judge the world, the ninth, cat, 144. Of the tenth, cat. 56. cat. 147

Self-Examination, cat 171.

Excommunication, con 0.2, 3, 4.
Cclefiaftical powers oot to be Expiation. Sin cannot be expiated

oppled upon pretence of but by the blood of Christ, c27.152. Christian liberty, con


F Laitical p rfons not exempted from TAITH, what, con. 14. 2 obedience to the civil magistrate, 72. God requireth nothing of

. con, 23.

fingers that they may be juftified, Ervai Elling, What, con. 10.1. but faith in Chrilt, con. 11. 1 cat. cat. 67 It is of God's free grace, 61 Which be requireth as the cone net from any thing foreseen in man, dition to interest them in the medi

10. 2. cat 67. All the elect, àtor of the covenant of grace, cat. aid they only are effe&tually called, 32. It justifies a fioner in the fight

o 1, 4. cat. 68 The elect of God only as it is an inflrument by uipod to Christ in their,

effectual wh ch he receiveth Chrill and his righteousness, con. 11. 2. cat 73.

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Faith is the gift of God, con. II The glory of God, the end of his deI cal 71. it being the work of the crees, con. 3. 3. cat, 12 The glory Sp.rit; con 14. 1 cat 59.72. lt' of his grace the end of election, con. is ordinarily wrought by the mini- 2 5. cat 13: The glory of his Itry of the word, con 14 !

in. justice the end of the decree of re. creared and trengthned by the probation, con. 37. cat. 13. The word, facraments and prayer, ibid. glory of his eternal power, wisdom

, Otteo weakned, but alway's gets and goodness, the end of the crea. the victory, con. 14. 2. Growing tion, cod 4. 1

The manifeftati; up in many to a full assurance. con on of the glory of his wifdom pow. 1. 13. cat, to Gord works the er, justice, goodne is and mercy, is fruit and evidence of true faith, the end of all God's works of procón. 16 2 cat. 52 Which is never vidence, con. 5.1. cat 18. The alone, but always accompanied end of God's appointing the lat with all other saving graces, ard judgment is the manifeftation of is no dead faith, but worketh by the glory of bis mercy and justice, love, coo 2. cat 73

con. 32. 10. To glorify God is the Fall of Man, the nature and effects chief end of man, cat. I. God is ot it, con. 6 cat. 21. 23, 25, 27,

glorified by good works, con. 16. 28. 29. Why permitted, con, 6. 2. Gluttony, a fin, cat. 139.

How all mankind concerned in God. The light of nature theweth ir, con 6: 3. cat. 22.

that there is a God, con. 21. l. Filling away, lee preseverance. cat, 2. What it declares concernFamily worthip daily, requied of ing him, and of our duty to him, Coi, con 21. 6.'

con. 1. 1. 21.1. It is not sufficient Fating, Religious fafting, a duty, to give that knowledge of God and cat. 108. So' mn tasting a part of of his will, which is necessary unreligious worsa p. con. 21 S.

to falvation, con. I 1. cât 2. The Fellowship, See communion, attributes or perfe&tions of God, Foreknowledge, all things come to con. 2 1. 2. cat. 7. JO1. There

país infallibly accrding to the is but one only God, con 2. 1. foreknowledge of God con. 5. 2. car 8. There are three persons in Forgivenefs, Sec pardon.

the God head, diftinguished by per. Fornication committed after con- fonal properties, con. 2. 3. cat 9. tract of marriage, a juft ground of 10. The co-equality of the perfons diffolving the contract cop 24. 5. proved, cat 11. To him is due Fortune. To alcribe any thing to from all his creatures, whatioever fortune, is finful, cat 105.

worship, service or obedience he is Free will. See will.

pleated to require, con. 2. 2. (ur Frugality, a duty, cat 141.

duty to God, cat, 104, 103, 112, G

116. What contrary to it, cat. Wasteful gaming

105. 19, U3, 119. Religious .

worship is to be given to God the Glory The communion in glory Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and with Christ, which belicvers enjoy to him alone ; and that only in the in this life, cat 83 con. 18. 1, 2, meditation of Christ, con, 21. 2. 3 Immediately after death, con. cat. 79,781. God is to be wor. 32. I cat. 86.

At the selurre&i- thipped in that way only which he on and day of judgment, con. 32. hath instituted in the scriptures, 3.33 2. cat. &7. co.

G forbidden. car 142

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cat. 50




con. 1. 1. cat. 109. To glorify Heaven, the state of the bleffed, con. God and fully to enjoy him for e. 32. 1.33. 2. cat 86. go. ver is the chief end of man, cat. I. Hell, the state of the damned, coo. Good works. See works.

32. I. 33. 2. cat. 29, 86, 89. The Goipei. How the covenant of grace meaning of these words in the is administered under the gospel, creed, He desceoded into hell, con. 7. 6. cat. 35. Without the gospel no salvation, cat. 60 con Hereticks to be rejected, cat. !es.

In it Christ doch not diffolve, Holiness. God is inolt holy in all bis but strengthen the obligation to the counsels, works and commandi, obedience of the moral law, con. on. 2. 2 Man was created holy 19. 5. Believers under the gospel after the image of God, con. 4. 2. have a greater boldness of accels to cat. 17. But by the fall he became the throne of grace, than believers wholly defiled, con. 6. 2 Believers under the law did ordinarily par- are by the fandilyang spirit of take of, con. 20. I.

Chrift, quickened and Itrengthened Government, See church, magistrate. to the practice of holine!s, con. iz. The Grace of God Election of God's 1, 3. cat. 75. and are made pormere free grace, con. 3. 5. cat 13:

fealy holy in heaven, cop. 32. . How the of God is manitested cat 86, 90 See fanctification, in the second covenant, con. 7. 3. The Holy Ghoft equal with the Fa. cat. 32 Effectual calling is of ther, con. 2. 3. cat. 11.

He is God's free and special grace, con.

promised to the elect in the cove10 2. cat. 67. Justification is only nant of grace, con. 7. 3. cat. 32. of free grace, con, II 3. cat. 70. By him they are united to Chrift, 71. adoption is an act of free grace, con. 26. 1. For by him the recon. 12. cat. 74. The communion demption purchased by Christ is in grace which believers have with applied to them, con. 8. 8. 11. 4. Chrift, cat. 69. alĮ faving graces

cat 58, 59. By him they are effec. are the work of the Spirit, con 13. tually called, con. 10. 1. cat. 67. 14. and 15. cat. 32, 72, 75, 74,

and bave faith wrought in their 27. and do always accompany hearts, con. 14. 1. cat 59. 72. He faith, con. II. 2. cat. 73.

Perse- is given to them in adoption, cod. verance in grace, con. 17 cat. 79

12. cat. 74. and applying the Increase in grace, con, 13. 1, 3

death and refurrection of Christ te cat. 75, 77. assurance of grace, them, by his powerful operation, con, 18. cat. 80. 81.

they are fanctified, con, 13. I cat. H

75. Having repentance wrought,

and all other saving graces iofused ners are hardened, con. 5.6. into their hearts, con 13. 1. cii. Believers may have their hearts 32. 75, 76, 77. Through the conhardened, con 17. 3.

tinual supply at ftrength from him, Head. The elect are inseparably u- believers


in grace, con. 13. Dited to Christ as their head, cen, 3. Ent. 75

The outward means 25. 1. 26. 1. cat. 64.66. He is the are by him made effectual to the only head of the church, con 25.6.

elce for salvation, con.7. $,6. 25. Hearing What is required of thote 3. cat 155,161. Prayer is to be that hear the word preached, con. made by his help, con, 21. 3. cat, 21. 5. cat. 160.

182. ability to do good works is


from him, con. 16.

2. assurance

them. cai. 71, 77. of taith is atrained by his witnesling Jpcarnation of Christ, con. 8. 2. cat. with our spirits that we are the 37, 39 children of God, con. 18 2 cat. Inceti discharged, cat. :39. incestue 80 By his abiding within believers, ous marriages, which are within the they are secured from falling to- degrees of consanguinity or afini. tally away from the state of grace, ty, forbidden in the scriptures, can and are kept by the power of God

never be made lawsul, con. 24. 4. through faith unto salvation, con. Unjuft inclosures and depopulations 17, 2 cat 79.

forbidden, cat 142. Hope of glory, con. 18. 1. cat 83. increase of grace, is from a continual

the hope of hypocrites, cop. 18. 1. supply of sirength from the farcti. Humiliation of Christ, con. 8. 2. 4. tying Spirit of Christ, con. 13. 1, cat 46. In his conception and 3 cat, 75, 77. birti, cat. 47 In his life, cat. 48. Innocency. The state of man in ionolo his death, cat 49. after death, cency, con, 4. 2. cat 17, 20, cat. 50

Sniants, how saved, con. 10. 3. 19. Hypocrisy, making profession of reli- fants of one or both believing pa. gion in hypocriiy, or for finister ients are to be baptized, con. 28. ends, fintul, cat. 113. The hypo

4. cat. 166. crites hope, con. 18. 1.

Ingrosling, Commodities to inhance Hypoftatical. See personal. their price, unlawful, cat. 142. I

Inspiration. The books of the old DLENESS, unlawful, cat: 139, and new Tellament are given by forbidden, cat, 105, 109. all mo- the apocrypha is not of divine innuments of idolatry ought to be fpiration, con. 1. 3. removed, cat 08

Interceflion. How Chrilt makes in Jelts. Perverting the scripture to tercellion, cat 55

of profane jelts, sinful cat 13. his priestly oflice, cat. 44. He Jesus, why so called, cat 41. See makes interceffion, that the re. Chrift

demption which he hath purchased Ignorant, not to be admitted to the may be applied to all believers,con. Lord's table, con. 29. 8 cat. 173.

8.8. cat 55. and their perseverance Image. Man made atter the image depends upon his continual intercelof God in knowledge, righteous- fion for them, con. 17 2. cat. 79. ness and holiness, con 4.2

Joy in the Holy Ghost, the fruit of 17. this image is renewed by assurance, con .8. 1, 2. cat. 63. fantification, cat. 75. and fully Believers, by falling into foruc fins, perfected in heaven, con

may grieve the spirit, and be de cat 86, 90

prived of lome measure of their Image worship of all kinds, dif- comfort, con 17.3, 18. 4. charged, cat 109.

Judge Christ the judge of the
Imputation The guilt of Adam's world; con 8. i, 4


How he
first sin is imputed to all his pofle. shall come at the last day, cát 56.
rity, con. 6 3.
the obedience The Judgments of God upon

fi and satisfaction f Chritt is imputed in this world, con 5. 6. cat 28, to believers. con 11, 1. rat. ;0. Hii benevers may bring temHis righteousneis is imputed to poral judgments on themselre,

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