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the gospel, con. 7. 5. cat. 33. How it was adminiftred under the law, con, 7.5 cat. 34. "How under the gofpel, con. 7. 6. cat, 35. Councils or fynods ought to be, con. 311 they may be called by the civil magiftrate, con. 23 3. 31. 2. When minifters may meet without the call of the civil magiftrate, con, 31. 2. What power councils have, COR. 31. 3. What fubmiffion due to their decrees, ibid. Not infallible fince the apostles times, con 31 4. But their determinations are to be tried by the fcriptures, con 1. 10. How far they may meddle in civil affairs, con. 31 5

Creation of the world, con 4. I. cat 15. Of man, con 4. 2 cat. 17. Of angels, cat. 16. Creatures. Dominion over the creatures given to man, con. 4. 2 cat. 17. They are curfed for our fakes, fince the fall, cat. 8. Religious worship to be given to no creature,

con. 21. 2. Cat. 105:

Curiofity, Bold and curious searching into God's fecrets, difcharged, cat. 105. curious prying into God's decrees forbidden, cat. 13. curious or unprofitable queftions are to be avoided, ibid.

The Curfe and wrath of God, man liable to it, both by original and actual fin, con. 6. 6. cat. 27. How it may be elcaped, con. 7. 3. cat. 153. Curling, finful, cat. 113.

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The death of Christ, con. 8 4. cat. 49. In it he faw no corruption, con. 8 4. cat. 52. The divine nature having fuftained the human from fiaking under the power of death, cat 38 By his obedience and death, be made a proper, real and full fatisfaction to the justice of the rather, con 11. 3. cat. 71. Thro' the virtue of his death and refurrection, believers are fanctified, con. 13. I. Believers have fellowship with Christ in his death, con 26. 1, and from his death and refurrection they draw frength for the mortifying of fin and quickning of grace, cat. 167. Thẹ Lord's fupper is a memorial of his death, con 29 I. cat. 168. and in that facrament, worthy communicants meditate affectionately on his death and fufferings cat 174. and receive and feed upon all the benefits of his death, con. 29 7. The Decalogue, See commandments. The Decrees of God,the nature, end, extent and properties of them, con, 3. 1, 2. cat. 12. The decree of predeftination, con. 3. 3. 4. of election and reprobation, con 3 5,6, 7. cat, 13. How God executeth his decrees, cat 14. How the doctrine of decrees is to be handled, and what ufe to be made of them, con. 3.8. Curious prying into God's decrees, forbidden, cat. 113. Defertion. Wilful defertion, unlawful, cat: 139. Such as cannot be remedied, by the church or civil magiftrate, is caufe fufficient of diffolving the bond of marriage, con 24. 6.

Defpair, finful, cat. 105. Believers always fupported from utter defpair, con. 18. 4 cat 81. Devil, all compacts and confulting with him, finful, cat 105. Diligence in our calling, a duty,

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con. 28.3.

De content at the difpofitions of God's providence, fintul, cat. 05, 113. Difcontentment with our own eflate, finful, cat. 148.

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Divorce, lawful in case of adultery aiter marriage, or of fuch wilful desertion as cannot be remedied, con, 24, 5, 6. A publick orderly courte of proceeding is to be obferved in it, con 24 6.

Dominion. See fovereignty, crea ture fin

Doubting of being in Chrift, may confift with a true intereft in him, COD 17 3. 18. 4. Cat 81, 172 And therefore fhould not hinder from partaking of the Lord's sup per, cat. 172. Drunkennels forbidden, cat 139. Duty to God by the light of nature, con. 21. 1. Duties required in the firft commandment, cat. 104 In the fecond, cat 108 In the third, cat. 112. In the fourth cat 116. Duties of inferiors to their fuperiOTS con. 23 5. cat 127 What is required of fuperiors, con. 23 2. cat. 29. Duties of equals, cat. 131 Duties of the fixth command. ment, cat. 135 Of the feventh cat. 158. Of the eight, cat. 141. Of the ninth, cat. 144. Of the tenth, cat. 147


Cclefiaftical powers not to be oppofed upon pretence of Chriftian liberty, con 20. EccleLaftical perfons not exempted from

Election, out of God's mere free

grace, con 3.5. cat. 13. From all eternity in Chrift, ibid. Ele&ion not only to eternal life and glory, but alio to the means thereof, con. 36 cat. 13. All the elect, and they only, are effectually called and faved, con 3.6 10. 1, 4. Cat. 66. Tho' others may be outwardly called by the word, and have fome common operations of the Spirit, ibid. Elect infants, and other elect persons who are incapable of being called by the word how faved, con. 10. 3. What use to be made of the doctrine of election, con. 4. 8. And how men may be affured of their eternal election, ibid. See affurance. Envy, finful, cat. 128, 136, 147 145, 148

Equals, their duties and fits cat. 131, 132.

Equivocation, fpeaking the truth is doubtful and equivocal expreffi ns, to the prejudice of truth or justice, finful, cat 145 Eucharilt See Lord's Supper. Exaltation of Chrift, con. 8. 4. cat. 51. In his refurre&tion, cat. 52 n his afcenfion, cat. 53 In his fitting at the right hand of God, cat. 54. In his coming to judge the world, cat. 56.

Self-Examination, cat 171. Excommunication, con 10 2, 3, 4. Expiation. Sin cannot be expiated but by the blood of Chrift, cat. 152.


obedience to the civil magiflrate, FAITH. what, con. 14. 2

con, 23.


Eff. Qual Calling, What, con. 10.1. cat. 67 It is of God's free grace, not from any thing forefeen in man, 10. 2. cat 67. All the elect, a. they only are effectually called, 0 1, 4. Cat. 68 The elect uited to Chrift in their, effectual alling, cat. 66,


7. God requireth nothing of finners that they may be juftified, but faith in Chrift, con. 11. I cat. 61 Which he requireth as the condition to interest them in the mediator of the covenant of grace, cat. 32. It juftifies a finner in the fight of God only as it is an inflrument by which he receiveth Chrif and his righteousness, con. 11. 2. cat 73.

Faith is the gift of God, con. 11 I cat 71. it being the work of the Sp.rit, con 14 r cat 59. 72 It' is ordinarily wrought by the miniftry of the word, con. 14 1 in. created and ftrengthned by the word, facraments and prayer, ibid. Often weakned, but alway's gets the victory, con. 14 3. Growing up in many to a full affurance. con. 113. cat. 80 Good works the fruit and evidence of true faith, con, 16 2 cat. 52 Which is never alone, but always accompanied with all other faving graces, and is no dead faith, but worketh by love, con 2. cat 73

Fall of Man, the nature and effects of it, con. 6 cat. 21. 23, 25, 27, 28. 29. Why permitted, con. 6.


How all mankind concerned in it, con 6: 3. cat. 22. Falling away, lee prefeverance. Family worthip daily, required of God, con 21. 6.'

Fating, Religious fafting, a duty, cat. 108. Solemn tafting a part of religious worth p. con. 21 5. Fellowship, See communion. Foreknowledge, all things come to país infallibly according to the foreknowledge of God con. 5. 2. Forgivenefs, See pardon.

Fornication committed after contract of marriage, a juft ground of diffolving the contract con 24. 5. Fortune. To afcribe any thing to fortune, is finful, cat 105. Free will. See will. Frugality, a duty, cat 141.



AMING Wafteful gaming I forbidden, cat 142. Glory The communion in glory with Chrift, which believers enjoy in this life, cat 83 con. 18. 1, 2, 3 Immediately after death, con. 32. I cat, 86. At the refurre&tion and day of judgment, con. 32. 3.33 2. cat. 7. 90.

The glory of God, the end of his decrees, con. 3. 3. cat. 2 The glory of his grace the end of election, con. 2 5. cat 13: The glory of his justice the end of the decree of reprobation, con. 3 7. cat. 13. The glory of his eternal power, wifdom and goodness, the end of the creation, con 4. T The manifeftati: on of the glory of his wifdom power, juftice, goodness and mercy, is the end of all God's works of providence, con. 5. 1. cat 18. The end of God's appointing the laft judgment is the manifeftation of the glory of his mercy and juftice, con. 32. 10. To glorify God is the chief end of man, cat. 1. God is glorified by good works, con. 16. 2. Gluttony, a fin, cat. 139. God. The light of nature fheweth that there is a God, con. 21 1. cat, 2. What it declares concerning him, and of our duty to him, con. F. 1. 21.1. It is not fufficient to give that knowledge of God and of his will, which is neceflary unto falvation, con. I 1. cât 2. The attributes or perfections of God, con. 2 I, 2. cat. 7, J01. There is but one only God, con 2.1. car 8. There are three perfons in the God head, diftinguished by perfonal properties, con. 2. 3. cat 9. 10. The co-equality of the perions proved. cat []. To him is due from all his creatures, whattoever worship, fervice or obedience he is pleafed to require, con. 2. 2. Our duty to God, cat. 104, 103, 112, 116. What contrary to it, cat. 105. 109, 113, 119. Religious worship is to be given to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and to him alone; and that only in the meditation of Christ. COD. 21. 2. cat. 79, 181. God is to be worhipped in that way only which he hath initituted in the fcriptures,


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con. 1. 1. cat. 109. To glorify God and fully to enjoy him for ever is the chief end of man, cat. 1. Good works. See works. Gospel. How the covenant of grace is administered under the goipel, con. 7. 6. cat. 35. Without the gofpel no falvation, cat. 60 con 10 4. In it Chrift doth not diffolve, but ftrengthen the obligation to the obedience of the moral law, con. 19. 5. Believers under the gospel have a greater boldness of accels to the throne of grace, than believers under the law did ordinarily partake of, con. 20. I.

Government, See church, magiftrate. The Grace of God Election of God's mere free grace, con. 3. 5. cat 13. How the grace of God is manifefted in the fecond covenant, con. 7. 3. cat. 32 Effectual calling is of God's free and fpecial grace, con. 10 2. cat. 67. Juftification is only of free grace, con. 11 3. cat. 70. 71. adoption is an act of free grace, con. 12. cat. 74. The communion in grace which believers have with Chrift, cat. 69. all faving graces are the work of the Spirit, con, 13. 14. and 15. cat. 3a, 72, 75, 74, 77. and do always accompany faith, con. 11. 2. cat. 73. Perfeverance in grace, con. 17 cat, 79 Increase in grace, con. 13. 1, 3 cat. 75, 77. affurance of grace, con. 18. cat. 8o. 81.


HARDEN. Why and how fin

ners are hardened, con. 5. 6. Believers may have their hearts hardened, con 17. 3.

Head, The elect are infeparably united to Chrift as their head, con. 25. 1. 26. 1. cat. 64. 66. He is the only head of the church, con 25.6. Hearing What is required of thofe that hear the word preached, con. 21. 5. cat. 160.

Heaven, the ftate of the bleffed, con. 32. 1. 33. 2, cat 86.90. Hell, the ftate of the damned, con. 32. 1. 33. 2. cat. 29, 86, 89. The meaning of these words in the creed, He defcended into hell, cat. 50

Hereticks to be rejected, cat. reg. Holiness. God is most holy in all his counfels, works and commands, con. 2. 2 Man was created holy after the image of God, con. 4. 2. cat. 17. But by the fall he became wholly defiled, con. 6. 2. Believers are by the fantifying spirit of Chrift, quickened and strengthened to the practice of holinets, con. 13. 1, 3. cat. 75. and are made perfectly holy in heaven, con. 32. I. cat 86, 90. See fanctification. The Holy Ghoft equal with the Fa ther, con. 2. 3. cat. 11. He is promifed to the elect in the coVEnant of grace, con. 7 3. cat. 32. By him they are united to Christ, con. 26. 1. For by him the redemption purchased by Chrift is applied to them, con. 8. 8. 11. 4. cat. 58, 59. By him they are effec tually called, con. 10. 1. cat. 67. and have faith wrought in their hearts, con. 14. 1. cat 59. 72. He is given to them in adoption, coD. 12. cat. 74. and applying the death and refurrection of Chrift te them, by his powerful operation, they are fanctified, con. 13. 1 cat. 75. Having repentance wrought, and all other faving graces infufed into their hearts, con 13. 1. cap. 32. 75, 76, 77. Through the continual fupply of frength from him, believers grow in grace, con 13. 3. eat. 75 The outward means are by him made effequal to the elect for falvation, con. 7. 5, 6. 25. 3. cat 155, 161. Prayer is to be made by his help, con, 21. 3. cat. 182. ability to do good works is from

Incarnation of Christ, con. 8. 2. cat.

37. 39.

from him, con. 16. 2. affurance them. cat. 71, 77. of faith is attained by his witneffing with our spirits that we are the children of God, con. 18 2 cat. 80 By his abiding within believers, they are fecured from falling totally away from the ftate of grace, and are kept by the power of God through faith unto falvation, con.

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DLENESS. unlawful, cat: 139, '42. Idolatry, all the kinds of it forbidden, cat. 105, 109. all monuments of idolatry ought to be removed, cat 108

Jelts. Perverting the feripture to
profane jelts, finful cat 13.
Jetus, why fo called, cat 41. See

Ignorant, not to be admitted to the
Lord's table, con. 29. 8 cat. 173.
Image. Man made after the image
of God

in knowledge, righteoufness and holiness, con 4 2 cat 17. this image is renewed by fantification, cat. 75. and fully perfected in heaven, con 32 1. cat. 86, 90.

Image worship of all kinds, difcharged, cat 109.

Imputation The guilt of Adam's first fin is imputed to all his pofterity, con. 6. 3. the obedience and fatisfaction f Chrift is imputed to believers. con 11. cat. ;0. His righteoufnets is imputed to

Inceti difcharged, cat. 139. inceftuous marriages, which are within the degrees of confanguinity or affini. ty, forbidden in the fcriptures, can never be made lawful, con. 24. 4. Unjuft inclofures and depopulations forbidden, cat 142.

increafe of grace, is from a continual fupply of ftrength from the fanctifying Spirit of Chrift, coa. 13. 1, 3 cat. 75, 77. Innocency. The ftate of man in innocency, con. 4. 2. cat 17, 20. Infants, how faved, con. 10. 3. Infants of one or both believing pa. rents are to be baptized, con. 28. 4. cat. 166.

Ingroffing, Commodities to inhance their price, unlawful, cat. 142. Inspiration. The books of the old and new Teftament are given by infpiration of God, con. 1. 2. But the Apocrypha is not of divine infpiration, con. 1. 3.

Interceffion. How Chrift makes in


terceffion, cat 55 It is a part of his priestly office, cat. 44. makes interceffion, that the re. demption which he hath purchafed may be applied to all believers, con. 8.8. cat 55. and their perfeverance depends upon his continual intercocffion for them, con 17 2. cat 79. Joy in the Holy Ghoft, the fruit of affurance, con .8. 1, 2. cat. 83. Believers, by falling into forac fins, may grieve the fpirit, and be de prived of fome measure of their comfort, con 17.3. 18. 4. Judge Chrift the judge of the world, con 8. i, 4 18 4. How he fhall come at the last day, cat 56. The Judgments of God upon in this world, con 5. 6. cat 28, 83 How behevers may bring temporal judgments on themfelve,



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