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con. 17. 3. God is just and terrible in his judgments, con. 2. I. The laft judgment, What, con. 33. 1 Appointed for angels and men, con 8. 4. 33. 1. cat 88. The end of its appointment, is the manifef tation of God's mercy and juftice, con. 33. 2 Chrift shall be the judge con 8 4.33 1. How he fhall come to judge the world, cat. 56. Why he would have us certainly perfuaded of it, con. 33. 3. Why the time of it is concealed, con. 33. 3. cat. 88. The judgment of the righteous, con. 33.2. cat. 90. The judgment of the wicked, con. 33. 2. cat. 89. Judicial law.

See law.


The juftice of God, fully fatisfied by Chrift's obedience and death, con. 8. 5. 11. 3. cat. 38. 71. It is manitefted in the works of providence, con. 5. 1.. In the juftification of finners, con. 11 3. In the last judgment, con. 33 2 Juice in contracts and commerce between man and man, cat. 141, 142. Jullification, What, con. 1. 70. All the elect, and they only, are juftified, con 3.6. Whom God did from all eternity decree to juf tify, con. 11. 4. But they are not juftified till the Holy Spirit doth in due time actually apply Chrift unto them, ibid. How juftification is of God's free grace, con. 11. 3. cat. 71. Faith is neceffarily required for juftification, cat. 71. But it justifies a finner only as it is an inftrument, by which he receiveth Chrift and his righteousness, con. 11. 1. 2. cat. 73. The exact juftice and rich grace of God, are both glorified in the juftification of finners, con. 11. 3. juftification, the fame under the Old Teftament as under the New, con. 11.6. It is infeparably joined with fanctification, cat. 77How they differ, ibid. I hole that are

juflified, are perfe&ly freed in this life from the revenging wrath of God, that they never fall into coa. demnation, con 17 i cat. 77. 79. But corruption remaining them, con. 6 5 13. 2. cat. 78. They fall into many fins, con. 17. 3. cat. 78. Which God continues to forgive; upon their humbling themselves, confeffing their fins, begging pardon, and renewing their faith and repentance, con. 11 5. K


EYS. The power of the keys, What, con. 30. 2 Committed to church-officers, ibid The civil magiftrate may not affame this power, con 23. 3.

King, Chrift the king of his church, con. 30. 1. How he executeth the office of a king, cat. 45. What meant by the coming of his kingdom, cat 191.

Knowledge. God's knowledge is infinite, infallible, and independent upon the creature, con. 2. 2. The knowledge which may be had of God and of our duty to him by the hight of nature, con. 1. 1. 21. 1. cat. 1. The fcriptures are only fufficient to give that knowledge of God and of his will, which is ne ceffary unto falvation, ibid.



ABOUR is to be moderately ufed, cat. 135 136.

Land Marks not be remov'd,cat. 142. Law. The ceremonial law, what, con. 19 3. It is abrogated now under the New Teftament, con. 19. 3. 20. 1. How the covenant of grace was adminiftred under the law, con. 7. 5.8.6 cat 34

The Judicial Law expired with the ftate of the Jews, con. 19. 4. And obliges no further than the general equity of it requires, ibid The Moral Law, What, cat. 93. Given to Adam with a power to full

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it, eon. 472. 19.1 cat. 92. The ten commandments the fum of it, con 19. 2. cat. 98 Tho' believers are not under it as a covenant, con. 19. 6. And are not able perfectly to keep it, cat 149. Yet it continues to be a perfect rule of righteouinefs, con. 19. 2. Binding ail, as well juftified perfons as ethers, con19. 5. Chrift, in the gospel, hav ing not abolished, but much itrength ened the obligation to the obedience of it, ibid. And although no man fince the fall can, by the mo rai law, attain to righteousness and life, con. 19. 6. cat 94. Which Chrift alone hath purchased for the elect by his perfect obedience, con. 8.5. Yet it is of great use to all, con. 19. 6. cat 95. the ufe of it to the regenerate, con. 19 6 cat. 97. the ufe of it to the unregenerate, cat. 96. Not contrary to the grace of the gospel, but doth fweetly comply with it, con. 19 7. the Spirit of Chrift fubduing and enabling the will of man unto a free and cheerful obedience to the will of God, con. 19. 7. cat. 32. Unneceffary law fuits to be avoided, cat. 141, 142.

Liberty. Chriftian liberty, what, con 20.. Wherein it is enlarged under the gospel, ibid. the end of Chriftian liberty con. 20.3. Liberty to fin inconfiftent with it, ib. It is not intended to destroy ecclefiaftical or civil powers, but to fup port and preferve them, con 20.

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and confcience, unlawful, con. 20. 2, cat. 105.

Life. Eternal life purchafed by Christ's perfect obedience to the law, con 8 5. the tree of life was a pledge of the covenant of works, cat 20 the life of any not to be taken away, except in cafe of public juftice, lawful war, or, neceffary defence, cat: 136 Light of nature, What may be known of God and of our duty to him by It it, con cat: 2. 1. I. 21. f. is not fufficient to make us wife unto falvation, con. I 1. 10. 4, 21. 1. cat. 2. 60. It is of the law of nature that a due portion of time be fet apart in the worship of God,

con. 21. 7.

Wanton Looks, finful, cat. 139. Lord's prayer. See prayer. Lord's fupper. The inftitution, nature and ends of it, con. 29, 1, cat. 167. Christ not offered up to his Father, nor any real facrifice for fin made in it, con. 29. 2 the maís abominably injurious to Chrift's one only facrifice, ibid. the outward elements in this facrament are not to be adored, con. 29 4. they still remain truly bread and wine, con. 29.5 the doctrine of tranfubitantiation is repugnant not only to the fcripture; but even to common fenfe, and has been and is the cause of grofs idolatries, con. 2). 6. How Chrift hath appointed bread and wine to be given and received in the facrament, con, 29. 3. cat, 169 It is only to be administered by a minifter of the word lawfully ordained, con. 27. 4. cat. 176. it is not to be received by any one alone, con. 29. 4. It is to be received in both kinds, ibid. What relation the elements in this facrament have to Chrift crucified, con. 29 5 How Chrift is prefent there, con. 29. 7. cat, 170. How believ


vers feed on him therein. ibid.
What preparation is required for
receiving it, cat. 17. Doubting
may confit with an interelt in
Chrift, con. 17. 3. 18. 4. cat. 81.
and therefore fhould not hinder
from partaking of the Lord's fup-
per, cat. 172. But the ignorant and
fcandalous are not to be admited,
con. 29. E. cat. 173 What duties
required in the time of receiving,
cat. 174. What duties after receiv
ing, cat 175. Frequent attendance
on it, a duty, cat. 175. 177. The
agreement and difference between
the Lord's fupper and baptifm,
cat. 176. 177.

Lots, cat. 112, 113.

Love. Election is of God's free love,
con. 3, 5. cat. 13. Which is un-
changeable, con. 17. 2. cat. 79.
and therefore true believers can
neither totally nor finally fall away
from the ftate of grace, ibid. The
fenfe of God's love is attainable
in this life, cat. 83. See affu-
rance. Love to God is a duty,
eat. 104. Which the light of na-
ture fheweth, con. 21. 1. To love
the Lord our God with all our
heart, &c. is the fum of our duty
to him, cat. 102. Love to God is
neceffary to the right performance
of the duty of prayer, con. 21 3.
eat. 185. Love to God and the bre-
thren is neceffary to right commu-
nicating, cat. 168, 171, 174 True
believers are never utterly deflitute
of the love of Chrift and the bre-
thren, con. 18. 4. Wherein leve
towards our neighbour confifls, cat.
135, 141, 144, 147. What con-
trary to it, cat 136, 142, 145,
148. It is the sum of our duty to

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to accept the office of a magiftrate,
con. 23. 2. The duty of the avil
magiftrate, con. 23 2 cat. 129.
con. 20. 4 Read the fcriptures let-
ter r The fins of the magistrate,
cat 130. 145 He may wage war
upon juft and neceflary occafions,
con. 23. 2. His power in church-
affairs stated, con. 23.3. The du-
ty of the people towards their ma-
giftrates, con. 23. 4. cat 127.
Their fins against them, cat. 128.
Ecclefiaftical perfons not exempted
from obedience to the civil magif-
trate con. 23.4 The pope hath
no power or jurifdiction over ma-
giftrates, or their people, ibid.
the magiftrate is not to be oppofed
in the lawful exercife of his pow.
er, upoo pretence of chriftian li-
berty, con. 20. 4. Infidelity or
difference in religion doth not
make void the magistrate's just and
legal authority, con. 23. 4.
Man, how created, con. 4. 2. cat. 17.
His flate before the fall, con. 4. 2.
cat 17, 20. His fall, and the ef
fects of it, con., 6 cat. 21, 22, 23,
25, 26, 27, 28, 29. His state by
the covenant of grace, con 73,
4. 5. 6 cat 30, 31, 32, 33, 34,
35 Man's chief end, cat. 1.
Man ftealing, difcharged, cat 142.
Marriage, the end of it, con. 24. 2.
cat. 20. Between more than one
man and one woman at a time, un-
lawful, con. 24 1 cat. 139. Law-
ful, for all forts of people who are
capable to give their confent, con.
24 3. And who are without the
degrees of confanguity or affini-
ty forbidden in the feriptures, con.
14. 4. But marriages within thofe
degrees can never be made lawfel,
ibid. Proteftants fhould not marty
with infidels, Papifts or other ido-
laters, con 24. 3. Nor fuch as are
godly, with thofe that are notori-
ously wicked, ibid. A contract of


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marriage may be difolved for a.
dultery or tornication committed
after the contract, con. 24. 5. The
bond of marriage can only be dif-
folved for adultery after marriage,
and fuch wilful desertion as cannot
be remedied, con. 24. 5, 6 Undue
delay of marriage, prohibiting of
lawful, and difpenfing with unlaw-
ful marriages, are finful, cat. 139.
Vows of perpetual fingle life are
finful foares in which no christian
may intangle himself, con, 22.7
Cat. 129. Those who have not the
gift of continency ought to marry,
cat. 138. The duties of married
perfons, cat. 139, 141.

The Mafs abominably injurious to
Christ's one only facrifice, con. 29.


Means. God in his ordinary provi.
dence maketh ufe of means; yet is
free to work without, above and a-
gainst them at his pleasure, con 5.
3. The outward and ordinary
means of falvation under the law,
con. 7. 5. cat. 34. Under the gof-
pel, con. 7. 6. cat. 35, 154. The
diligent ute of them is required in
order to escape the wrath of God,
cat 153. How they are made ef.
fectual, con. 25. 3. cat. 155, 161,
182 Trufting in means finful, cat.
.105. Unlawful means not to be uf-
ed, ibid.

False measures unlawful, cat. 142.
Meat to be moderately used, cat.
135. 136.

Mediator. See Chrift.

Works of mercy

ed for, cat. 180.
are to be done, even on the Lord's
day, con. 21. 8. cat. 117.
Merit. No merit-in good works, for
pardon of fin or eternal life; and
why, con. 16. 5. Nor can we merit
the outward bleffings of this life,
cat. 193. But we are to truft in the
merits of Chrift, cat. 174. Who
appearing in the merit of his obe-
dience and facrifice, maketh inter-
ceffion for his people, cat 55
Meffiah. The elect under the old Tef.
tament believed in the promised
Meffiah, by whom they had full re-
miffion of fins, and eternal falvati-
on, con. 7 5.8 6. cat 34.
The Miniftry given by Chrift to the
vifible church, cón. 25. 3
maintainance thereof, a duty, cat.
108. A minifter of the gospel is
one fufficiently gifted, and alfo du-
ly approved and lawfully called and
ordained to that office, con. 27.
4. 28. 2. cat. 158. By fuch only
the word is to be read publickly
and preached, and the facraments
difpenfed, con. 27. 4. 28. 2. cat,
156. 158, 159, 169.
Moral law, See law.
Mortification. The regenerate have
the corruption of nature mortified
through Chrift, con. 6.5

the feveral lufts of the body of
fin, con. 13. 1. Believers draw
ftrength from the death and refur.
rection of Chrift for the mortifying
of fin, cat. 167.

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The mercy of God, con. 2. 1. çat. 7. The
It is manifefted in his works of pro-
vidence, con. 5. 1. It is of God's
free love and mercy that the elect
are delivered from fin and mifery,
and brought to an eftate of falva-
tion by the fecond covenant, cat.
30. God is merciful to penitent fin-
ners in Chrift, con, 15. 2. cat. 76.
For whole fake mercy is to be pray-


ly fear and reverence, con. 22. 2.
How the name of God ought to be
ufed, and how it is profaned, cat.

112, 113, 114, 190.
Nature. See corruption, original fin,
light of nature.

The two natures of Chrift. See
Christ, incarnation, perional union
The new teflament in Greek is that
to which the church is finally to ap
peal in controverfies of religion,
con 1. 8. the administration of
the covenant of grace under the
gofpel, is called the new teftament,
con. 7. 6.

Neighbour. See charity, love.
Niggardlinefs, finful, cat 142.

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ATH, What it is, con; 22.

An. It is a part of religious

worship, ibid. the name of God is
that by which men ought only to
fwear, con 22. 2. cat. 108. Vain
or rash fwearing by his name is to
be abborred, con, 22. 2. cat. 112.
Yet in matters of weight and mo-
ment an oath is warrantable under
the new teftament, con. 22 2. A
lawful oath impofed by lawful au-
thority, ought to be taken, ibid.
It is a fin to refufe it, con. 22 3.
A man must fwear nothing but
what he is fully perfuaded is truth;
neither may be bind himself by oath
to any thing, but what he believes
to be jut and good, and what he is
able to perform, ibid. An oath is
to be taken in the plain and com-
mon fenfe of the words; and, in
things not finful, it binds to per-
formance, though to a man's own
hurt, or made to heretics, con. 22.
4. cat 113. But it cannot oblige to
fin, ibid.

Obedience is due to God in whatfo-
ever he is pleased to command, con.
2.2. cat 104. Chrift hath perform.
ed perfect bedience to the law for
is in our nature, con, 8. 4. cat,

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38 39 48 97 and by it purchaf
ed an everlasting inheritance in the
kingdom of heaven for the elea,
con 8.5 cat. 33. His obedience
is imputed to believers, con. 1. I.
cat 70. He hath not abolished, but
much strengthened the obligation
to the obedience of the moral law,
con. 19.5 Good works done in o-
bedience to God's commands, are
the fruits and evidences of a true
faith, con. 16. 2. cat. 32. low the
fincere, tho' imperfect obedience of
believers, is accepted and reward-
ed, con, 16 6.

Obedience is due to the
mands of a magistrate, con. 23 4.
cat 127, 128.

Offices of Christ, of Mediator. See
Mediator His prophetical office,
cat. 43 Priestly, cat. 44. and king.
ly, cat. 45.

The Old Teftament in Hebrew, is
that to which the church is finally
to appeal in controverfies of religi
OR, con. 1 8 the administration
of the covenant of grace, under the
law, is called the Old Testament,
con. 7.5

The ordinances of God given by
Chrift to the vifible church, coa.

25 3 the ordinances under the
law, con. 75 cat. 34 thofe un-
der the gospel, con. 76. cat 35.
Which are fewer, and adminiftered
with more fimplicity, and leis out-
ward glory; yet in them grace and
falvation are held forth in more ful-
nets, evidence and efficacy, ibid.
all God's ordinances, especially the
word, facraments and prayer, are
the outward and ordinary means of
falvation, cat. 154. How they are
made effectual, con. 25. 3. cat.
155, 161, 182. the neglect, con-
tempt or oppofing them, fintul, cat.

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