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head of the church, but is anti-
APISTS, Protestants should not chrift, con, 25. 6.

marry with papists, cod. 24. 3. Powers eccleliaitical or civil, not to
Pardon. See fin.

be opposed upon pretence of chrif-
Passiops, to be restrained, cat. 135. tian liberty, con 20. 4. Power of

the keys. See keys.
Passover, one of the types and ordi: Praises to be joined with prayer, cat.
nances by which the covenant of 196
grace was administred under the The Praise of any good, we either
law, con. 7. 5. cat. 34.

are, have, or can do, not to be
Patience, Patient bearing of the hand afcribed to fortune, idols ,ourselves,
of God, a duty, cat. 135. Patient or any other creature, cat. 105.
bearing and forgiving of injuries, Prayer, what, cat, 178. the duty
a duty, ibid.

of all men, con. 21. 3

to be
Peace of conscience. See conscience. made to God only, and why, con,
Pedo-baptism. See infants.

2. . 2. cat. 179. that it may be ac-
Perseverance of saints. They whom cepted, it is to be made in the name
God hath accepted in Christ can of Chrif, by the help of the Spirit,
never totally or finally fall away con. 21. 3. cat 178. What it is to
from the estates of grace, con 17 pray in the name of Chrift, cat.
I. cat. 77, 79. Upon what their 180. Why prayer is to be made in
perseverance depends, con. 17. 2. his name, cat, 182. How the Spirit
cat. 79. How far they may fall, con, helps to pray, cat 182. How pray- 13. 2.17.4. 18. 4, cat. er is to be made, con. 21. 3. cat.
78 they are always kept from ut- 185 For what and for whom we
ter despair, con

81. are to pray, con 12. 4. cat. 183.
How they are recovered when they 184. Prayer not to be made for the
fall under God's fatherly difplea- dead, nor for those of whom it may
sure, con. 10. 5. 13 3.

be known that they have unned
Three Persons in the Godhead dif. the fin voto death, ibid. Prayer,
tinguished by personal properties, now under the gospel, is not made
con. 2. 3. cat. 6. 10. the quali- more acceptable by any place in
ty of the perfons proved, cat. II. which it is performed, nor towards
the personal union of the two which it is directed. con. 21. 6.
natures in Christ, con. 8. ). cat. the rule of prayer, cat. 136.
36. 37. By reason of this union, The Lord's prayer, How to be used,
the proper works of each nature cat. 187 It is explained in the ca-
are accepted of God, and relied on techifm from question 188, to
by believers as the work of the the end.
whole person, con. 8. 7. cat. to. Preaching of the word, is a part of
Phyfick to be used moderately, cat, the ordinary religious worihip of

God, con. 21. 5. And one of the
Lascivious pi&tures discharged, cat. ordinances in which the covenant

of grace is administred under the
Polygamy unlawful. con. 24. 1. cat. new testament, con. 7. 6. cal. 35.

Nune are to preach the word, but
The Pope has no power or jurisdic- ministers of the gospel, cat. 158.
tion over civil magistrates or their How they are to preach, cat. 159.
people, con. 23. 4. He is in no fense How the preaching of the word is





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.cat, 113

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made effectual to falvation, cat. means, yet is free to work without,

above and against thein at his plea-
Predestination, con. 3. 3, 4. cat. 1-3. fure, con. 5.3. How providence is
the doctrine of predestination how exercised about fin, con 5. 4. See
to be handled, and what use to be fin. The actual iofluence of the ho.
made of it, con, 3. 8.

ly Spirit is required to do good
Preparation required to the hearing works, cos. 19. 3. God's providence
of the word, cat, 160. What pre- towards angels, cat. 16. Toward
paration requisite to the fabbath, men when created, cat. 20. God's
cat. 177. What to the Lord's sup- providence is in a most special man-
per, cat. !71.

per over his church, con. 5. 7. cat,
Prefciencs. See foreknowledge.

43, 45, 63.
Priestly office of Christ, how execut. Public worship not to be Beglected,
ed, cat. 44.

con 21. 6,
Private worship in families daily, a Punishment. See fin.
daty con 21.6. cat. 156. Purgatory, the scriptare acknow.
Privileges of the invisible church Jed geth no such place, con, 32. 2..

and of the visible. See church.
Prodigalicy, a fin, cat. 142.

UARRELING at God's de-
The Profession of the gospelis adorn- crees and providences, lipful,
ed by good works, con. 19. 2.
And ought to be attended with a Quarteling, and provoking words,
conversation in holiness and righ- linful, cat. 136.
teousness, cat. 112. 1672

Questions that are curious or unprok-
Property in goods and posseflons not table are to be avoided, cat, 113.
infringed by the communion of

faints, con. 26. 3.

EADING the scriptures, a part
Prophecies. The covenant of grace of religious worfhip, con. 21.
administred by prophecies under 5. How made effectual to falvati-
the law, con. 7. 5 cat. 34.' on, cæt. 155. I is the duty of all
The prophetical office of Chrift, how to read them apart by themselves,
executed, cat. 34

and with their families, con. 1. 8.
Propitiation. Christ's one only facri- cat. 159. How the word of God is
fice the alone propitiation for all to be read, con. 21. S. cat. 157.
the fins of the elect, con. 29. 2. Rebellion, a fim, cat. 128.
Protestants faould not marry' with Reconciliation with God purchased
papists, cop, 24.4.

by Christ's sacrifice of himself, coù.
Providence, is God's most holy, wise

18. 5 cat, 44.
and powerful preserving, directing, Recreations to be moderately used,
difpofing and governing all his cat, 135, 136. But not on the
creatures and all their actions; ac- Lord's day, con. 21. 8, cat, 119.
cording to his infallible foreknow. Redemption, bow purchased by

ledge, and immutable decree ; to Christ, con. 8. s. cat. 38, 39, 40.
the glory of bis wisdom, power, For all the ele&t, and them only
justice, goodnefs and mercy, cod. con. 3. 6. To whom it is certainly
§ 1. cat. 18. Events are ordered' applied, cor. 8. 8. cat 59. Altho'
according to the nature of second it was not actually wrought by
causes, con. 3 S. 2 God in his Christ till-after his incarnation; yet
ordinary providence maketh use of the serrue, efficacy and benefits of



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it, were communicated to the elect The resurrection of the dead, of the
in all ages fucceffirely from the be just and unjust, con. 32. 2, 3. cat.
ginning of the world, con 8.6. 87.
How it is applied to them, con. 8. Revelation, the divers ways of God's
8. cat. 58, 59.

revealing his will, con. 1. 1.
Regeneration, See effectual calling. Righteouiness, Man was created
The regenerate are all freely justifi. righteous after the image of God,
ed, con. 11. 1. See juftification.

con. 4. 2. cat. 17. But by fin he
And faactified, çon. 13. 1. See

fell from that original righteous-
fanctification, The corruption of ness, con. 6. 2 cat 25. And since
nature remains in them, and all the fall no man can attain to righ.
the motions of it are lin, can. 9.5. teousness by the moral law, cat.64.
But it is pardoned and mortified Nor by having righteousness infuf-
through Christ, ibid, the use of ed into them, con. 11. 1. cat. 70.
the moral law to them, con. 19. But those whom God effectually
6. cat. 972

calleth, he accepteth and account.
Repentance, what, cpa. 15. 2. cat, eth as righteous, by imputing the
75. Altho' it be no fatisfaction for obedience and fatisfaction of Chrift
fin, aor canie of pardon, yet no to them, they receiving and resting
pardon without it, con. 15. 3. cat.

on him and his righteousness by
153. Nor condemnation where it faith, ibid. See faith, imputation
is, con- 15.4. 9. It is every man's justification. Why the righteous are
duty to endeavour to repeat parti. not de.ivered from death, cat. 85.
cularly of his particular fias, con. Their ftate inmediately after
15.5. the doctrine of repentance death, con, 32. 1. cat. 86. At the
to be preached by every mioilter, resurrection and day of judgment,
as well as that of faith in Chrift, con. 32. 3: 33. 2. cat. 87. 90.
con. 15. 1. Repentance to be de.

clared to those that are offended, ABBATH, by the law of nature,
who are thereupon to be reconcil- a duc proportion of time ought
ed, con. 15.6.

to be fet apant for the worship of
Reprobation, con. 3. 7 cat 3. God, con. 21.7. God hath in his
Resurrection of Chrift, con. 8.4. cat. word, by a positive and perpetual

52. the effect of his own power, commandment, binding all mea in
cat. 52. It is a proof of his being all ages, appointed one day in fe-
the Son of God, and of his fatisfac- ven, for a fabbath to be kept holy
tion to divine justice, &c. ibid. It to himself, con. 21. 7. cat, 20,
is an assurance to believers of their 116. Which was the lalt day of the
resurrection, ibid. they have fel- week from the beginning of the
lowship with him in his resurrecti- world to the resurrection of Christ,
on, con. 26. 1. He arose again for and the firn day ever fince, and so
their justification, con. 11. 4. cat. to continue to the end of the world,
52. And through the vertue of his con. 21. 7. cat. 116 How the fab.
death and refurrection they are bath is to be fanctified, coo. 21.8.
sanctified, con. 13. 1. cat. 75. they cat. 117. How it is profaned, cat,
draw strength from his death and 116. Why we are commanded to
resurrection for the mortifying of remember it, cat. 121. The Lord's
fin, and quickning of grace, cat. day is a memorial of our creation
52, 167.

and redemption, which contain a

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Short abridgment of religion, ibid being no salvation but in Chrift 2What are the reasons annexed to lone, ibid. Who hath purchased it the fourth command the more to by his perfe& obedience and sacri. enforce it, cat 120. Why the fice of himself, con. &. 5. car 83, charge of keeping the fabbath is di- For all the elect, and them only, Lected to governors of families and con. 3. 6. to whom the outward other fuperiors, cat. 118.

means are made effe&ual for their A facrament, the institution, nature salvation by the Spirit, con 7. Si and ends of it, con. 27. 1. cat. 6. 25. 3. cat. 154, 155, 161, 182. 162. the parts of a lacrament, Who worketh in their bearts faith con. 72. 2. cat 193. there are in Jesus Christ, con. 14. 1. cat. only two facraments instituted by 72. Which is necessarily required Chrift, con, 27. 4. cat. 164. which of them for their justification and are only to be dispensed by mini. falvation, con. 7 3.11. I cal. 75, sters of the word lawfully ordain 71 the Spirit also worketh repen. ed, con. 27.4. How they are made tance, and infuseth all other fare effectual to falvation, con. 27. 3. ing graces, con. 131. cat. 32, 75, cat 161. the facraments of the old

76, 77. Which pecessarily accomtestament were the same for sub- pany faith, ton. 11, 2. cat 73. ftance with those of the new, con. the Spirit likewise enables them 27 5 Wherein the sacraments of unto all obedience and the practice baptism, and of the Lord's fupper of holiness, which is the way that agree, cat. 176. Wherein they dif. God bath appointed them to falvafer, cat, 177

tion, con. 13. 1. cat. 32: Ele&t iaSacrifice, the covenant of grace was fants dying in infancy are regeneadministred under the law by facrifi. rated and saved by Christ through ces, con. I 5. 8.6. cat. 34 Which the Spirit, &c. con. 10, 3. fignified Christ to come, ibid. Who Sanctification, what, con. 13. 1. cat. Hath fully satisfied the justice of his 75. Inseparably joined with justifiFather, in his once offering himfelf Cation, cat 77. Wherein they dif. a facrifice without spot to God, ter, ibid. It is throughout in the con. 8 5. cat. 44. There is no real whole man, con. 13. 2. cat. 75. facrifice made for fin in the Lord's But in this life it is not perfe& in Tupper, con, 29, 2. that facrament

any, con. 13. 2. cat. 77. Whence being instituted for the perpetual this imperfection proceeds, con, 13, remembrance of Christ's one only 2. cat. 78. through the continual facrifice in his death, con. 29. 1. fupply of Itrength from the fandi. cat. 168. to which the mass is fying Spirit of Christ, the faints most abominably injurious, con. 29.

grow in grace, perfecting holiness 2

in the fear of God, con 13. 3. At Baints. See believers communion. death they are made perfect in ho. They are not to be worshipped, con, liness, con. 32. 1. cat 86. And at 21. cat. 105

the day of judgment they shall be Salvation not to be attained by men fully and for ever freed from all fin who do not profess the Christian religion, be they never fo diligent Satistaction, Repentance is no fatis. to live up to the light of nature, or faction for fin, con. 15. 3. Nor the law of that religion which they good works, and why, con. 16. 5. profess, con. 10 4. cat. 60. there Neither we nor any other creature

cat. 90.

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1. 4

can make the least fatisfaction for ing the word, or any paat of it to sin, cat. 194. Christ alone hath proíane jests, is fiotul, cat. 113. made a proper, real and full fatis-. Sin, what cat. 24 Original sin, faction to the justice of his Father what, cat, 25. the sin of our first by his obedience and sufferings, parents, con. 6. 1. cat. 21 By it con. 8. 5. 11. 5. cat. ;8. 71. they fell from their original righWhich fatisfaction is imputed to teousness, and communion with believers, they receiving and relt- God, and had their natures whol. ing on Christ and his righteousness ly corrupted, con. 6 2. cat. 25, by faith, con. II 1. cat. 70.

27. the guilt of this lin is imputScandalous, not to be admitted to ed, and the corruption of nature

the Lord's table, con. 29. 8. cat. conveyed to all their pofterity, con. .173.

6 3. cat. 22. 26. Who are thereby Scoffing and Scorning, foful, cat. bound over to the wrath of God 113, 145

and curse of the law, con. 6. 6. The Scripture, Why necessary, con. cat. 27. 194. From the original

1.1. What books to be owned for corruption of nature, all actual fcripture, con. 1, 2, 3. cat. 3. How lins proceed. con. 6. 4. cat 25. proved to be the word of God, Which are not all equally hainous, con. 1. 5. cat 4. Upon what au- cat. 150. the aggravations of sin, thority the scripture ought to be cat. 151. the denierit of every fin, believed and obeyed, con.

cun 6. 6. cat. 152. Punishments the sufficiency and perfe&tion of of sin in this world, con. 5 5. 6. the scripture, con. I 6. cat. 2. 5. 17. 3. 18. 4. cat 28. 83. In the Its perfpicuity, con. 16. the in. world to come, con. 32 1. 33. 2. tallible rule of interpreting scrip- cat. 29. 86. 89. Sip is pardoned ture, is the scripture itself, con. j. for Christ's fake alone. con. I! 1. 9. the scripture is the only rule of 15. 3. cat. 7o See justification, 'do faith and practice, con. 1. 2 cat. tisíaction. Every mao bound in 3. 5 and of worship, con. 21. 1. pray for parden of lin, con. 15. 6. cat. 108, 109. the Spirit speaking God continues to pardon the sids in the scriptures, is the supreme

of those that are justified, con. II. judge of all controversies in religi- 5. How pardon of lin is to be prayon, con 1. 10. the original text ed for, - cat. 194.'the fin unto of the scriptures, is that to which death, con. 21. 4. cat. 183. Bethe church is finally to appeal, con. lievers have the dominion of the 1. 8. But they are to be translated whole body of fin destroyed, and into vulgar languages, con. 1. 8. the lufts thereof more and more cat 156. Because all sorts of peo- weakned and mortified, con. 6. 5. ple have an interest in them and are 13. 1. cat. 75. See mortification, commanded to read them, ibid. fanctification. How providence is How they are to be read, cat. 157. exercised about lin, con. 4. Why the illumination of the Spirit of God permitted the lin of our first God is necessary for the saying un- parents, con. 6. 1. Why he leaves derstanding of the scriptures, con. his children to fall into fin, con 1. 6. cat. 157. How the reading 5. 5 Why and how finners are of ihe word is made effectualto sal- hardned, con. 5. 6. cat. 68. vat on, cat. 155. Misinterpreting, Sins against the first commandmen,

" mi applying, or any way pervert. cat, 105. against the fecond, ci


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