Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law, [1845-1856]: Heretofore Condensed by Thomas Sergeant and Thomas M'Kean Pettit, Now Reprinted in Full, Volume 5

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Page 431 - by a certain deed then made *between the plaintiff of the one part, and the said company, therein described as registered and incorporated in pursuance of an act of parliament made and passed in the seventh and eighth years of the reign of Her present Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled " An act for the registration, incorporation, and
Page 66 - tion 101, which, amongst other things, provides, that, " •where the subject or context requires it, every word importing the singular number only, shall extend and be applied to several persons or things, as well as one person or thing;" contending that the notice was at all events good for the third day of hearing, viz. the 18th.
Page 10 - to vote in the election of a knight or knights of the shire to serve in parliament in respect of any property situate wholly or in part within such parish or township, who shall not be upon the register of voters then in force, and also all persons so entitled as aforesaid, who, being upon
Page 915 - act, might have been brought in any of Her Majesty's superior courts of record, where the plaintiff dwells more than twenty miles from the defendant, or where the cause of action did not arise wholly or in some material point within the jurisdiction of the court within which the defendant dwells or carries on
Page 286 - from all process in respect of the several debts and sums of money due or claimed to be due at the time of filing the petition, from such petitioner to the several persons named in his schedule aa creditors, or as claiming to be creditors, for the same respectively, or for which
Page 915 - if the said action is founded on contract, or less than 52., if it be founded on tort, the said plaintiff shall have judgment to recover such sum only, and no costs; and, if a verdict shall not be found for the plaintiff, the defendant shall be entitled to his
Page 254 - Pope from being taken or detained under any process whatever, in respect of the several debts and sums of money due, or claimed to be due, at the time of filing his petition, from the said petitioner to the said several persons named in his schedule as creditors, or as claiming to be creditors, for the same
Page 264 - *with saying that the contract shall be void, goes on to declare that no suit shall be maintained for recovering any money, &c., alleged to be won upon any wager, or which shall have been deposited in the hands of any person to abide the
Page 17 - of the shire as aforesaid, shall not be required to be the same lands and tenements, but may be different lands and tenements rented and occupied as aforesaid in immediate succession by such person during the twelve calendar months next previous to *the last day of July in such
Page 83 - either as lessee or assignee, to any lands or tenements, whether of freehold or of any other tenure whatever, for the unexpired residue, whatever it may be, of any term originally created for a period of not less than sixty years (whether determinable on a life or lives, or not), of the clear yearly value of not

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