Indian saints and sages

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Pustak Mahal, Jul 28, 2009 - Hindu saints - 268 pages
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Indian Saints and Sages presents in short the celestial power, and miraculous and supernatural wonders by numerous Saints who were enlightened and brilliant persons with blissful souls. Their appearance was divine and the departure sublime. Most of them took Sam√„¬ dhi alive and in the presence of many; some entered the caves and never returned back, some changed into blazing light and some became flowers. The book tells how the God came to eat from the hands of devotees, played with them, listened to their discourses and hymns and fulfilled their simple, general, esoteric and extraordinary desires. This work describes wonderful and mind-boggling sacrifices. It shows and establishes that man is man only when he achieves distinction in all the four pursuits, Purush√„¬ rth: Dharma, Artha, K√„¬ ma and Moksha. Kindness, Charity, Help, Contentment, and Sacrifices are the ways to Salvation, Freedom from the cycle of Birth and Death, and entry to Heavenly Abode. ‚¬€¬˜Indian Saints and Sages‚¬€¬™ shows the ways and means to all round prosperity, health, happiness, and full and complete living. It shows how to accumulate and spread Sweetness, Light, Delight and Fragrance, ensuring continuity to life and making the earth a better place to live and grow.

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