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Smith (Professor Goldwin).-THREE
STATESMEN. See p. 43 of this Catalogue.


Tacitus.-THE HISTORY OF TACITUS, translated into English. By A. J. CHURCH, M. A. and W. J. BRODRIBB, M.A. With a Map and Notes. New and Cheaper Edition, revised,

crown 8vo. 6s.

The translators have endeavoured to adhere as closely to the original as was thought consistent with a proper observance of English idiom. At the same time it has been their aim to reproduce the precise expressions of the author. This work is characterised by the SPECTATOR as a scholarly and faithful translation." Several improvements have been made in this Edition, and the Notes have been enlarged, with the view of rendering the work more intelligible and useful to the general reader.



A. J. CHURCH, M. A. and W. J. BRODRIBB, M.A.
and Notes. Extra fcap. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Translated into English by
With Maps

The translators have sought to produce such a version as may satisfy scholars who demand a faithful rendering of the original, and English readers who are offended by the baldness and frigidity which commonly disfigure translations. The treatises are accompanied by Introductions, Notes, Maps, and a chronological Summary. The ATHENÆUM says of this work that it is a version at once readable and exact, which may be perused with pleasure by all, and consulted with advantage by the classical student;" and the PALL MALL GAZETTE says," What the editors have attempted to do, it is not, we think probable, that any living scholars could have done better."

Taylor (Rev. Isaac).-WORDS AND PLACES. See p. 51 of this Catalogue.

Thomas. THE LIFE OF JOHN THOMAS, Surgeon of the "Earl of Oxford" East Indiaman, and First Baptist Missionary to Bengal. By C. B. LEWIS, Baptist Missionary. 8vo. 1os. 6d.

This biography, founded on the most trustworthy materials attainable, will be found interesting, not only to all who take an interest in mission. work and the spread of Christianity, but to all who care to read the life of an earnest man striving to benefit others.

Trench (Archbishop).—For other Works by the same Author, see THEOLOGICAL and BELLES LETTRES CATALOGUES, and p. 51 of this Catalogue.

GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS IN GERMANY, and other Lectures on the Thirty Years' War. By R. CHENEVIX TRENCH, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. Fcap. 8vo. 45.

The lectures contained in this volume form rather a new book than a new edition, for on the two lectures published by the Author several years ago, so many changes and additions have been made, as to make the work virtually a new one. Besides three lectures of the career of Gustavus in Germany and during the Thirty Years' War, there are other two, one on Germany during the Thirty Years' War," and another on Germany after that War. The work will be found not only interesting and instructive in itself, but will be found to have some bearing on events connected with the recent European War.



RICHARD TRENCH. Being Selections from her Journals,
Letters, and other Papers. Edited by ARCHBISHOP TRENCH.
New and Cheaper Issue, with Portrait. 8vo. 6s.

Contains Notices and Anecdotes illustrating the social life of the period -extending over a quarter of a century (1799-1827). It includes also Poems and other miscellaneous pieces by Mrs. Trench.

Wallace.-Works by ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACce. For other Works by same Author, see SCIENTIFIC CATALOGUE.

Dr. Hooker, in his address to the British Association, spoke thus of the author:-" Of Mr. Wallace and his many contributions to philosophical biology it is not easy to speak without enthusiasm; for, putting aside their great merits, he, throughout his writings, with a modesty as rare as I believe it to be unconscious, forgets his own unquestioned claim to the honour of having originated, independently of Mr. Darwin, the theories which he so ably defends."

A NARRATIVE OF TRAVELS ON THE AMAZON AND RIO NEGRO, with an Account of the Native Tribes, and Observations on the Climate, Geology, and Natural History of the Amazon Valley. With a Map and Illustrations. 8vo. 125.

Wallace (A. R.)-continued.

Mr. Wallace is acknowledged as one of the first of modern travellers and naturalists. This, his earliest work, will be found to possess many charms for the general reader, and to be full of interest to the student of natural history.

THE MALAY ARCHIPELAGO: the Land of the Orang Utan and the Bird of Paradise. A Narrative of Travel with Studies of Man and Nature. With Maps and Illustrations. Third and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

"The result is a vivid picture of tropical life, which may be read with unflagging interest, and a sufficient account of his scientific conclusions to stimulate our appetite without wearying us by detail. In short, we may safely say that we have never read a more agreeable book of its kind."SATURDAY REVIEW. "His descriptions of scenery, of the people and their manners and customs, enlivened by occasional amusing anecdotes, constitute the most interesting reading we have taken up for some time.”STANDARD.

Ward (Professor).—THE HOUSE OF AUSTRIA IN THE THIRTY YEARS' WAR. Two Lectures, with Notes and Illustrations. By ADOLPHUS W. WARD, M.A., Professor of History in Owens College, Manchester. Extra fcap. 8vo. 2s. 6d. These two Lectures were delivered in February, 1869, at the Philosophical Institution, Edinburgh, and arenow published with Notes and Illustrations. "We have never read," says the SATURDAY REVIEW, "any lectures which bear more thoroughly the impress of one who has a true and vigorous grasp of the subject in hand." They are," the SCOTSMAN says, "the fruit of much labour and learning, and it would be difficult to compress into a hundred pages more information."




recollections of Germany founded on Diaries kept during the years 1840-1870. By JOHN WARD, C.B., late H. M. MinisterResident to the Hanse Towns. 8vo.

IOS. 6d.

Mr. Ward's recollections extend back even to 1830.

From his official

position as well as from other circumstances he had many opportunities of coming in contact with eminent men of all ranks and all professions on the

Continent. His book, while it contains much that throws light on the history of the long and important period with which it is concerned, is full of reminiscences of such men as Arrivabene, King Leopold, Frederick William IV., his Court and Ministers, Humboldt, Bunsen, Raumer, Ranke, Grimm, Palmerston, Sir de Lacy Evans, Cobden, Mendelssohn, Cardinal Wiseman, Prince Albert, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Lord Russell, Bismarck, Mdlle. Tietjens, and many other eminent Englishmen and foreigners.


The present essay is an attempt to illustrate Mr. Freeman's Federal Government by evidence deduced from the coinage of the times and countries therein treated of.

Wedgwood.--JOHN WESLEY AND THE EVANGELICAL REACTION of the Eighteenth Century. By JULIA WEDGWOOD. Crown 8vo. 8s. 6d.

This book is an attempt to delineate the influence of a particular man upon his age. The background to the central figure is treated with considerable minuteness, the object of representation being not the vicissitude of a particular life, but that element in the life which impressed itself on the life of a nation, -an element which cannot be understood without a study of aspects of national thought which on a superficial view might appear wholly unconnected with it. "In style and intellectual power, in breadth of view and clearness of insight, Miss Wedgwood's book far surpasses all rivals."-ATHENÆUM. "As a short account of the most remarkable movement in the eighteenth century, it must fairly be described as excellent."-PALL MALL GAZETTE.


F.R.S.E., Regius Professor of Technology in the University of
Edinburgh. By his SISTER. New Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s.

"An exquisite and touching portrait of a rare and beautiful spirit.”GUARDIAN. "He more than most men of whom we have lately read deserved a minute and careful biography, and by such alone could he be understood, and become loveable and influential to his fellow-men. Such a biography his sister has written, in which letters reach almost to the

extent of a complete autobiography, with all the additional charm of being unconsciously such. We revere and admire the heart, and earnestly praise the patient tender hand, by which such a worthy record of the earth-story of one of God's true angel-men has been constructed for our delight and profit."-NONCONFORMIST.

Wilson (Daniel, LL.D.)-Works by DANIEL WILSON, LL.D., Professor of History and English Literature in University College, Toronto :

PREHISTORIC ANNALS OF SCOTLAND. New Edition, with numerous Illustrations. Two Vols. demy 8vo. 36s.

One object aimed at when the book first appeared was to rescue archæological research from that limited range to which a too exclusive devotion to classical studies had given rise, and, especially in relation to Scotland, to prove how greatly more comprehensive and important are its native antiquities than all the traces of intruded art. The aim has been to a large extent effectually accomplished, and such an impulse given to archæological research, that in this new edition the whole of the work has had to be remodelled. Fully a third of it has been entirely re-written; and the remaining portions have undergone so minute a revision as to render it in many respects a new work. The number of pictorial illustrations has been greatly increased, and several of the former plates and woodcuts have been re-engraved from new drawings. This is divided into four Parts. Part I. deals with The Primeval or Stone Period: Aboriginal Traces, Sepulchral Memorials, Dwellings, and Catacombs, Temples, Weapons, etc. etc.; Part II. The Bronze Period: The Metallurgic Transition, Primitive Bronze, Personal Ornaments, Religion, Arts, and Domestic Habits, with other topics; Part III. The Iron Period: The Introduction of Iron, The Roman Invasion, Strongholds, etc. etc.; Part IV. The Christian Period: Historical Data, the Norrie's Law Relics, Primitive and Mediæval Ecclesiology, Ecclesiastical and Miscellaneous Antiquities. The work is furnished with an elaborate Index. One of the most interesting, learned, and elegant works we have seen for a long time."-WESTMINSTER REVIEW. "The interest connected with this beautiful volume is not limited to that part of the kingdom to which it is chiefly devoted; it will be consulted with advantage and gratification by all who have a regard for National Antiquities and for the advancement of scientific Archæology."ARCHEOLOGICAL JOURNAL.

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