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Part 1. 1st Edition-1st issue-1598. Title in 14 lines-the third line ends in denn.

The words Indien, Anno, Martio, Augusto, succes, are in Italics. Vignette, the Eastern Hemisphere. Imprint in 2 lines, Gedruckt zu Nürnberg bey Christoff Lochner. In Verlegung L. Hulsii, Anno 1598.

Dedication on recto of following leaf-with Preface to Reader on verso-and ending on page 8. Text of Voyage begins on p. 9, and ends on page 72. Signatures including title A to recto of K in 45— the sig. being in black letter, with even numbers on right hand pages.

1. Folding Map, with 6 medallion portraits: those of Vesputius and Drake in upper corners--no reference to page in margin-8 plates, 4 maps.

1. Plate, 2 compartments, savage of Cape of Good Hope, and one of Madagascar.

2. Map. Die insul Madagascar, with 5 lines of inscription below-p. 19.

2. Plate. Insul Madagascar, 2 figures in front, p. 15. 3. Plate. Ein Obester aus der ins. Sumatra,

[blocks in formation]

Hollandern, p. 35.

3. Map. Die Insel Java Major, p. 43. 8. Plate. Ein König aus der Insel Bally oder Galle, p. 54.

4. Map. Die Insel S. Helena, p. 68.

On page 45, the 3d paragraph is in 16 lines, the Eme is referred to, but is not named. Page 53 is 85-64 is 63. Page 62 in last line Ditto with 2 ts. 64 last line begins Weibern. 66 last line consists of one word, obseruiern. 68 last line begins zum nort. Verso of 72 is blank.

All the plates have descriptions engraved below, and are not marked with the pages of the text where they should be placed. The Map of the Island of Madagascar has only a partial indication of one track, and no reference to the year, and the Southern Cape of the island has no name. The island Cerne, or Mauritius does not appear with those of Domigos and Diego Rodz in nearly latitude 25.


Part 1. 1st Edition-2d issue. 1598. Title in 14 lines. The third line ends in den Ori. The 5 words Indien, etc., are not in Italics. nette corresponds. In the 8th line, erzehlt, not erzält, as in Ist issue. Imprint in 3 lines, Gedruckt zu Nürnberg durch Christoff Lochner | In Verlegung Levini Hulsij | 1598.

Dedication begins on the verso of the title, and occupies that and a portion of following leaf. The Preface begins on verso of this leaf paged 1 in the centre, with a large ornamental woodcut, and with a clean type, not so much opened out as in the 1st issue, which is used to page 6; the preface ends on page 8 as before. Page 2 last line begins geschehen (not König as in 1st issue). Page 4 last line begins heutiges (not wol as in 1). Page 9 the text of Voyage begins, and ends on p. 72. Signatures as in 1st issue. Page 62 last line Dito with only one t, and catchword schen (not geschen). Page 64, last line begins eigen Weibern. Page 66, 1. 1. begins fundten and ends obseruiern. Page 68, 1. 1. begins nort.

On p. 45 the 3d paragraph is in 16 lines and with no mention of Eme by name. Maps 4 and 8 plates as noted in 1st issue = 12. On Map 1 there is a reference, Pag 1, in the upper R. H. corner, and the 11 others have references to the pages where they should be placed. (These are not in 1st issue.) Plates at p. 22 and 37 are marked 32 and 56. With the exception of the Title and three following leaves (sig. A), and pages 62 to 68 (sig. I), and the maps and plates having the indications of pages upon them, as in the subsequent editions, the two issues are identical. But v. p. 21, which has certainly been reprinted-and p. 53 correct, not 85 as in 1st issue.

Part I. Second Edition: 1599-entirely reprinted. Title: Erste Schiffart Kurtze Warhafftige | and 13 other lines, of which the last is Secunda Editio in Italics above the Vignette, which is the same Hemisphere. Imprint below in 2 lines, Gedrückt in Nürnberg, In Ver

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