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legung Livini Hulsij | 1599. | Some lines in the title differ in contents from those of 1st Ed. Verso blank.

Dedication. 2 pp. Aij. Preface begins p. 1 and ends with 17 lines on p. 8. Text, page 9 to 76. Sig. in black letter A to K4 in 4s, uneven numbers on R. H. pages.

Folding map and other maps and the plates as before 12, with indications of pages where placed.


A 13th plate is added at p. 47 or 48 of the bird Eme, without indication of page and without description engraved below-but on pp. 47 and 48 it is named and described in 41 lines-the first 3 and last 3 lines agree with the first ed., the intermediate lines are added. Page 15 is not numbered. is 20, 26 is 62, 33 is 43, 36 is 63, 45 is 44, 48 is 47, 49 is 48, 52 is 15, 53 is 35, 60 is 66, and 70 is 07. The map of Madagascar, at p. 19, has two tracksone marked Año 1598, the other 1596 et 1598. The S. Cape of Madagascar is marked C. S. Sebastian, and the I. do Cerne sive Mauritius is introduced at the Right, just above the Tropic of Capricorn.

Part 1. 3d Ed. 1602-entirely different-reprinted. Title in 13 lines. Erste Schiffart | zum die Orientali-| with the last line Tertia Editio in Italics-same Vignette. Imprint in I line. Nürnberg. In Verlegung Levini Hulsij, 1602. |


Dedication A2, caption in 4 lines, then the coat of arms, and 5 lines of text ending on verso. face of Hulsius, page 1, Aiij, ending on p. 8 with 13 lines of text. Voyage begins on page 9 and ends on p. 76. Sig. A to K in 4s. Description of Eme on pp. 47, 48, and 49.

Folding Map, with three others and 9 plates, including the Eme 13, Madagascar as in 2d Ed. All have indications of pages, which do not always correspond with the place in text where described. 2d line of title ends Orientali, 3d 1. ends Hollän, the 6th reads seind verricht.

In this copy the folding Map has no indication of page.

Part 1. 4th Ed. 1606-entirely reprinted. Title in 11 lines-Erste

Schiffahrt (spelt with an h) | In die Orientalische | Indien So die Holländische In 5th line seind is. omitted. The last, the 11th line, Editio quarta, in Roman type-Vignette, the same. Imprint in 3 lines Gedrukt zu Franckfurt am Mayn durch Wolffgang | Richtern, in Verlegung Leuini Hulsii Erben | M.DCVI. | Verso blank.

Dedication pp. 3, 4. On p. 3, the caption in 3 lines, then coat of arms and 7 lines of print below. Preface Zum leser, 2 pages (Hulsius' preface altered from 3d. Ed.) pages 5 to 11. Text of Voyage pp. 12-70. Sig. A to verso of I and blank leaf. Sig. in black letter, except those of B1 and 12 which are in Roman type. Paragraph respecting Eme on pp. 45, 46. 1 Map folding, with 3 others and 9 plates, all of which except Eme have cyphers, sometimes altered to suit the change of page.

The date on the title was originally printed thus M. D. VI. The C was afterwards introduced, sometimes with a pen, but in this copy probably with a punch-thus M. DCVI.

Part 1. 5th Ed. 1625, entirely reprinted. Title in 11 lines, of which the last is Editio Quinta in Roman type. Vignette the same-and the imprint below in 3 lines. Gedrukt zu Franckfurt am Mäyn durch Hartmann | Palthenium in Verlegung der Hulsischen, a black line across part of page | Anno M. DC. XXV. | Verso blank.

The dedication is omitted. Zum leser ends p. 9. Text pages 10 to 67, sig. A to 12 in 4s and in black letter, verso of 12 (page 67) blank.

Description of Eme on 43. Folding Map and 12 other maps and plates, all of which, even the Eme, have cyphers, which are frequently altered. Map of Madagascar, as in the last.


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the two volumes, which in all other respects are identical

In the dedication most commonly found-the 1st page, 1st line Gestrenger in. 2d line gemeine. 2d page 4th line 1590-Gewürtze, 11th line Gewürtze 14th line hern vund-16tr line no space after wollen and Cap E ends the line-17th line begins with dienst-willig and ends groszgün. 19th line, gutern. 21st line Octobr. This leaf is not in the register, but is in both copies marked (*) as noted above.

Part 2. 1st Edition. 1602. 2d issue. Alike in all respects except the dedication, which is a fac simile of that in the British Museum, which agrees with that in the Royal Library, Munich. It probably was reprinted on account of the date in the fourth line 1597, which perhaps should be

1590. In this on 1st page 1st line Gestrēger. 2d line gemein, 2d page 4th line 1597-Gewürtz-11th line Gewürtz-14th line herrn vnd, 16th line space after wollen and line ends vnd. 17th line begins E and ends gross-19th line guten. 21st Octob. Voyage begins on page 1 signature Aij and ends on page 126-the verso of Qii followed by a blank leaf, completing the sig.-the reverse of 45 is 48 and 46, 47 are omitted in the pagination-102 is 103. All the plates, and small maps are marked with numerals showing where they should be inserted. There are 2 maps and 13 plates.

1. Map a folding map. Insulæ India Orientalis et Molucca-placed opposite page 1.

1. Plate in 2 compartments. The upper one Insula de Cerni sive Mauritii. In lower, a Dodo,-3 men standing on tortoise. In top compartment marked p. 13..

2. Plate King of Tuban on an elephant in front marked 33.

2. Small map. Die Insel Madagascar with 19 in the corner, and the addition as in P. 1, 2d Ed. and without any inscription below.

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3. Plate. 3 men sitting on carpet in corner, 35. Civitas Tuban in Java insula, 38. Mouth of River full of Ships, 48. Insula Amboyna 55-a plate marked No. 5, from Part 8 is sometimes substituted.


7. Plate. Conference under awning hung from four palms, 63.

8. Plate. Conference-man D holding flower addressing woman E. 64.

9. Plate in two compartments,-top Insula Banda, lower Civitas Nova, 71.

10. Plate. Superscribed Coracora, 93.



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Playing at Ball. 76.

Insula Ternate, 101.

Civitas Game Lame, 106.

Thus 13 plates and 2 maps = 15, as all the subsequent editions have.

Part 2. 2d Edition, 1605, reprinted. Title in 13 lines-of which the 13th is Editio Secunda in Roman type above the vignette, which corresponds with that in 1st Ed. Imprint below Franckfurt, In Verlegung Levini Hulsii (in small caps) 1605. in one line,-Verso of title blank.

Folding Map, as in 1st edition but with additions

-Ceiram is inserted at east between South lat. I and 2. At the top above the title, the city of SIAN is inserted; and above Pontiam at the left Ligonam. whence the line of coast is extended through the title. Voyage begins on p. 1 sig. Aij and ends on page 118-sig. A to P. in 4s black letter-At the end is the word Finis in caps-Page 50 is 05. 2 Maps and 13 Plates as in 1st edition and marked as in ist Ed., though requiring to be differently placed.Entirely reprinted from 1st Ed., and corresponding page for page with the 3d Ed., but varying from that on each leaf.

Part 2. 3d Edn, 1615, reprinted. Title in 12 lines, of which the 12th is Editio Tertia in Roman type-followed by the same vignette as in Ist & 2d editions. Imprint below in one line, Franckfurt, In Verlegung Levini Hulsii Wittib 1615 | Levini Hulsii in small caps, verso blank.

Folding map as in 2d Edns. with all the additions there noted.

Voyage begins on p. 1, sig. Aij and ends on p. 118, verso of P4, in black letter-but pagination incorrect. 43 is 34-71 and 72 omitted, and 79. 80 are repeated. Chap. 16 is passed over. Chap. 29 is misprinted 31. The whole sig. K is wrong. From the top of page 73 to the 8th line of p. 76 the text is repeated. It is a repetition of the part included in 4th 1. from the bottom of p. 67 to the end of page 70. It then proceeds from the end of page 79 (verso of Kij) the 6th line of chap. 24, and omits all to the 26th line of the 25th chapter on the 79th page (sig. Ii) and it then agrees with the other issue to the end. 2 Maps and 13 Plates corresponding with those in the 2d Ed., the map being altered, but the cyphers on many plates do not agree with the pagination. Copies of this imperfect edition are by no means un


Another copy, which may be called the 2d issue, 43 is 34-Chap. 16 is passed over. Chap. 29 is 31. The sig. K has been reprinted, and carries on the text in order. 15 Maps and Plates as aboveThere seems to be a slight difference in the type of Sig. K. Perhaps after some copies were sent out, the mistake was discovered, and the signature cancelled and reprinted. Yet it is uncertain which issue is the earlier, for the incorrect sig. K is sometimes found in sets of the voyages with the later editions of the other parts-and more recently it was included in a set of 6 parts issued in 1633 hereafter described. It may therefore be the later issue of the 3d edition. There is no 4th Ed. of Part 2.


Part 3. 1st Edition, 1st issue, 1598. The title begins Warhafftige Relation | &c. in 16 lines-the last of which above the vignette, Levinum Hulsium, is in comparatively large italics. The vignette represents a vessel surrounded by ice, &c., and at the sides a Hollander & Samiuatian. The imprint below is in one line. Noriberga Impensis L. Hul

sij, Anno M. D. XCVIII. | Verso blank. Another title in this copy, corresponds with the above, except that the date is M. D. XCVIIII. [1599] but probably a blur in the printing has been used and lengthened into a fourth I.

Dedication 2 pages, the caption in 4 lines, then coat of arms, and 3 lines of text below, with catchword sein. On the verso it is dated in latin at the

end. Noribergæ ex Museolo, 10 Augusti, Anno 1598 and signed Levinus Hulsius.

Preface of Hulsius 12 pages unnumbered ending on the last with a woodcut tail piece. The first two ff. have no sig. (forming with title and dedn the 1st sheet). The last four are sig. A. On the verso of Aiij is a woodcut filling the whole page of a Greenlander fishing in his boat, &c., with the title Figur dess Wilden Manns und Weib so in Engelland gebracht.-De Veer's Preface, 2 ff. sig. Bi and ij unnumbered, signed by him-followed by the same tail piece as Hulsius' preface.

Text begins page 1 sig. Biij & ends on page 145, the verso of Viij followed by a last leaf, on the recto of which, page 146, is a list of the 12 men who returned to Amsterdam. At the bottom Finis | Gedruckt zu Nürnberg durch Chri | stoff Lochner, In Verlegung | Levini Hulsii, Anno | 1598. |-signa

tures in 4s.

34 Maps and Plates.

1. Map of winds, p. 2.

2. Plate of the Mariner's Compass, p. 3.

3. Map Nova Zembla, &c. at top 2 birds Loms Vogel oder Norts Papegay, p. 1.

4. Plate. Dragging a white bear to the ship, p. 6. Killing walrusses, page 9.




Ships, men overboard, ships, Vice Admiral, Gulden Windthunde, Rotterdam, p. 21.

7. Plate. Ship, sailors inside, hauling up a drowned man-on the right, Nova Zembla, and Abgötter or Idols, p. 25. This plate is found only

in the 1st Ed.

8. Map. Nort See, Nova Zembla, Samiuten Landt, &c. 27.

9. Plate. Samiute, 33.



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Waigats Fretum, &c. 35. Bear devouring a man, &c. 40.

Ship in ice-firing at bears-top Nova

13. Plate. Mock suns, p. 46.

[blocks in formation]

Bear with axe in back, 48.
World as from arctic pole, 51.

Bears in front, men with spears, Nova
Orange, 58.

Ship in ice-men scrambling in-Nova

Two men attacking bear on its hind

Making hut for winter, 67.

Hut made, 2 men attacking a bear,

Inside of hut, 73.

Hut-man coming out of door, &c. chimney pot a barrel, 77. 23. Plate. Hut-men firing out of door and chimney-repairing boat, p. 79. 24. Plate.

Hut men firing out of door and chimney, cutting up bears, p. 90.

25. Plate. Men clearing out boat-shirts drying in back ground, p. 132.

26. Plate. Ice-firing at bear half under water,

106. 27. Plate.

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Pushing off boat, 107.

Barrels, oars, &c. in front-Eys Eck,

Bears devouring each other-C. Nas

30. Plate. Boat-man dead in it-fire in the background, p. 120. 31. Plate. Two ships sailing,-background, men catching birds, 123.

32. Plate. Interview-background, men making fire, 126.

33. Plate. Ship-sailor lowering a sack into a boat, 134.

34. Map. Lappiæ Pars-top, 3 figures, two in snow shoes, 140.

Thus 34 maps and plates & woodcut of Greenlander, &c. in preface.

Copies of this 1st ed. occur with plates without cyphers-in this copy 11 are without (marked on fly leaf). In the other editions all re numbered, and

have the cyphers altered to suit the change of pages -this 1st ed. is not numbered as one of the series. Page 13 is blank.

Part 3d. 1st Edition, 2d issue, 1602. The title begins Dritte Theil | vnd Warhafftige Relation | &c. in 16 lines like the 1st issue, but contents of lines different-the last above the vignette is Levinus Hulsius in roman caps. Then same vignette and imprint below in two lines Nürenberg (a black line across the page) Impensis Levini Hulsij, M.DCII | Levini Hulsii in small Roman caps.

Dedn. Aij Title in 4 lines, coat of arms, and 4 lines of text below-catchword Hispa. Dated on verso in latin Noriberga, ex Museolo, 6 Februarii, 1602 and signed Levinus Hulsius. Preface by Hulsius 2 ff A3 & continued as in 1st issue in the 4 following ff, of sig. A, including woodcut of Greenlander, exactly as in 1st issue.

DeVeer's Preface 2 ff & Text p. 1-146 exactly as in 1st issue with 32 maps and plates-No. 2 the mariner's compass and No. 8, Ship off the shore of Nova Zembla and 3 idols on land, are omitted-as they are in all the editions after the 1st. All the plates have numbers on them. In fact the two issues are identical with exception of the title & 3 following leaves which have been reprinted. The marginal notes on the 2 reprinted ff. of Hulsius' face are principally in Roman type, not in italics as in the 1st issue. This reprinted title & 3 leaves are in fac simile from the Grenville copy which is unique, as far as has yet been discovered. Perhaps the reprint took place when it was determined to number the series. Few parts are numbered before 1602, viz. :

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Vierte Schiffart.


Funffte Beschreibung. Sechste &c.

Siebende &c.

2d Edition, 1602, reprint. 3. Title Dritte Theil | Warhafftige Relation | &c. in 17 lines--resembling the 2d issue of 1st Ed. except that vnd is omitted in the 2d line. Levinum Hulsium are in larger Roman caps, and the 17th line is introduced, Secunda Editio | above vignette which is the same. Imprint in 2 lines Nürnberg | (not Nuremberg)-line across page. Impensis Levini Hulsii MDCII (1602 and v not u in Hulsius' first nanie)-verso blank.

Dedn 1 f sig. Aij-4 lines above coat of arms & 6 lines below, catchword dieweil Dated on verso in

German, In Franckfurt, den j Augusti 1602. The text of this ded'n differs (v. Asher). In it Hulsius speaks of 1500 copies of the 1st Ed. having been sold, so that he was obliged to make a re-issue. The title and ded'n. of this 2d Ed. differ from those of the previous issues, but the first 3 pages of Hulsius' preface are reprints of those of the 1st Ed. 2d issue. On the 4th page, there are variations and many additions and changes to the end. The whole preface seems to have been remodelled. De Veer's preface is omitted, and the whole voyage much abridged from 1st edn. Text page 1 (sig. Cij), and ends on page 121 with the word Ende, sig. Qiiij. The pagination skips from 80 to 89 (10 pages) so that really there are only 111 pages, but nothing is wanting as the catchwords and signatures show. 32 maps and plates, not counting the woodcut of Greenlander as in the 1st Ed. 2d issue. The plates are often misplaced-probably some ought to be omitted. The Berlin and Grenville copies have 33 plates, but many others examined have fewer. List of names at the end omitted and no colophon. Ende on last page. There are some errors in the pagination-reverse of 43 is 45 and next page 46, reverse of 46 is 46 again and then 48, 49, &c. Next page tu 79 is 90, 96 is 97.

Part 3. 3rd Edn. 1612, reprint, fine large copy. Title-Dritter Theil |

Warhafftiger Relation | &c. in 17 lines, of which the last is Tertia Editio-then Vignette. Imprint below in 3 lines-Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn bey Erasmo Kempffern | In Verlegung Leuini Hulsij Wittibe (a short line across) den Jahr 1612. |

Dedn with title in 4 lines, coat of arms and 6 lines below-and catchwords be auff sig. Aij with same date 1 Augt 1602, and same reerence to 1500 copies 2 pp. Hulsius' pref. 6 ff. Aiij to Biiij-woodcut of

Greenlander on recto of Biiij 8 prel. ff including title. De Veer's preface omitted. Then Voyage again much abridged: it begins on p. 1 and ends on recto of p. 95. Sig. C to Oiiij with Ende. The pages are numbered at the top in the centre-32 maps and plates as before, the same two plates omitted. The Grenville copy has 26 plates and others in the British Museum 33, Mr. Brown's 27. The plates are numbered-sometimes altered-and sometimes incorrect.

Part 3. 4th Edition, 1660.

This is a

reprint, page for page, of 3d Ed. and abridged like it from the previous editions-yet it differs from the 3d in contents of lines and paragraphs and position of signatures, Title, Dritter Theil | Warhafftiger Relation | &c. in 17 lines-the last is Quarta Editio. Then same vignette and imprint below in three lines Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn. In Verlegung | Christoff Le Blon | a black line across | Im Jahr 1660. |

Dedication with caption in 4 lines, coat of arins, and below 7 lines of text with same catchwords be auff-the lines being shorter than in the 3d Ed., with same date and same reference to 1,500 copies, &c. Hulsius' preface 6 ff, sig. A to Binij-woodcut of Greenlander on recto of Biiij 8 prel. ff. including title. De Veers' preface omitted. Text of Voyage ff Ei to recto of Oiiij page 95 (C to O in 4s), with Ende on p. 95. Pages numbered at top in the centre-32 maps and plates, and the 1 woodcut as in 3d Ed. These are all numbered according to their new position. Page 49 is 89 (correct in 3d Ed.). On p. 95 of third Edn. the last line is gewolt gezogen ist. In this, the 4th, wolt gezogen ist. There are similar variations in almost every page showing a reprint.


Part 4. Latin Edition: 1599. Very fine, large copy. Title-Vera Historia, Admirandæ cuius- | dam Navigationis, quam Hul dericus Schmidel, &c., title in 13 linesVignette, Schmidel riding a lama with a native attendant behind and before him on foot. Imprint in 2 lines, Noribergæ | Impensis Levini Hulsij, 1599. | verso blank.

Schmidel's full length portrait, verso blank. Dedication to Bishop of Bamberg-Caption 4 linesBishop's coat of arms, &c., below 6 lines of text, pp. 1, 2, sig. A2 finished on verso and signed by Hulsius. Map of South America, in 2 portions pasted together-the upper one dated 1599-no date or number on the lower half. Hulsius to Reader and Pref. of Schmidel, 3 pages, 3 to 5, the 1st in italic the 2d in roman type. Voyage begins on p. 6, the whole printed in italic type, pp. 6 to 101, verso blank, sig. N1, A to N, of which the title, dedn, and Hulsius' and Schmidel's prefaces compose sig. A, except the last page. Map, the portrait above described and 15 plates-for particulars, see German edn, below. In Hulsius' preface, he states that

this voyage was published previously in German. Camus, p. 86 says, it is only in H's Latin edition that this voyage can be read and understood.

Part 4. 1st German Edn. Ist issue, 1599. Title, Vierte Schiffart | Warhafftige Historien | &c., in 14 lines -Vignette as described in the Latin edition. Imprint Noriberga | Impensis Levini Hulsij 1599 | in two lines, verso blank.

Dedication-3 pages Aij and recto of Aiij. Title to dedication 4 lines. Coat of arms and 3 lines below-Pref. of Hulsius (Erinnerung, &c.), 3 pages = 8 pages sig. A. In this preface H. speaks of a German edn. printed previously at Franckfort (De Bry L. V. Part 7. 1597?) as exceedingly incorrect,

and notices some instances in the names of places. -Map of S. A. in two portions, the upper portion dated 1599 and no date or number on the lower half. Schmidel's portrait 1 leaf-Schmidel's preface 1 page sig. B. The text begins on the verso, page 1, and ends on verso of Oiiij, page 103, with colophon Gedruckt zu Nürnberg, Durch Christoph | Lochner Im Iar 1599. | Page 89 is 19 and 90 is 92 with 91 and 92 repeated. 1 Map and Portrait, as above,

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p. 23.

7. Plate. Fight, cannon firing from left-Parabol Flus, to right Lampere. Cap. 21, p. 24.

8. Plate. Fight, Paiembos. Cap. 25, p. 21. 9. Plate. Fight-to left fortress, Corpus Christito right Tiembus at top Flu. Parana sive Rio della Plata. Cap. 28, p. 35.

10. Plate. Shipwreck-in corner Parana flu: sive Rio della Plata. Cap. 30, p. 39.

11. Plate. Man and woman in front tatooed, top Scherves. Cap. 36, p. 50.

12. Plate. Attack on Savages in their palisadetop Froemidiere. Cap. 42, p. 50.

13. Plate. Animal. Pacos oder Amida, ein Indianisch Schaff. Cap. 44, p. 64.

14. Plate. Fight Maigenos. Cap. 47, p. 80. 15. Plate. Shipwreck, town Caliz. Cap. 55, p. 99.

Another fine copy of this ed. 1599, wanting the map and to plates, but with the portrait and first five plates-the first line of title has been obliterated (viz. Vierte Schiffart) so as to make the volume pass as a separate work not belonging to the series.-It is enumerated as 1st ed. 1599. 2d issue; but it cannot properly be called so.

Part 4. German 2d Edn. 1602. Title

Vierte Schiffart | Warhafftige Historien | &c., in 15 lines, of which the last is Editio Secunda in small caps. Same Vignette. Imprint in 2 lines Noribergæ, | Impensis Le

vini Hulsij, Anno 1602. | Verso blank.


Dedication 3 pages Aij and recto of Aiij. This resembles the dedication of 1st Edn, but is reprinted as the lines show, (e. g. last line befehlen, 3d page1st ed. nig befehlen. Hulsius' preface also reprinted PP. 3, especially is the vignette on 3d page entirely different. Schmidel's portrait 1 leaf. Map (at end) in 2 portions separately-1st part with date 1599 as usual, the Southern part has in lower left hand corner No. 2, and 3 small islands marked Francisi Draco Ins laid down below the lower border. der the title at R. H. is Per Levin. Hulsium. 1602. Schinidel's preface 1 page sig. B. begins on verso page 1 and ends on p. 103-verso of B to verso of Oiiij with Ende. No colophon. P. 90 is correct. Map, portrait, and 15 plates as before marked with numbers of chapters. Reprint of 1st Ed. without material alteration. The marginal notes in 1st Ed. are partly in italic and partly in Roman type-those of the 2d Ed. are chiefly in smaller italic-the exceptions being in black letter.



Part 4. 3d Edition, 1612, reprintvery fine copy. Title, Vierdte (with a d) Schiffart | Warhafftige Historien | &c., in 16 lines, of which the last is Editio Tertia in small caps. Then the same vignette, and the imprint below in three lines Gedrukt zu Franckfurt am Mayn bey Erasmo Kempffern | in Verlegung Leuini Hulsii Wittibe | (small black line across) Im Iahr 1612.

Dedication omitted. Schmidel's portrait one leaf -Hulsius preface 3ff pages 3-5. Schmidel's preface page 6. Text pp. 7-104. Sig. including the title A to verso of Niiij in 4s closing with the word Ende on p. 104.

Reprint-the peculiarity of this edn. is the running head title to the text Vierdte Schiffart. Chap.

[blocks in formation]


Part 5. Latin Edition: 1599. Title Brevis et admiranda Descriptio | Regni Guianæ, Auri | &c., in 16 lines. Vignette, an Amazon at the right—at left, a man with head beneath his shoulders, front view, in the centre, the same, back view: the copper along the left arm of the centre figure shows signs of cracking. Imprint below in 2 lines Noribergæ Impensis Levini HulsiiM.D.XCIX. | Verso blank.

Hulsius' preface 4 pages A2 and 3. Text p. 1-12 recto of Aiiij to recto of C. Tabula locorum recto of C verso blank. Colophon below Tabula in 3 lines.

Noribergæ. Excudebat Christophorus Lochner, Anno Epochae Christianae C15. 15. XCIX. Í blank leaf at end-Page 2 is 6. Sig. A and B in 4s. C in 28.

Map, the north part of S. America with date 1599 as used in 3d Edns. 6 maps and plates as described below. Bohn is his collation of Lord Lindsay's 1st Editions in German says that the lower part of the map with date 1602 is also in the copy of Part 5, but it does not belong to any ed. of 1599. Part 5. 1st German Edition. 1599 (not mentioned by Asher). This edition was probably issued before the Latin for the crack in the Vignette is scarcely apparent. Title begins without any indication of a series-Kurtze Wunderbare Be

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