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schreibung | Dess Goldreichen Konig = | &c., in 12 lines-same vignette, the crack hardly apparent. Imprint below in two lines Noribergæ, impensis Levini Hvlsii, | M.DXCIX. |

Hulsius' preface 3 pages A and recto of Aiij Text on verso of Aiij page 1 to recto of Ciij page 16. Ends with words Vale and fruere and a small woodcut. On verso unpaged Tabel der Orthern | columns of distances not separated by lines-at bottom Finis and Colophon in 3 lines Gedruckt zu Nürnberg durch Christoff Lochner In Verlegung | Levini Hulsij.

Map north half of S. America with date 1599-6 plates marked as in the Latin edn. with cyphers 4, 5, 7, 11, 14, 15, and blank leaf at the end.

1. Mare del Nort, Terra di Paria-Capuri flu—4. 2. Plate. Animals-Armadillo-Simi Vulpa, &c. -5.

3. Plate. Town Manoa od el Dorado-7.

4. Plate. Amazons-2 to left, one with bow, &c., to face p. 11.

5. Plate. Amazons shooting at men, suspended by their legs to a tree-14.

6. Plate. Men with heads below their shoulders -15.

From H's reference at p. 12 it appears that this Part 5 was published before Part 4 He says he had the M.S. and would print it at the first opportunity. In his preface he apologises for the many extraordinary things in the work, and refers to others equally strange vouched for by persons living and of good authority-especially a man who neither ate nor drank for 7 years, &c.

Part 5. 2d edn. 1601. The title also begins without any indication of the series-Kurtze Wunderbare Beschreibung | Dess Goldreichen Konig = | &c., in 11 lines-the contents of which vary from those of Ist edn. Hulsius' name does not appear above the Vignette, which is the same described above. print in 2 lines Noribergæ, Impensis Levini Hvlsii | (a black line below) M.DCI.


Verso blank. The crack in the vignette is larger. Map north half of S. America with date 1599. Preface also without Hulsius' name 3 pages Aij and recto of A3. Text verso of A3 page 1 to page 17 verso of Ciij. Tabel as before 1 p. recto of Cilj, with Finis and Colophon as in 1st Ed.-the whole part, however, is reprinted-6 plates as above described. In the Tabel, the columns of distances are separated by lines.

Part 5. 2d Edn. 1601. Another copy with variations.

Title, preface, and text to page 11 exactly alike, but the sig. C has been reprinted. Note these variations on each leaf. Page 13 has one more marginal note and 3 more lines of text. Page 14 in last marginal note has page 86 (1st issue 68). It has no sig. (1st issue Ciij). The contents of pages differ, of course, to the end-so that page 17 has only 7 lines (1st issue 13 lines). The Tabel has probably been also reprinted-tho' there is no apparent variation. The contents of lines are generally the same in both issues-(Var. in 3 instances on p. 14). Some words are differently spelt.-Map and 6 plates as described


Part 5. 3d Ed. 1603, entirely reprinted. The crack in the copper of the vignette is longer, and there appears to have been an attempt to mend it. The Title has an indication of the series it begins Die Funffte | Kurtze Wunderbare Beschreibung, &c., in 12 lines. Hulsius' name omitted above the vignette which is very badly cracked and almost in 2 pieces. Imprint below in 4 linesNoriberga, Typis Christophori Lochneri | Impensis Levini Hulsii then a black line CIO IO CIII. İ verso blank.

Preface to Reader 3 pages Aij & recto of Aiij. Text begins on verso page 1, and ends on p. 17, verso of Ciij with an irregular woodcut. Tabel on recto of Ciiij not paged, and ends with Finis, and the Colophon in 2 lines-Gedruckt zu Nürnberg durch Christoff Lochner | in verlegung Levini Hulsii | and below a small fleuron.

Map, north part of S. America 1599 & 6 platessome of which have the cyphers changed, viz. 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15. Sig. as in 1st Edn. 21 lines of text on 17th page.

Part 5. 4th Ed. 1612, differs again from all others. This edition also has an indication of the series-title, Die Funffte | Kurtze Wunderbare Beschreibung | &c., in 11 lines. Hulsius' name omitted above vignette which is cracked from top to bottom. Imprint below in 3 lines Getruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, bey Erasmo Kempffern | In verlegung Levini Hulsij Wittibe | (then a short black line) Im Iahr 1612 | Verso blank.

Preface from which Hulsius' name is also omitted fills 3 pages Aij & recto of Aiij. The catchword of 2d page of Preface is Landt.-Text begins on verso of Auj Page 1 and ends on page 17-verso of Ciij. Numbers in the middle of the pages, last line of text men gezogen Vale et fruere-Tabel on recto of Cij not paged and ends with Finis-no colophon verso blank.

Map north half S. America with date 1599 & South half numbered No. 2 and dated 1602-pasted together & 6 plates numbered 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, those marked under, are changed.

Part 5. 4th Ed. 1612. Another copy, fine-variation.

The same in all respects except the vignette on the title which is that of Part 19. A vessel at anchor and men on shore. At the sides grotesque Caryatides. The map is only the North half of S. America with date 1599 and 6 plates as usual.

Part 5. 4th Ed. 1612. Another copy, with re-engraved vignette, in all other respects the same.

Vignette. There are no trees in the back ground -and the figures are varied in some respects-at

the bottom is the engraver's mark TI f.-Map the north half of S. America 1599 & 6 plates numbered 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 16. Not a very good copy. I have a better in the supplemental copy of 6 parts, which


Part 5. 5th Edition, 1663. Title and text in fac-simile-Map & Plates are genuine. An entire reprint. Title in 11 lines as in 4th Edn. In 9th line Land Tafel (not Landt Tafel) then the re-engraved vignette as described in the 2d issue of 4th Edn. and imprint in 3 lines Frankfurt am Mayn | In Verlägung Christoff le Blon (a long black line across) Im Iahr, M.DC.LXIII. | verso blank.

Preface 3 pages Aij and recto of Aij filling the three-but with variations of which some are

5th Ed. 1st p. capital letter 4 lines deep. 4th Ed. 5 lines deep.

5th Ed. 2d p. catchword landt (small 1). 4th Ed. catchword Landt (cap, L).

5th Ed. 3d p. catchword CA. 4th Ed. catchword ᏟᎪᏢᏙᎢ .

with others.

Text, verso of Aiij page 1 ends on page 17 verso of Ciij. Tabe on recto of Ciiij, verso blankpagination in centre of pages. There are variations on every page in woodcuts, contents of lines, use of capitals or marginal notes, but the most marked difference is that in the 5th Edn. the chapters are headed CAPUT, and the same where the word occurs as a catchword (sometimes the catchword is CA in the 5th, where in the 4th it is the whole word, v. page 9). In the 4th Edn. CAPIT -more particularly this last heading occurs on pages 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 16.-In 5th pages 7, 9, 15.

4th Ed. p. 12 marg. note in 3 lines, p. 14, 3d marg. note in 2 lines.

5th Ed. p. 12 marg. note in 4 lines, p. 14, 3d marg. note in 3 lines.

5th Ed. 23 lines on p. 17-of which the last two read zusammen gezogen | Vale & fruere | 4th Ed. 22 lines on p. 17-last two lines read men gezogen | Vale & fruere | with different tail pieces.

5th Ed. Tabel-in 2d line of heading Septentrio in smaller roman type than in the 4th Edn. -My own fac simile is on old paper. Until lately only 2 original copies were known, those in the Grenville Library and in the City Library, Hamburgh. With a short time a set was sold in Germany in 26 parts, different editions ;-but Part 5 was this 5th Edition, 1663.


Part 6th. 1st Edn. 1603.

Title in 14 lines Sechste Theil | Kurtze Warhafftige & 4th line ends verricht. The last line is Levinum Hulsium. Then the Vignette-the galleon Victoria with portraits of 4 Navigators at the corners and an escutcheon between the two at the sides. Imprint below, Noribergæ, | Impensis Collectoris M DC III in 2 lines and a long blank line between the two printed lines, verso blank.

Dedn. in 3 pages Aij and recto of next leaf. Title to Dedn. in 5 lines coat of arms & 2 lines below -catchword in. 4 lines of text on 3d, page & the date In Franckfurt j Augusti 1602. On verso of A3 is preface to Reader by Hulsius 1 page, small type -these 2 ff. & the title are 3 ff. of sig. A. The text begins page 1 recto of Aiiij & ends on page 53 recto of Hij with colophon in 3 lines Gedruckt zu Nürnberg durch Christoph | Lochner, In Verlegung Levini Hulsija black line-CIƆ IC CII (1602). Page 33 is omitted in pagination & 43 is double-making 53 pages A to H in 4s except H which is in 28-9 Plates & 6 maps as follows-some copies have only 5, but Mr. Grenville's and another very fine copy in the British Museum have 6.

1. Folding Map principally of North Africa, but including a large portion of the S. part of Europe marked Per Levinum Hulsium. a. 1602 No. 1.

2. Folding Map. S. Part of S. America. The tablet In Chicco regione, &c. Per Levinum Hulsium a. 1602 No. 2, (as used in Part 10).

3. Folding Map. E. Indies-India Orientalis. Per Levinum Hulsium a. 1602 No. 3.

4. Folding Map. Oceanus Ethiopicus-S. part

of Africa with E. coast of Brazil No. 4. This and No. 1 would make one Map.

5. (but not numbered) Small map the size of a page (v. No. 18). Isthmus of Panama-Sinus Mexicanus-California.

6. North half of S. America 1599 frequently used before-not numbered.

9 Plates-1. Insula Mathan, p. 6.

2. Ships, Caca Fogo, Caca Plata,

p. 15.

3. Insula Ternate, p. 18.

4. Isola de S. Sebastian, p. 22.

5. Porto Desire, p. 23.

6. A map-Delineatio Freti Magellanici, p. 25.

7. A map. Insula Puna, p. 27.


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8. Isola del Principe, p. 28. de los Ladrones, p. 46. These different maps are often variously placedsometimes as noted and sometimes at the end of the voyage.

Part 6. 2d Edition, 1618. Title in 14 lines Sechster (with an r) Theil | Kurtze Warhafftige, &c., the 4th ends ver (Levinum Hulsium above vignette as in 1st Ed.). Imprint below in 2 lines Francofurti | black line across Impensis Hulsianis, M.DCXVIII. | Verso blank.

Dedn. in 3 pages as in 1st Ed. but the title above the arms is in 4 lines & below 2 lines with catchword in. On 3d page 5 lines of text with the same date. Hulsius' preface I p. in smaller typeThe capital letter is 7 lines deep (1st Ed. 9 lines deep). These two leaves unnumbered with title and 1st leaf of text, pages 1, 2, make sig. A. Text p. I

to p. 53 recto of H2 in 4s except H, which is in 2s. -No colophon on p. 53-merely the word Ende.

P. 33 is 34, 35 omitted and 43 double. The 2 editions are very different for while the pages generally contain the same matter-the contents of lines and position of the signatures vary very much. 6 maps & 9 Plates as before. The 6th map, the North half of S. America is often wanting. Mr. Brown's copy, and those of others have it. It is therefore added to this copy which was originally without it. Part 6. 3d Edn. 1626. Title in 14 lines-like 2d Ed. Sechster (with r) | in 1st line-the 4th line ends ver but in 3d vnnd (with 2 n's) & other variations-Levinum Hulsium above the vignette which is the same. Below, the imprint is in 2 lines, Gedruckt zu Franckfurt, bey Hartmanno Palthenio in Verlegung der Hulsischen Im Iahr, 1626. | Verso blank.

Dedn. 3 pages-Title in 4 lines, coat of arms & 2 lines below-catchword in. 2d page catchword len (2d Ed. gross) 3d page 8 lines, same date. Verso Hulsius' preface, Capital only 3 lines deep. Text follows on 4th leaf. (Title, Dedn. and Pref. and page 1 sig. A.) Text as before ends on p. 53 sig. Hij verso blank. Page 33 is 34, 35 is 34 and 43 double. Text p. 1. Cap. D 5 lines deep (2d ed. 4 lines deep) 1st I of 1st Par. worden (2d ed. den) Page 2 last Par. in 8 lines, catchwords zu wis. 3d page reads zu wissen, &c. (2d ed. Page 2, last Par. in 7 lines, catchword dent-then 7 words omitted deut säglen, welches als es den Konig-followed by zu wissen-there are other omissions in the Par. This sig. A to Page 3 of text has certainly been reprinted. If the rest of the Part has been reprinted, it is so exact a copy that no differences can be detected.

9 plates, cyphers changed and only 5 maps, viz. Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. North part of S. America 1599 placed at the beginning instead of No. 1 the North part of Africa. It is wanting in several copies examined-but it probably ought to be here, and perhaps No. 6 so called 1599 S. America might be omitted.


Part 7. 1st Ed. 1603, large, fine, perfect copy. Title in 11 lines. Siebende Schiffahrt | In das Goldreiche Kö. | &c. 6th 1. ends vnnd (2 n's). Levinum Hulsium above vignette, which represents the Inhabitants and King of Guinea and Nigritia. Below is the imprint in 3 lines, Getruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, durch Wolffgang | Richtern, in Verlegung Leuini Hulsii | Im Iahr M.DCIII. | Verso blank.

Dedn. 3 pages unnumbered Aij and recto of Aiij. Title 4 lines above coat of arms, and 4 lines of text below-catchword nuirt-in the 4th line Schiffahrten with one h. Dated on 3d page, Ex Museo Francofurti 18 Maii 1603. Museo is the first word of the last line-Hulsius to the Reader 3 pages-1st word of last line ich. The title and these 6 pages form sig. A.-Text begins on page 1, sig. A repeated and ends on page 228, the verso of F12 with the word Ende. Sig. A. then A to Z Aa to Ff black letter in 4s except Ff which has only 2 leaves.

Map folding and 18 plates.

The Map is that marked No. 1 with the date 1602 (v. Part 6) representing the S. part of Europe and N. part of Africa. The plates are irregularly marked with cyphers and cyphers and letters-2 are unnumbered. They have references to the pages to which they relate.

1. Plate. Heads of Men and Women. No. 1, p. 31.

2. Plate. 3 figures, one carrying a sheaf and game. No. 2, p. 32.

3. Plate. 3 Women, one suckling a child. No. 3,

P. 35.

4. Plate. Ship, savages in it, one looking at himself in a dish. No. 3, p. 55.

5. Plate. Sled marked D-in front 2 figures sitting with back to spectator. No. 4, p. 64.

6. Plate. Man beating a small Druin? Palm tree, dog at foot, &c. No. 5 A, p. 69.

7. Plate. Interior of huts. No. 5 B, p. 80. This plate is again used in P. 19, p. 62.

8. Plate. 3 Figures, savages armed. No. 6, p. 95.

9. Plate. Man killed by spear and by striking on head. No. 7, p. 111. 10. Plate. Canoes-a fire in one. No. 9, p. 131. No. 10, at bottom.

11. Plate. Animals-birds and elephant (A) and others. No. 11, 13, P. 143. No. 14,

12. Plate. Plants-Ananas-Bananas. p. 151.

13. Plate. Men fighting with tall shields. No. 16, p. 159.

14. Plate. Funeral Procession-Savages. No. 17,

[blocks in formation]

Very large fine copy.

The Text of this Voyage was issued by the De Bry Brothers, with different title and preliminary matter (4ff. sig. )). Preface dated 1 April, 1603, a month before Hulsius-printed also by Richtern and illustrated with De Bry's engravings from his folio, Part VI., India Orientalis-the Latin descriptions cut off and the plates turned round to suit the 4to size. It is doubtful whether this is to be considered a proof of the partnership or opposition of the two printing houses. Hulsius removed from Nuremberg to Frankfort early in 1603. He died early in 1606. De Bry's sons printed four other small 4tos.

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1 in 1602. An abridgt. of P. 9, India Occidentalis. The above 1603. Part 6, India Orientalis. 1 in 1605. India Orientalis, Part 7, and, I in 1605. Part 8, and in 1604, the voyage of the ship Silberne Weltnot in the large collections. All, except the last (which has plates of its own), illustrated by plates from the folio volumes. Vide De Bry.

[blocks in formation]

Below is the imprint in 3 lines, Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, durch Wolffgang Richtern | in Verlegung Levini Hvlsii Erben. | Im Jahr M.DC. VI.

Inserted a duplicate titlepage corresponding except in the Vignette, which is that of Part 2. The Kings of Ternate and Tuban, and a soldier of Banda.

Dedn, as before. Title in 4 lines, coat of arms, and below 4 lines of text-same catchword, but in the 1st line vn (not vnd), in the 4th line Schiffarten without an h. 3 pages. Dated on 3d page as before. Last line begins befehlende, and the page begins Portugaleser (1st Ed. ser.)-Hulsius' preface to Reader 3 pages, 1st word of last line Dahin. Title page and these three leaves make sig. A. Text begins on p. 1 (sig. A repeated) and ends on p. 228, verso of sig. Ffij with the word Ende. A reprint, page for page, of 1st Edition: yet tho' the contents of pages be the same, the position of the signatures, the marg. notes, and contents of the lines and paragraphs prove this to be a reprint. The marg. notes particularly. The type is newer and more distinct. The 1. 1. on p. 228 begins fenbeyn (the 1st ed. Elffenbeyn) 1 Map and 18 plates corresponding exactly with those in the first edition. Large, fine copy. Part 7. 3d Ed. 1624. Title in 12 lines Siebende Schiffahrt | (with an

h) The 6th 1. ends vnnd frequen (2 ns.) Levinvm Hvlsivm above Vignette which corresponds with that of previous editions. Below is the imprint in 3 lines. Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, durch Egenolff Emmeln in Verlegung Levini Hvlsii Erben. | Im Iahr M.DC.XXIV. | Verso blank.

The dedn. is omitted. Hulsius' preface 3 pages 1-3, Aij and recto of Aiij. The text follows on p. 4 and ends on p. 232 verso of Ff. Title, pref, and text, sig. A to Ff in 4s with the word Ende and a woodcut. Page 53 is 63, 87 and 88 are omitted, 98 is 96, 192 is 102 and 223 is 221. 1 Folding map as before, and 18 plates, but the figures, &c., are changed owing to the difference of pagination as follows:

Plate is at page


34. Plate 8, 9, 10, at page 136.

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73. Plate not marked at p. 179.


196. 231.


Part 8. 1st Ed. 1605. Title Achte Schiffart Kurtze Beschreibung | &c., in 10 lines-1oth 1. Levinvm Hvlsivm. Vignette, Battle between 3 ships. Imprint below in 2 lines Franckfurt bey Wolffgang Richtern, in Verlegung | desz Collectoris Anno M.DCV. The Vignette is marked Fig. VI. being also used in the Text. Verso blank.

Hulsius' preface to reader 3 pages numbered 3-5. He gives an abstract of the contents of 8 parts of his collection and in that of the 8th states that he would have treated this voyage more largely, but full accounts had not arrived. Should they come to hand, he would publish a 9th part.

Text begins at page 6 verso of A3 and ends on p. 58 with Ende and a woodcut. Sig. A, beginning with title to H in 4s except H in 25, the leaf H being blank-running title on each page of text Die Achte Schiffahrt.

Map-folding and 6 plates.

Map. Insulae Indiae Orientalis et Molucca, as used in Parts 2 and 6.

Plate. Die Insel S. Helena-but without the 6 lines of incription below, the reference 68 still in the corner-to face p. 12.

Plate. Insula do Cerni as in Part 2 to face p. 19. Folding plate or map. Insula Bantam, lava, &c. Fig. III. Naval Combat in front, p. 26. Map or plate. Insula Tidore-Insula Ternate IIII Fig. p. 30.

Map or plate. Insula Amboyna. Fig. V. p. 33. Plate. Naval Combat (as on title) 3 ships A. B. C. Fig. VI. p. 40.

Part 8. 2d Edn. 1608. Title in 9 lines

Achte Schiffart | oder | Kurtze, &c. Hulsius' name above the Vignette, which is different from that of the 1st ed. representing a ship probably sailing from port, surrounded by other vessels. Imprint below in 4 lines Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, durch Matthio Bechernin in Verlegung Leuini Hulsij | Wittib, im Iahr | a line across M.DC.VIII. In the title above the vignette Hulsius is called Weyland (the late) verso blank.

Preface pages 3-5 without H.'s name; and all most entirely changed. It gives an account of 5 different narratives contained in this part-that a part of the last voyage of Johan Herman von Bry had been published by the De Brys, and might be had from them (v. De Bry's small 4to, P. 8, 1605), but that the Reader might like to have this also. In a previous Par. (p. 4) it is stated that Hulsius had not lived long enough to receive the 3d voyage, that of Jacob Van Neck.-Text begins on p. 6 verso of aij and ends on p. 56 with the word Ende the verso of giiij. The whole account seems to have been revised-there are only 17 chapters (18 in the 1st edition). Asher describes this as the 1st Ed. dating it in 1606 and speaks of a second edition in 1608.

1 Map and 6 plates corresponding with those in the 1st Edn. They are differently placed. Many portions of the text are rewritten, or additions made from further accounts. The map has the additions at North and East, v. Parts 2 & 6.

Part 8. 3d Ed. 1640. Title Achte Schif

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line on 3d page lassen (2d Edn. seyn lassen). Text begins on p. 6 and ends on p. 56 of giiij. The sig. are in small letters a-g. The running title of pages (on left hand) Achte Schiffahrt der Holl.-and on

right hand page vnd Seeländer in Ost Indien. On p. 56 Achte Schiffahrt. Some copies have only 5 plates, but this has 6, and the folding plates. The places and numbers are changed: viz. 1. St. Helena at p. 8 (still marked 68 or perhaps the 6 blotted) 2 Cerni at p. 15, and so marked. Fig. III. at p. 23 and so marked. Fig. IV. at p. 28 so marked. Fig. V. at page 35. Fig. VI. at p. 38, the position of this last is uncertain. After this 3d Ed. of Part 8 no other part described subsequently has more than 2 editions.


[blocks in formation]

Folding Map India Orientalis No. 3 (as in Part 6) dated 1602 as in P. 6, to face page 7-4 Plates1. Moçambique, St. Jorgie, St. Tiagno, &c., marked p. 24. 2. Folding Plate or Plan Die Stadt und Insell Goa, &c., p. 32. 3. Plate or Plan Amboina, p. 42. Folding plate is a burning Mountain, Page 49. The earlier issues are all without numbers.

Added, a set not very clean, without the numbers added. Dedn. with Coat of Arms 3 pages 3-5 signed Isaacus Genius. The title to Dedn. in 4

lines, then coat of arms and 4 lines of text below. To Reader verso of A3 one page marked 6. Text pp. 7 to 51, Sig. A. including prel. matter to recto of G2 with the word Ende in 4s except G in 25. This part is probably written by Genius.

Part 9. 2d Ed. 1612.

Title Neundte Schiffart | das ist, &c. in 9 lines. The 6th ends vnd. H.'s name not on the title. Same vignette and below, the imprint in 3 lines Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, bey Erasmus Kempffern | In Verlegung Levini Hvlsii seligen Wittiben | (a black line across) M.DC.XII. Verso blank.

No dedication. On page 3 the same preface to Reader Aij. Text begins on p. 4, verso of Aij and ends on p. 48, verso of Fiiij with the word Ende. Sig. A, including title, to F. in 4s.

Map and Plates (4) as in 1st Ed. The plates are marked 16, 23, 40 and 46, being described on differ. ent pages from 1st Ed.



Part 10. 1st Ed. 1608. Title Zehende | Schiffahrt (with h) oder Reyse | &c., in 12 lines (Collected and described by an Amateur of Voyages) Vignette, Vessel leaving port as in Part 8, 2d Ed. and below, the imprint in 4 lines-Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, durch Mathis | Bechern in Verlegung Leuini Hulsij | Wittib, im Iahr | (a black line across) M.DC.VIII. | verso blank.

Folding Map, India Orientalis 1602, No. 3 as in parts 2 and 9. Preface 4 pages 3-6. Text begins on page 7 sig, aiiij and ends on p. 52 verso of g with the word Ende and a woodcut. Sig. a to g in 4s except g which is in 2s.

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