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Everyone I am turnig off my accounts tinight i have be3j trapped by limited view and keep comlietly in the the dark as i have ver6li68mited accessbto eamil let me exolain i caod7peodtheemal but i cannoy click on the fu cionsof the page. And when i type clean tresh copy lette to openky email are h3ld soketine 3-5 dwy a d never senr attachment if im click on an attachelt it say openiattackm et then it deletr and sentto oft sitr web siit e.
Phone number the only sa4ve it i have ismy. Name acannot8 add downlod do anything the really got bad afte july 26 acconut are bring
If 6ou speak tome on the phone untill tese accwck stop i called tov t the tel me everything has been remove still i cano5 lok for worn i mus work 949-434!9463

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