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INTRODUCTION—Birth and early Life of Mr. Richards

Destination to the Ministry-Instructed at the Bristol
Academy-An Account of that Institution-His course
of Studies General Baptist Education Society-Utility
of an educated Ministry—Commencement of Mr. Rich-
ards' Ministry at Pershore-Recommendatory Letter to
Lynn, by his Tutor, the Rev. Hugh Evans-Mr. Rich-
ards' Description of Lynn on his first coming there-For-
mation of the Baptist Church there—Letters of the
Messrs. Hugh and Caleb Evans on Free Communion-
Congratulatory Letters from Mr. Hugh Evans, Dr. John
Ash, and Mr. Williams of Cardigan Sketch of the Rev.
Rees David, with the Inscription on his Monument, at
Norwich-Dr. Evans' Letter on Providence and Uni-
versal Restoration-Biographical Sketches of Messrs.
Hugh and Caleb Evans-Recommendation of the New
Institution for the Relief of Aged Ministers—Character
of Mr. Richards' Preaching, with an Illustration-Re-
markable Robbery and Execution-Injustice and Impo-
licy of Capital Punishments—Plea for Reading the Scrip-
tures-Letter on Baptismal Controversy-Mr. Richards'
Soliloquy on his Birth-day-His Excursion to and from
Wales-Mr. Richards' ill-health and absence in Wales,
with a Letter to his Church at Lynn-Account of the

Jumpers--Accession of Welsh Converts to the General
Baptists-Remarks of Mr. Williams, and Mr. Richards'
Letter to Dr. Rippon-The Sentiments of the New Con-
nection of General Baptists—Return to Lynn, and Re-
signation of the Ministry-Defence of himself against
Heresy- Declaration of his Religions Views_General
Remarks on his Theological Sentiments—Twelve Ar-
ticles in which Christians are agreed -Best Remedy for
Party Spirit A cheerful Piety recommended-Extracts
from Bogue, M‘Lean, and Doddridge-Letter to a
Clergyman, on refusing to marry unbaptized Persons--
Consolatory Epistle on the loss of a Friend-Mr. Rich-
ards' Account of the Rev. Rees David's Death and
Funeral—The Supports of Revealed Religion.


Publications of Mr. Richards-His HISTORY of LYNN

Its Character and Extracts—Sketch of the Rev. J. Ras-
trick, and Specimen of Poetry-Account of St. Mar-
garets-Of the Dissenting Chapels, &c.—Letter to
LORD SANDWICH, by way of Reply to Noble's Memoirs
of Oliver Cromwell-Mr. Richards' Defence of Wales,
and of his Countrymen-Reflections on FRENCH ATHE-
ISM and English CHRISTIANITY, with Extract-Food
FOR A Fast Day, with Extract-Controversial Tracts
on BAPTism of Adults, by Immersion-Notice of Mr.
Williams of Cardigan's Decease and Character-His-
TORY OF ANTICHRIST; or Free Thoughts on the Cor-
ruptions of Christianity, with Extracts—Anecdote of
Maclaurin, the Mathematician-A Letter of some
length on the Nature and Perpetuity of Christian Bap-
tism-MisceLLANEOUS Pieces-Account of the Sacred
Writings-Allegorical Preaching--Introduction of the
Gospel into Britain-Welsh Nonconformists' Memorial;
or, Cambro- British Biography-COMMUNICATIONS to

Periodical Publications Mr. Richards' Welsh Pieces
-SEASONABLE MONITORS, with Extracts, Religious and
Political-His Political Conduct that of an Ancient

Briton,, described by Tacitus-His sound Whiggish
* Principles-Attachment to the British Constitution-
1 Necessity of Reform in the House of Commons-Ex-

tract from Blackstone-The Practical Liberty of Great
Britain-Amelioration of Mankind-Millennial Glory.


Occasional Preaching of Mr. Richards, and the Erection

of Salem Chapel, at Lynn-Late, but happy Marriage
of Mr. Richards-Sudden Death of his Wife-Original
Stanzas, written in a Church-yard-Seclusion of Mr.
Richards from the World—His extensive Correspon-
dence, and Names of principal Correspondents-Letter
of Robert Robinson, on his own Publications and the
Charms of Authorship-Letter of Dr. Morgan Jones,
on Emigration to America–His Death-Letter of Rev.
M. J. Rhees, on American Religious Freedom-His
Decease, and Biographical Particulars—Pleasing Inter-
view of a young Friend of Mr. Richards' with General
Washington-Delineation and also Character of the
United States of America—Palmer's Travels--Repro-
bation of Domestic Slavery, the bane and disgrace of
America-Mr. Richards' Letter on the Welsh Indians
-Extract from Southey and Mrs. Barbauld-Dissua-
sive from Emigration, and Love of our Native Country
-Admirable Letter of the President of Rhode Island
College-Mr. Richards’ Bequeatbment of his Library to
that College-Friendly Letter of Dr. William Rogers,
on the reception of bis Seasonable Monitors-His Li-
terary Degrees—His studious habits and respectability
at Lynn-His last Illness and Death-Assiduities of
Female Friendship-His Will Distribution of his Pro-

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perty, also the Disposal of his Coins and Medals, with
various Legacies—Tributes of Respect to his Memory
from Public Prints, and Periodical Publications--His
Person and Character-Affecting Lines in View of
Dissolution-Interment at Wisbeach-Funeral Sermons
-His Epitaph—The Poet's contrast of this World and

the World to Come-introductory to consolatory Re-

flections upon the Nature and Employments of HealEN-

The General Resurrection.


From the Birth of MR. RICHARDS to the Conclusion

of his Ministry.

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