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Thank goodness Bill Bryson has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Here I thought he just walked all over the world and then wrote about it fortunately not. I've read about half a dozen of his books: A WALK IN THE WOODS, NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND, NOTES FROM A BIG COUNTRY, NEITHER HERE NOR THERE, even a dictionary he wrote. Not one of them failed to elicit embarrassing giggles, often at highly ... Read full review

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My review of A Not-So-Short History of Nearly Too Much To Be Even Relevant Anymore:
This book is in need of a better editor and a less pretentious tone. I read this book, hopeful that it would boost
my drive to get more interested in science, and trust me, it didn't work. And I really did give this book a honest effort. I did not like how the loads of information was organised. Bryson contradicted himself many times, used too many unhelpful examples and dozens of irrelevant information to prove points. And there was so much information. SO MUCH. I consider myself a smart person, but this book was a freakin cinder block of information.
Bryson did have the uncanny ability to make a few mind-numbingly boring facts rather interesting, I admit that.
He also had the abillity to make me so bored that I wanted to shove a hot fire poker in my eye during a few chapters.
Alas, I have never been a science-y person. Perhaps some other reader completely disagrees with me.
Go read their reviews.

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An excellent book to get interested in science and put life into perspective. I wish I had read this book earlier, as it would have opened my eyes on a variety of interesting fields. Read at all cost !

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A wonderful start for someone interesting in learning more about the sciences. I like that because Bill Bryson isn't a scientist he explains things in a way that most people can understand. I also really enjoyed the way he organized the information. He didn't start with the dawn of time and work forward. Instead he talked about topics in the order in which they were discovered. He went into quite a bit of detail about how scientist know the things we know and what went into getting our knowledge where it is today. He made the stories of the people involved in increasing our knowledge of the world around us fascinating and tangible. Just one more fantastic book by Bill Bryson.  

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If the word 'everything', as contained in the title, refers to atoms of which everything is compromised, then Bryson covers it quite well, but he comes nowhere near to explaining everything about anything. Still, the several trillion atoms that are me enjoyed his beautifully written take an the world around us and it's minute, almost insignificant role in this universe, which may be just one of an infinite number of universes.  

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You have to have a boring and closed mind to find this book boring,

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