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To the REMARKABLE PASSAGES in this Volume.

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ADDINGTON, Mr. cases of Barbauld, Rev. Mr. his expe-

See also

rience at Dr Beddoes's Pneu-
matic institution, 406.

Gonorrhea, 65.
Alps. See Denina.
America, North. See Weld. See
Washington, city of, described.
See Atmosphere. See Canada.
See Niagara. See Brandt.
Ancillon, M. his mem. on Cer-

tainty, or human certainty, 553.
Anderson, Dr. his account of the
Bread-fruit tree, as cultivated
in the Botanic Garden at St.
Vincent's: with its botanic or
scientific name, 53.
Antigua, botany of that island,

collected by a lady, 333.
Antimony. See Hassenfratz.
Apostles and Evangelists, their
character defended, on general
principles of evidence, 45..
Athenian Letters, Ld. Hardwicke's
edition of that valuable and en-
tertaining work, 319. Speci-
men of the letters, 321. Key
to the names of the writers,
Atmosphere, great vicissitudes of

- Mrs. Barbauld's, 407.
Barthélémy, M. manner of his
imprisonment and deportation
to Cayenne, 131. His illness,
133. His escape to Surinam,
Beddoes, Dr. his publication of
"Contributions to Physical
and Medical Knowlege," 60.
His plan for reforming the public
hospitals, 61. His arrange.
ment of bodies according to
their principles, 63. His re-
flections on carbuncle, 67. On
the use of nitrous acid in res-
training sickness, 69. On
strontian found near Bristol, ib.
On the use of mercury in fe-
brile diseases, 70. Observa-
tions made at the Medical
Poeumatic Institution, 405.
The Doctor's own experience
of effects, &c. 407.
Biography, general, observations
on the different modes and
plans in use for works of that
kind, 241.

in North America, 9. Che-
mical experiments on the de-
composition of the atmosphere,

Bishop, Mr. specimens of his ser-
mons, 28.


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Belton, Mr. his machine for draw-
ing bolts in and out of ships,
rewarded by the prize of a gold
medal, 53.
Borax, acid of. See Crell.
Boswell, Mr. his conduct arraign-
ed in regard to his report of
Dr. Johnson's dispute with
Mrs. Knowles (the Quaker),
on the exercise of private judg.
ment in matters of religious
persuasion, 118.

Brandt, Jos. account of that fa-

meus Indian warrior, 205.
Bread fruit-tree, account of, as
cultivated at St. Vincent's, 53:
Its botanical name, ib.
Bruce, Mr. some traces of his
Ethiopic expedition found in
Egypt, 126.

Bryant, Mr. his controversy res--
pecting the reality of the Troad,
&c. continued, 185-193.

Camels, as beasts of burthen, des-
cribed, with their manners, &c.

Canada, deplorable ignorance and
superstition of the people there,
10. The severity of the cli-
mate in winter no hindrance
to convivial and social inter-
course, 201. Amusements des-
cribed, ib. Wonderful stories
relating to the falls of Niagara,
202. Cataract described, 203.
Carse, Mr. his observations on
the manners and habits of the
elephant, 149.

Cartwright, Major, his patriotic
-Appeal, &c. on the English
constitution, 341.


- Catherine II. Empress of Russia,
history of, by Castera, 548.
Insolence of the Russian no-
blesse, and wretched servility
D of the peasantry, 550. See


Casarean operation. See Hull.
Calculation, language of.




View of the Russian
Empire during the Reign of
Catherine II.' by Tooke.
Cayenne, Ramel's account of the
miserable deportation of Bar-
thélémy and Pichegru to that
country, 129. Manner in which
the exiled gentlemen passed
their time there, 132.
Certainty, mem. on, in the Berlin
academy, 153.

Chaptal, M. on cotton-dyeing,
&c. 561.

Chemical Philosophy. See Hum-
boldt. See Experiment.
Christian of Brunswick, mem. con-
cerning him in the Berlin aca-
demy, 154
Christian philosophy, excellent

tracts on, 101.

Clergy of France, reflec. on, 579.
Condillac, M. his curious disqui-

sition on the language of cal-
culation, 506.

Cook, Mr. letters, &c. relative to
the cow-pox, 68,

Correa, Dr. on a sub-marine fo-
rest in Lincolnshire, 150.
viewers. From Mr. Crabb,
complaining of the unfavour-
able mention of his German
grammar, 120. A. Z. inquir-
ing after a work which he sup-
posed had been overlooked by
the Reviewers, ib. Dr. Bed-
does, to rectify a dangerous
error in one of his late publi-
cations, in which eight is put
for three grains of calomel, 237.
A. Z. respecting the use of the
conjunction nor for or, 239.
J. C. on a sentiment hazarded
in our Review of Beaujolin's
Travels, 240. Dr. Lettsom,
on the preservation of seeds for
vegetation, 360. Dr. Ferriar,
on the infusion of digitalis, ib.
Answer to a letter from the
translator of the Travels of An-
tenor, 480.


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Catton, mem, on the method of,

and on the commerce of Scar-
let-spun cotton, in Greece, 561.
Courrejolles, M. Chemie Optoma-

tique, &c. 562.

Corv pox, testimonies rel. tc, 68.,
Creaser, Mr. case of chlorosis,
&c. 67.

Crell, Dr. on the decomposition

of the acid of borax, or seda-
tive salt, 148.
Crouther, Dr. case of pulmonary
abscess, &c. 67.


D'Alembert, M. memoirs of his
life, 247-
His eminence in
mathematical studies, 259.
Avoids all honorary distinc-
tions offered by the great, 250.
General observation respecting
his infidelity, 252.
D'Arcet, M. his reports on cotton-
dyeing, &c. 561.
Davy, Mr. his experimental essays

on heat, light, &c. 63.
--,-, his valuable assistance

at Dr. Beddoes's new institu-
tion, 405.

Denina, Abbé, his continuation,
of his account of the passage
of the Cimbri over the Alps,

Devis, Mr. his account of the

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Dubois, M. his Cupid, a fugitive,
from Moschus, 377.


Education, practical, admirably
discussed by Miss Edgeworth,
in conjunction with her father,
Richard Lovel Edgeworth, Esq.

Egypt, a country not dangerous to
travellers with respect to health,
122. Egyptian manner of pre-
'serving the dead, ib. Journey
through the Desart to Cairo
described, 123. Bedouins, some
account of that wandering tribe,
124. Monastery of the Cophts,
their vile character, ib. Other
monasteries of Egyptian chris-
tians, 125. Cairo, Grand, the
wretched seat of ignorance and
poverty, 128. Miserable go-
vernment under the Beys, ib.
M. Sonnini's journey into Upper
Egypt, 295. Disgusting ac-
count of the Courtezans, 298.
Ruins of the celebrated town
of Antinous, 300. Fine ruins
of the temple of Dendera, 301.
Elephant, natural history of, man-

ners, habits, &c. 149.
Erman, M. his IVth mem. on li

terary mistakes, Berlin aca-
demy, 556.

Experiments, chemical, on the de-
composition of the atmosphere,

Fabroni, M. notice of a memoir
of, by M. Fourcroy, 563.
Federal governments of antient

Greece, &c. obs. on, 545-
Felix, M. on the method of dyeing

cotton, 561. See also D'Arcet.
Female education, strictures on,

by Mrs. More, 410. Obser-
vations on, 411–417.
Fever, yellow, observations on
the nature and proper treat
ment of, 281.

Fourcroy, M. on fermentations and
etherifications, 563, 564.


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Foureroy, M. and M. Vauquelin, 2d
memoir on human urine, 565..
Fowler, Dr. his letter on the cure

of consumption, 71.
France, consequences of the new
political opinions introduced
into that country since the re-
volution, 265. Par's consider-
ed as having formed the revo-
lution, and as having spoiled it,
574. The justice of that great
national design asserted, 575.
The British government vin-
dicated from the charge of hav-
ing forwarded the death of
Louis XVI. b. Great error
of the French in destroying all
religious sentiments, while pul-
ling down superstition, 576,
Unfavourable account of the
late king of France, ib.


armies of, particulars re-
pecting, 582-585.
Frederic II. high encomium on,
383 The man distinguished
from the hero, 384.
Furnaces for dyer's work, new
construction of, 551.



Gaol of Philadelphia described, 3.
Geach, Dr. his practice in slow
fevers, 67.

Geology, fanciful principles and

theories concerning, 566.
George I. circumstances attending

his death, 383.

Gonorrhea, letter relative to an
incident attending the adoption
of Mr. A.'s practice, [See Ad-
dington,] 70.
Guyton, M. on the mutual affinities
of the earths, 562. On the
conversion of soft iron into cast
steel, by the diamond, 564.
See also Observations, &c. 565.


Hammick, Mr. on Dr. Geach's
practice, 67.
Hargrave, Mr. his publications
much commended, 158–167.

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Hassenfratz, M. his mem. on
areometry, 560.

on the means em-
ployed to obtain antimony from
its ores, ib. and p. 563.
Hastings, Mr. his valuable publi-
cation of debates in the House
of Lords on his tria!; and pro-
ceedings of the East India com-
pany in consequence of his ac-
quital, 112.

Herodotus, mem. on the scope of
his history, 555.
Herschell, Dr. his 4th catalogue
of the comparative brightness
of the stars, 142.

Hewson, Mrs. her letter to Dr.
Simmons, relative to her late
husband, the respectable part-
ner of Dr. Hunter, 175.
Home, Mr. Everard, his croonian
lecture on the structure of the
nerves, 145. His additions to
a paper read in the Royal So-
ciety, concerning a child with
a double-head, 151.
Homer. See Bryant. See Morritt.
Hotel-Dieu, hofpital, improved,

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Hull, Dr. engaged in a defence
of the Casarean operation, 37.
Humboldt's experiments, 490.
Hume, David, his favorable pri-
vate character of Rousseau,
505. Mr. Hume's philosophy
attacked, 552.

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by the author of the Monk, 23.
That performance criticized, 24.


Kentish, Mr. case of mortifica-
tion of the foot, &c. 66.
Knowles, Mrs. her dialogue with
Dr. Johnson, on the right of
private judgment in religious

concerns, 117.
Koningsmark, Count, circum-
stances of his death, 383.


La Grange, M. his improvement
in the construction of dyer's
furnaces, 561.
Lantier, M. his travels of Antenor,
in imitation of Anacharsis, in
Greece and Asia, 184.
Lax, Mr. method of finding the
latitude, &c. 140.
Le Blanc, M. notes respecting the

nature of nickel, 563.
Lincolnshire, Mr. Young's agricul-
tural report concerning, 56.
Great utility of the Lincolnshire
drainages, 57. Improvement
in the breed of sheep, 58. Cu.
rious account of a sub-marine
forest in this county, 150.
Literature, remarks on the mer-
cantile spirit of, 18. Good
effects of, 19.
Loans, the terms of all those which
have been raised for the public
service, during the last 50
years, 230.
Louis XVI. anecdotes of, 580.

Macklin, Charles, Memoirs of his

life, by Mr. Kirkman, 305.
His malignity towards Mr. Gar-
rick, 316. Farther instances
of his malice respecting Mr.
Garrick, 429. Attempts tra-
gedy, and is driven from the
stage, 429. Remarkable law
proceedings, &c. 430. Decay
of his faculties, from his great

age, 434 His death and age.
ascertained, 436.
Maclaine, Dr. Archibali, his ad-
mirable literary character, 152.
Malta, poetical compliments paid
to the knights of, by an English
visitor, 27.

Manners, Lady, extracts from
her review of poetry, 391.
Meierotto, M. his memoir on
Herodotus, 555-

Merian, M. his memoir on Hame's
philosophy, 552.
Metherie, M. la, the most fashion.
able geological author, 567,572.
Middleton, Mr. his commendable
view of the agriculture of Mid-
dlesex, 394.
stories of tithes, 395. See also
Poor, Workhouses, Roads, &c.
Milk, experiments on, by M. M.

Parmentier and Deyeux, 565,
Mints, English, botanical arrange
ment of, 334
Miracles of Christ defended on

Morritt, Mr. zealously maintains,
general principles, 45.
in opposition to Mr. Bryant, the
reality of the Trojan war, 185.
Moschus. See Dubois.
Moulines, M. de. See Christian
of Brunswick.

Nerves. See Home.
New Testament, specimens of Mr.

Scarlet's new translation of, 87.
Niagara, falls of described, zoz.
Nottingham, Mr. Lowe's view of
the agriculture of that county,
181. Planting laudably en-
couraged there, 183.

Orleans, late Duke of, anecdote
of, 577.

Paine, T, his discourse, at Paris,
in refutation of atheism, 113.
Pallas, M. journey into the south-


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