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Redeemer the Mighty One of Jacob.* For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood brass, and for stones iron. And I will also make thine officers peace, and thine exactors righteousness." (Isa. lx. 10, &c.) "The PRINCES of the people are gathered together," says the psalmist,†

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even the people of the God of Abraham."And again,-" When he shall have scattered the people that delight in war, then shall the PRINCES come out of Egypt." With such promises, this highly favored nation, now made "KINGS and PRIESTS unto God," and become the glory of the earth, may well deserve the prophetic designation of " the KINGS OF THE EAST:" and the more especially so, as it is in all their prophecies intimated that

* If there could be any just room to doubt that these pass. ages in the prophets, so numerous and so express, do apply to the RESTORATION OF THE JEWs, and not to the exaltation of the christian church only; the remark always accompanying them," thou shalt then know that I Jehovah am thy Saviour,” would be alone sufficient to direct us to that application, as the JEWS alone do still doubt of this, and will have that doubt removed only by this very means.

+ Psalm xlvii. 9.

Psalm lxviii. 31.

the destruction of popery is to precede, and make way for the events which are to lead back the jews to the Holy Land, and that their visitation will come in the time of a tremendous political hurricane.*

We see here that the preparation for this great event becomes one of the plagues of the BEAST, but in what manner time alone can with certainty unfold. That the delusion sent upon popery and its advocates is strong, we have evidence in facts, as well as proofs of holy writ. And that they will be again ready (if restored to their former state of church supremacy and spiritual tyranny over the conquered world,) to make a holy war or crusade of every thing that offers itself as a necessary means of upholding the HOLY ROMAN CHURCH AND EMPIRE, we cannot doubt, let it be as wicked as it may, or however clearly it may be opposed by God's word, or even by SIGNS AND WONDERS vouchsafed on such an occasion. The man

* See Section vi.

of sin has magicians on his part, ready to display the whole energy of Satan in lying wonders, and will not grudge the expenditure of his holy ammunition in such a cause. And it is not impossible that his magicians may, in this mighty contest between Christ and Antichrist, (without their participation in the deception) be empowered (as Pharoah's were) to work some really supernatural wonders, the better to display the almighty power and mercy of God, in favor of his people, and his terrible justice upon his enemies.-For they are to be, as Pharoah was, by some unperceived design of Providence, entangled in their own net, and be broken, and snared, -and taken."

The TURKS are still in possession of the Holy Land, and form a bar of obstruction to the resettlement of the jews, tottering indeed (equally as the papacy is) on its foundations, and the removal of it by the BREAKER, which is to go up before Israel, may be the meaning of the figurative "drying up of the great river Euphrates;" as according to in

terpreters in general, the loosing of the four angels which were bound in the great river Euphrates,* signifies the rise of the empire of

the TURKS. The period of duration also allotted to the prevalence of the IMPOSTURE OF MOHAMMED in the east, and POPERY in the west, appearing to be the same, and their decline keeping equal pace, gives some probability to the conjecture. The peculiarity in the phrase here made use of seems to coincide with it; as the drying up of a great river is reversing the course of nature, and figuratively implies a destructive changet in the present state of the things to which the prophecy is applied. Thus, when the empire of the TURKS was to be set up, and commissioned "for an hour, and a day, and a month, and à year, to slay the third part of men," or to wage successful wars against the idolatrous christians of the eastern empire; then the four angels bound in Euphrates, were let loose. But when their empire is to be broken down, and give place to the original inheritors of the † Heb. xii. 27.

* Rev. ix. 14.

Holy Land, the river Euphrates (from which their prophetic character and existence is derived,) is itself dried up. But as prophecies are sometimes fulfilled with wonderful punctuality, even to the very letter, so it may please God to give such a token of his presence with his people, as he did when they entered the Land of Promise, under the conduct of Joshua,* the type of Jesus Christ, as possibly that event was also typical of their happy resettlement, under the auspices of their Messiah and true Saviour, "in the latter days."

But whatever may turn out to be the real import of this part of the prophecy, it seems certainly to imply that some great (and it is to be hoped final) effort will be made by the popish powers, and directed in a great measure, as it here seems, against THE JEWS, in their struggle to emerge out of the roman captivity. ROME having been the original captor and destroyer of Israel, in the com

#Joshua iii. 16.

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