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in the relief she has experienced from the hu miliation of the intolerable arrogancy and oppression of her spiritual tyrant; since there should spring from the same source, A SCOURGE still more afflictive than even that of the popes had so long proved. And that this is the true import of it, is confirmed by the recurrence of its usual counterpart, the salvation of Israel. "And the poor shall feed on my choice first fruits; and the needy shall lie down in security: but he will kill THY ROOT with drought,"-(" with famine," in our translation,)" and thy remnant he will slay."-What is meant by the poor and needy, here to be succoured, is further explained in the continuation :-"O Philistia, thou art altogether sunk in consternation! for from the north cometh a smoke; and there shall not be a straggler among his levies. And what answer shall be given to the embassadors of the nations?-That Jehovah hath laid the foundation of Sion; and the poor of his people shall take refuge in her."*

*Lowth's translation-The ROOr, must evidently be the same "root of the serpent" or nidus of corruption and popish apostacy,

Again, this destroying angel of providence is compared to a whirlwind in many places,* where as usual, his appearance, and the consequent fall of mystic Babylon, are still in close connection with the rising again of Israel; an intimation which I cannot help thinking to have been designed as a sure guide in the application of those prophecies to these important events of the latter days. And that this sweeping WHIRLWIND is the same instrument of vengeance denoted by so many other prophetic marks, is evident, by its having been declared in express words to be a prophecy of THE LATTER DAYS-and such an one as should draw the attention of the whole world, in the day of its fulfilment.

which was mentioned just before, (ver. 29,) which according to the declared import of many prophecies, is to be consumed in that manner, by the breath of the mouth of Christ, as Isaiah and St. Paul agree; and their flesh is to waste away while they continue standing upon their feet. Zech. xiv. 12.-The REMNANT, is the weak remainder of the popish faction, which survives the final catastrophe of their principals, See Sect. xxv. p. 163.

* Jer. xxiii. 19; xxx. 23,-Isai. xxviii. 2; xli. 16.-Dan, xi. 40,

In the same way is that representation of him given by St. John, as A SCORCHING SUN, to be understood.* He is sent as a minister of vengeance, to torment with the insupportable heat of an intolerable tyranny, the objects exposed to his direct and deadly rays, "the men that worship the beast, and have received the mark of his name; while to them that are escaped out of Babylon, Christ himself shines a "SUN of righteousness, with healing under his wings," the source of light and salvation in both worlds. The manner in which he executes his commission is explained in Isaiah x. 7, &c. and Jeremiah li. 20, &c.†

* To this period seems that sublime description of the Psalmist to allude, where he represents God, by means of his fiery judgments going before him to clear the way, establishing a kingdom of righteousness upon earth. (Psalm xcvii. 2.)— "Clouds and darkness are round about him, righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne. A FIRE GOETH


His lightnings enlighten the world,—the earth saw, and trembled"-Mankind acknowledge the hand of God, and see the fulfilment of prophecy in these awful visitations.

† Where, in worthy imitation of emperor Peter, his rare talents at KING-MAKING and GIANT KILLING, finding of BIRDS NESTS, and eating of EGGS, kicking down the MILE

From these prophetic data, and the signs of the times beginning to wear an aspect of gloom and alarm, well corresponding to them, the world will not fail to recognise so extraordinary a character, the GREAT ANTAGONIST OF THE MONSTER ANTICHRIST, at his appearance, perhaps with as much ease and certainty, as the MAN OF SIN himself was distinguished, by those peculiar marks set upon him by the prophets, and which divine Providence ordained that he should duly assume, and pride himself in the wear of them.

The STONE cut without hands, and falling upon the feet of the image, in Dan. ii. gives a general idea of the effect he will produce upon the world, but the detail is to be filled. up from other sources of prophecy. It intimates an obscurity of his origin, in which respect no further light is to be obtained from other quarters, except only that he is to dart out of the snakes-hole of popery and atheism; and immediately commence his fiery progress,

STONES, and TAKING OF PURSES on the highway,—and other singular frolics, are all expressly taken notice of

and gradually sting to death the parent serpent that engendered him. Soon he makes that havock in the empire of the beast, which was to be expected from the BATTLE AXE OF THE DIVINE VENGEANCE coming upon princes as upon mortar, treading them down as the mire in the streets, binding their kings in chains, and ruling the conquered nations with a mace of iron.

Thus it is that the obscure prophecy of the stone has been so far verified, and there is little doubt that the remaining part of it will without delay, receive its accomplishment, by the breaking in pieces the whole body of the image, and scattering the broken fragments with the violence of a TORNADO, to be again fanned by the lesser whirlwinds, which follow in his train. By distributing the broken bones of the mangled beast, which he has hunted down, and throwing them to be gnawed by the hungry "dogs of war," he strengthens his own power; and with a superior policy of despotic rule, as a scorching sun, he introduces universal change of all subsisting ancient establish

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