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He w man and Yvison's Publications,

To which we invite the attention of Teachers and the friends of Education generally. The retail prices are attached to each Book, from which we make a discount by the quantity. We are in the habit of making very favorable terms for the first introduction of our School Books, and those Teachers who desire to introduce and establish an uniform sem ries of the best Text Books, will do well to apply to us, post paid.

Copies of any of our School or Music Books, for examination, will be sent to any one by Mail, post paid, who will send us the price of the Book in P. O. Stamps or money. NEWMAN & IVISON, Publishers,

178 Fulton Street, New York,

SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT-BOOKS. Agriculture for Schools ;

Or, Lessons in Modern Farming. Containing Scientific Exercises for Recitation, and elegant Extracts from Rural Literature for

Academic and Family reading. By Rev. JOHN L. BLAKE. $1 00, Alabama Readers,

In four parts. Prepared expressly for the Schools in the South
ern States, and are in general use in Alabama, Georgia, and
Mississippi. They are as follows:
FIRST PART: a Primary Primer. By C. W. SANDERB. 121 conta.

SECOND Part: designed for children who are too young to read

in Porter's Rhetorical Reader. By T. D. P. STONE. 25 cents THIRD L'ART: consisting of Exercises in Reading and Speaking,

for the use of middle classes in Schools. 375 cents. FOURTH PART: consisting of Instructions for regulating the

Voice, with a Rhetorical Notation, and course of Rhetorical Exercises. Designed for the use of High Schools and Acad emies. By Dr. PORTER, late of Andover Theological Semj.

nary. 625 cents.
Barrington's Physical Geography;

Being a treatise on the subject, comprising Hydrology, Geignosy,
Geology, Meteorology, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology. By A.

Butler's Analogy of Religion ;

Or, the Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the constitution and course of Nature. By JOSEPH BUTLER, LL.D., late Lord Bishop of Durham. With an Introductory Essay by

Rev. ALBERT BARNES. 1 vol. 12mo.--20th edition. 62. cents The same Work,

With an Introductory Essay by Bishop HALIFAX. To which are added Copious Analytical Questions for the examination of Students. By Rev. Joseph McKee, A.M. Academy and School

edition. 62. cents. De Sacy's General Grammar;

Being the principles of General Grammar, adapted to the capacity of youth, and proper to serve as an introduction to the study of Languages. By A. J. SYLVESTER DE Sacy, member of the Royal Council for Public Institutions. Translated and fitted

for American use by David FosDICK, Jr. 374 cents. Elements of Political Economy,

By SAMUEL P. NEWMAN, late Professor in Bowdoin College

Fasquelle's French Course;

Or, a New Method for Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the
French Language, on the plan of Woodbury's “ New Method

with German," $1 25. Key to the Exercises in Fasquelle's French

Course, for the use of Teachers. 70 cents.

Fasquelle's Colloquial French Reader.

75 cents. Fasquelle's Telemaque;

Les Aventures de Telemaque, Fils d'Ulysse. Par M. FENELOX. A new edition, with Notes. By Louis FASQUELLE, L.L.D., Prof. of Modern Languages in the University of Michigan. The Text carefully prepared from the most approred French Editions.

75 cents. Gray's Chemistry ;

Or, Elements of Chemistry. Containing the Principles of tho Science, both Experimental and Theoretical. Intended as a TextBook for Academies, High Schools, and Colleges. Illustrated with numerous Engravings. By Alonzo Gray, A.M., formerly Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy in Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

60th edition, newly revised and greatly enlarged. $100. Gale's Natural Philosophy ;

Or, Elements of Natural Philosophy. Fınbracing the General Principles of Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Acoustics, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Galvanisu, aud Astrono:ny. Illustrated by Several Hundred Engravings. Designed for the use of Schools. By LEONARD GALT. 20th edition,

62à cents. Hitchcock's Geology ;

Elements of Geology. By EDWARD HITCHCOCK, D.D., L.L.D., President of Amherst College, and Professor of Natural Theology and Geology. A new edition, revised, enlarged, and adapted to the present advanced state of the Science. With an Intro ductory Notine by JOHN PYE SMITH, D.D., F.R.S., and F.G.S.

$1 25.
Hallock's Grammar:

A Grammar of the English Language, for the use of Schools,
Academies, and Seminaries. By E. J. HALLOCK, A.M., Principal

of the Castleton Seminary, Vermont. 2d edition 625 cents. Kuhner's Elementary Grammar of the Greek

Language. Containing Exercises for the Wrining of Greek, and the requisite Vocabularies. By RAPHAEL KUHNER. Translatod by S. H. TAYLOR, of Andover. 12mo. $1 25.

Kendrick's Primary Greek Book ;

Or, the Child's Buok in Greek; being a Series of Elementary
Exercises in the Greek Language. By ASAHEL C. KENDRICE,
Prof. of the Greek Language and Literature in the Madison

University. 16mo. 31 cents.
Kendrick's Greek Introduction ;

Or, an Introduction to the Greek Language ; containing an out line of the Grammar, with appropriate Exercises for the use of Schools and private learners. By ASAHEL C. KENDRICK. En.

larged edition. 62) cents. Kiddle's Astronomy ;

Being a Manual of Astronomy and the use of the Globes. For
Schools and Academies. By HENRY KIDDLE. Just published.

31 cents.
MacGregor's Book-keeping:

A Practical Treatise on Book-keeping, by Single and Double Entry, on a new plan; containing General Book-keeping for the use of Falmers, Mechanics, Professional Men, and other nonmercantile persons—Retailers' Book-keeping, and Merchants' Book-keeping. With an Appendix of Definitions, Directions, and Practical Forms. For the use of Seminaries and Self-In

structors. By P. MacGREGOR. 75 cents. McElligott's Analytical Manual :

A Manual, Analytical and Synthetical, of Orthography and Definition. By JAMES N. McELLIGOTT, L.L.D., Associate Principal of the Collegiate School, N. Y., and late Principal of the Mechau.

ics' Society School. 75 cents. McElligott's Young Analyzer ;

Being an Easy Outline of the course of instruction in the Eng. lish Language presented in the Analytical Manual. Designed to serve the double purpose of Spelling Book and Dictionary in

the younger classes in Schools. 31 cents. Newinan's Rhetoric,-150th edition ;

Being a Practical System of Rhetoric, or the principles and rules of style, inferred from examples of writing. To wbich is added an Historical Dissertation on English Style. By SAMUEL P. NEWMAN, late Professor of Rhetoric in Bowdoin College. 75 centa.

Parley's Universal History;

On the basis of Geography. Illustrated by Maps and Eugrar

ings. Especially designed for the use of Schools. $1 00. Iorter's Rhetorical Reader.

Consisting of Instructions for Regulating the Voice. With a Rhetorical Notation, illustrating Inflection, Emphasis, and Modulation ; aud a course of Rhetorical Exercises. Designed for the use of Academies and High Schools. By EBENEZER PORTER, D.D., late President of the Theological Seminary, Andover. New and

enlarged edition. 62cents: Woodbury's New Method of Learning the

German Language ; embracing the Analytic and Synthetic modes
of instruction. By the author of



SANDERS' SERIES OF READERS. Sanders' Series comprises eight books. It is the most thorough, correct, complete, and regularly progressive series of Reading-Books now before the public. It has received the unqualified approval of nearly every Teacher and School Committee who have examined it, and is in extensive use in nearly every State in the Union, in California, Oregon, and the West India Islands, and some of the South American States. The Series consists of Sanders' Spelling-Book ; Designed to teach the Orthography and Orthoëpy of Dr. Web

12 cents.
Sanders' Primary School Primer.

Paper covers. 6} cents.
Sanders' Primary School Primer.

Stiff covers. 8 cents.
Sanders' Pictorial Primer.

Bound. Green covers. 12) cents.
Sanders' First Reader. 121 cents.
Sanders' Second Reader. 181 cento.


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