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Music's Duel.

To the Morning.

On a Foul Morning.

Wishes to his Supposed Mistress.

Love's Horoscope.

An Epitaph upon Mr. Ashton.

Upon the Death of the most desired Mr. Herrys.

An Epitaph upon a Young Married Couple.

Death's Lecture and the Funeral of a Young Gentleman.

Temperance. Of the Cheap Physician.

A Song: Out of the Italian ("To thy lover ").

Out of Catullus ("Come and let us live").

Cupid's Crier (Out of the Greek).
Epigram Upon Ford's Two Tragedies.


Sospetto d'Herode.

From the Italian Poet Marino's

"Strage degli Innocenti," Book i.

Dies irae, dies illa. From the Latin Hymn.

Description of a Religious House. From the Latin of Barclay's Argenis, in Lib. v., Cap. 9.

Music's Duel. From the Latin of Strada's Prolusiones. In the Praise of the Spring. From the Latin of Virgil's Georg. ii., 323-345.

The Beginning of Heliodorus.

From the Greek prose of Heliodorus' Ethiopica, Lib. i., Cap. 1.

Cupid's Crier. From the Greek of Moschus' first Idyll.

Out of Catullus: "Come and let us live, my dear." From
the Latin of Catullus' Carm. v. = 2.
Alexias. From the Latin of Francis Remond.
From Petronius ("The bird that's fetch'd.")
Petronius' Satyricon, Cap. 93

From Horace ("Shame of my mother soil.")
Latin of Horace: Odes, II., xiii.


From the


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Crashaw, by


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Gt. Fencote, near Bedale,

Yorks., Sept. 1st, 1899.


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