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"Led by the Spirit of God."-ROM. viii. 14.

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THE best ground of comfort and confidence which a man can feel, that he is God's son, and abiding in His favour, is that he is "led by the Spirit of God." Nor is it difficult for any one to discover whether this be his case, or no: since "the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.' If, therefore, a man find these graces in his own heart and conduct, he may be sure that they must be planted there by God; the fruits of His good Spirit: and that he, being led by the Spirit, is the son of God. And as this is their support and comfort, so it is a caution to the best and wisest, that from that blessed eminence they may at any moment fall: and consequently no care can be too great to preserve themselves from the sin of grieving the Holy Spirit of God, by whose presence in their hearts they are sealed to the day of redemption. Be diligent, therefore, in using those outward means of grace, whereby God sanctifies His children from the world be studious to walk where the Spirit leads, lest that blessed Spirit be withdrawn; and be lowly and humble before the Most High, since it is to such only that an increase or continuance of the Divine favour is promised.-Bishop Heber.

Come, Lord! come, Wisdom, Love, and Power,
Open our ears to hear :

Let us not miss th' accepted hour;

Save, Lord, by love or fear!

Trinity Sunday.

"There are Three that bear record in heaven."- -I JOHN V. 7.

As in waters there is a fountain or well-head, then there is the spring that boils up out of that fountain, and then there is the stream that flows both from the fountain and the spring, and yet all these are but one and the same water, so here, God the Father is the fountain of the Deity, the Son as the spring that boils up out of the fountain; and the Holy Ghost the stream that flows from both, and yet all Three are but One and the same God. The same may also be explained by another familiar instance: the sun, you know, begets beams, and from the sun and beams together proceed both light and heat; so God the Father begets the Son, and from the Father and Son together proceeds the Spirit of knowledge and grace. But as the sun is not before the beams, nor the beams before the light and heat, but all together, so neither is the Father before the Son, nor Father or Son before the Holy Ghost; but only in order and relation to one another, in which only respect the Father is the first Person in the Trinity.-Bishop Beveridge.

Eternal One, Almighty Trine !

Since Thou art ours, and we are Thine,
By all Thy love did once resign,
By all the grace Thy heavens still hide,
We pray Thee keep us at Thy side ;-
Creator, Saviour, strengthening Guide!



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