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The concluding volume of Dr Clark's Mr John Russel has a volume of Poems
northern travels, containing a description of in the presso
St Pétersburgh, during the tyranny of the

The Rev. J. Todd has in the press, a
Emperor Paul.

Vindication of our authorized translation of The 7th and 8th volumes of Dr Ranken's the Bible, and of preceding English VerHistory of France.

sions, &c. An Historical and Topographical Account A volume of Sermons on Practical subof Devonshire ; by the Rev. Dan. Lysons, jects; by Dr O'Beirne, Lord Bishop of and the late Sam. Lysons, Esq.

The splendid work, by Prince Maximilian A new edition of Dr Jeremy Taylor's
of Neuwied, consisting of his Travels in Guide to Eternal Happiness.
Brazil, is in a forward state in Germany. A Greek and English Manual Lexicon to
The English translation will appear in the the New Testament.
present system, accompanied by a series of A new edition of Cudworth's Intellectual
characteristic and highly interesting engrav: System, with Life ; by Birch.

New editions of the works of Archbishop
A new and improved edition of Burns' Tillotson, in eight vols 8vo, and of Jeremy
Works ; by his brother, Mr Gilbert Burns. Taylor's works, in 14 vols 8vo...
The third volume of Messrs Kirby and

Mr J. B. Williams of Shrewsbury, has Spence's Introduction to Entomology is in in the press, and will speedily publish, a considerable forwardness.

Memoir of Mrs Hutton, the youngest daugh Dr Gillies's History of Greece, Part I. ter of the Rev. Philip Henry; the life is and II. in eight volumes 8vo.

written by the Rev. Matthew Henry, and In the press, a series of Anecdotes, col- has never been printed. lected and arranged under separate heads,

A new edition of Dr Samuel Clarke's Ser.." by Sholts and Reuben Percy, brothers of

mons, in six vols 8vo, and of Dr South's the Benedictine Monastery, Mont Benger.

Sermons. The first four parts will consist of Anecdotes The scarce Essay on the Dramatic Cha. of Humanity, Eloquence, Enterprise, and

racter of Sir John Falstaff; by the late Youth. To be followed by Anecdotes of Maurice Morgan, Esq. formerly under-seScience, Genius, Liberty, Heroism, &c. cretary of state, is reprinting, with a bio

Doctrinal Sermons ; by the Rev. Edward graphical and critical preface. Cooper.

A new edition of Longinus, by Waske; Preparing for publication, Paris, consists and of Terentianus Maurus de Literis, &c. ing of sixty engravings, by Mr Charles In the press the complete works (in Heath, and other artists, from views taken French) of Mad. de Staei, in 18 volumes in the French capital and its vicinity ; by Bvo; and her inedited works in 4 vols. Captain Batty, of the First or Grenadier A new edition of Foster on Accent and Guards. This work will be conducted on Quantity, with additions. the same plan as the Italian Scenery, and The Six Plays of Terence, after the Text will consist of twelve numbers, each number of Zeunius, in 2 vols 8vo. containing five plates. The descriptions of A new edition of the Septuagint, in two the plates will be in English and French.

vols 18mo. New editions are in the press, of the Plays A Treatise on the English Pronunciation, of Euripides, cum notis variorum, of the after Walker's system, for the use of FoLexicon Ciceronianum ; by Facciolati, in reigners, with Rules for the correct prothree octavo volumes ; and of Olivet's An. nunciation of the most difficult sounds of the notations on Cicero, in two vols 8vo. English language, and accompanied with ex

Opuscula Academica ; by James Bailey. ercises, on an entire new plan; by J. Daven.

On the 15th of January 1820, it is pro, port, Professor of Languages, 12mo. posed to commence, under the general title Guilt; or, the Gipsey's Prophecy, a Tra. of the Circulating Library, or Periodical Se. gedy, translated from the original German ries of Original Novels, Romances, and of Adolphus Müllner ; by W. E. Frye, fol. Tales ; consisting partly of original works lowed by the translation in English, of by eminent writers, who have promised Schiller's Ideal, and the Cranes of ībycus. their co-operation, and partly of translations Calderon de la Barcer (Drama Sus Escoof new or unknown works, from the French, gidosde) con notas criticas y explanatorias, German, Italian, Spanish, Persian, and Ara. 8vo. bic languages.

Published this month, Calderon de la The originals of Cumberland's translations Barcer, (La Vida es Sueno Comedia de) from the Greek comic writers, inserted in con notas criticas y explanatorias, Svo. 35. the Observer, now first collected ; arranged Forming, the 14th Number of El Teatro by J. Bailey, B. A.

Speedily will be published, Itineraries to Moratin (Comedias Escogidas de) con no
Timbuctoo and Kassina, from the Arabic. tas criticas y explanatorias, 8vo.


New Tales of My Landlord.

“ A letter in reply to the ridiculous threats In our last, we announced Ivan Hoe of Mr John Ballantyne, Bookseller for and the Monastery, by the author of Waver. Scotland, against the publisher of the forthly. A London bookseller, Mr Fearman, coming series of Tales of my Landlord, con. has since announced a third work, by the taining • Pontefract Castle, addressed to same author, under the title of " Ponte the editors of the daily papers, but too long fract Castle.” This announcement, in which for insertion. we see nothing remarkable, considering the

Tales of my Landlord. character of our modern Proteus, has oc

“ Mr Editor, Observing a letter in your casioned a literary war, between Mr Fear. paper of this day, signed by John Ballanman and the Regent's bookseller for Scot- tyne, Bookseller for Scotland to his Royal land. The opening of the campaign, is thus Highness the Prince Regent, affirming that given in the Edinburgh Evening Courant of a fourth series of Tales of my Landlord is a October 26th.

spurious work, and that though he has no “An Advertisement has appeared in the

EXPRESS authority for saying so, he is Morning Chronicle lately, announcing the morally assured that the author will at no publication on the 1st of November of a period send any farther work to the public, Fourth Series Tales of my Landlord, colunder the title of Tales of my Landlord, lected and arranged by Jedediah Cleishbo- I think it my duty, as publisher of the tham, schoolmaster of Glandercleugh, con.

• New Tales of my Landlord,' now in the taining Pontefract Castle. Orders received press, to warn the public against being taken by all the booksellers in London.' That in, (as that gentleman elegantly expresses this is either a contemptible hoax, or a it) by the flagrant sophistry of Mr John dangerous infringement of the property of Ballantyne. He argues all through ab ig. Messrs. CONSTABLE and Co. which, we

noto. The name of Jedediah Cleishbotham trust, will meet its due punishment, the is notoriously a fictitious name, and belongs following letter from Mr BALLANTYNE to to no one-to say, that there is any one of the editor of the Chronicle will sufficiently that name having property in any thing, is show:

& fraudulent assertion; it is open to any

body to assume it, as it is to write a conTo me Editor of the Morning Chronicle.

tinuation of the “ Tales of my Landlord.' SIR, I have observed in the newspapers No damage can result to the publisher of lately an advertisement of a fourth series of the foregoing series ; and if injunctions * Tales of my Landlord.” That the pub. could be obtained against continued works, c may not be taken in to suppose this work the best continuers of history would have a production of the author of “ Tales of been in an awkward predicament. But my Landlord,” in three series; the first, how does Mr John Ballantyne prove his containing the Black Dwarf and Old Mor

case ? By admitting that the New Tales tality; the second, the Heart of Mid-Lo- may be genuine. The author at the end of thian; and the third, the Bride of Lammer. the Third Series, in so many words, assures moor, and a Legend of Montrose; I, who the public that he has done with them; but have transacted betwixt the publisher and this sagacious advocate comes forward to the author of these books, as his agent, do, shake the only strong point he had, by con. on my certain knowledge, assure you and fessing that he is not morally certain of this ! the public, that this author has no concern And it was but the other day that one of whatever with the catch-penny publication the partners of Constable's house asserted, announced as above; and although I have in presence of the trade, that the author not his express authority for saying so, I would appear in several new shapes. Who am morally assured he will at no future is to pronounce that the forthcoming edition period send any further work to the public be not one of them ? The public, as well as under the title of Tales of my Landlord.' the trade, have been so used of late to rather The copy-right of the Tales of my Land- ungentleman like trickeries, shifts, and lord,' in 12 vols. has been purchased by, coquetries on the part of publishers, bookand is now the property of, Messrs Con- makers, and authors, that it will be difficult stable and Co., who are taking legal mea- for them to decide who is, and who is not sures to interdict the publication of this the author of a new work, and the greedy spurious work under their title, and to punish motive is thus very likely to produce its those concerned in it when they shall be own surfeit

to make a rod for its own back. discovered. I am, Sir, your obedient ser- There is one straight forward and manly vant,

JOHN BALLANTYNE. way of settling the question. Let the author Bookseller in Scotland, to his Royal

come forward and claim his own not as Je. Highness the Regent.

dediah Cleishbotham, not as the dream of Hanover-Street, Edinburgh, Oct. 22."

a dream, and shadow of a shade; not To the letter thus given by authority, under the wing of Mr John Ballantyne Mr Fearman, the proprietor and publisher Bookseller for Scotland, who can only offer of " Pontefract Castle,” has circulated the the brass of his assertions in lieu of following reply, under the title of

current coin. I shall then be enabled to VOL. VI.

2 E



decide whether the MS. I hold is or is Perhaps it may suit Mr John Ballantyne's not by the saine person ; certainly I cannot, idea of law, to punish an offence before it is till then, take upon me to pronounce. But committed ; but I rather think, neither his my conviction is, that it is, and such is the law, nor his reason, will acquire him many opinion of others from the internal evidence converts on this side of the Tweed. of the work ; nevertheless, if it be not, it is When the work appears, it will be time certainly legal for any person that chooses enough to pronounce whether it is legal or to continue the subject, the more especially illegal ; it will not appear without the very if it be true that the original author has dropt best advice, as to its perfect security. I, as it ; indeed that author particularly recom- publisher, disclaim all ideas, of acting in mends the continuation, and even points the least degree dishonourably by the author; out a particular individual for the purpose. whoever he may be, I have no means of What has Mr John Ballantyne to say to judging what is his, or what is not his comthat? It would appear that he is not so position: were I sure that my MS. were much behind the curtain as he imagines. not his, and the publication contrary to his Who knows but it may be some known or wish, I would drop the title, and trust, as I unknown friend of the author's, who has well might, to the intrinsic merit of the up his hint?

work. But the case stands thus :-If it is It is a great desideratum, that the Tales his, Mr Ballantyne has been talking nonshould be continued by somebody, and par. sense without authority, and throwing his ticularly to conrect the great drama of events brutum fulmen at a shadow; if it is not, therein recorded, with similar scenes and then I maintain, that it is not only legal and actors in the sister-country. The New Tales justifiable for another to continue any susembrace this object,and in the opinion of those pended work; but in this case, it is at the who have seen them, with a master's grasp. express recommendation of the author him. But perhaps Mr John Ballantyne, bookseller self. for Scotland, wishes to monopolize the scene

I am, Sir, as well as the author to his own country.

Your obedient Servant, The title which he assumes is certainly very

WILLIAM FEARMAN. magnificent, and very imposing ; and the 170, New Bond Street, Oct. 28, 1819.” Scotch air of his residence may perhaps

As much mystery seems to hang over this sharpen his power of discrimination, endowing him with a kind of second sight, and business, we abstain at present from offering

any opinion upon it; but that the public enabling him to see, what other men cannot see ; but it is rather too much to pronounce themselves, we now lay before them a letter

may have an opportunity of judging for by his ipse dixit only which is the real Simon Pure, when the means of ending the which Mr John Ballantyne has addressed

to us, in reply to the statement of Mr question are in the hands of the two parties

Fearman. most concerned, the author and the book. seller. There is at all events something

Trinity Grove, 15th Nov. 1819. suspicious in this unnecessary shuffling out To the Editor of Blackwood's Magazine. of the direct road. The dictatorial tone he · SIR-Since I felt it my duty to the public assumes, may suit the zenith of his shop, to insert, in the newspapers, a letter stating and the nature of northern criticism ; but it a “ New Series Tales of my Landlord, conis rather too presumptuous rather too great taining Pontefract Castle," to be spurious ; an insult to English common sense, to pro- I have had sent me a pamphlet entitled, nounce that to be a catch-penny publication " A letter in reply to the ridiculous threats which he has never seen. It is for the pub- of Mr John Ballantyne, &c. &c. ;" signed lic to decide, whether the New Tales are by a 'William Fearman. If there exists worthy of comparison with the old. It re- such a person, a publisher, (for I find in mains to be seen whether they are inferior, Kent's Directory of last year but one Fear. or equal, or superior ; the public also will, no man, a tallow chandler,) I would willing, doubt, pronounce whether they are spuriously, through your medium, make to his or not ; certainly it will not take Mr John pamphlet the shortest reply possible. Ballantyne's bare word in lieu of proof, on 1st, The poor man sets out in error in so nice a matter, and will not readily believe his very


page. I did not threaten him; that the author is bound up from offering I only advised Constable & Co. to obtain any portion of his mental labours to a Lon.

an injunction against this publication under don publisher, without making him his their title, (to which the bookseller was, counsellor. In the meanwhile, that pub- at that time, either afraid or ashamed to lisher laughs at the ridiculous threat of put his name,) and to prosecute the pubpunishment, which is another indiscretion lishers, if it came out in defiance thereof. of Mr John Ballantyne bookseller for Scot- 2d, The poor man (for his case is pitiable) land.

charges me with sophistry, and clenches this There is an old proverb, which he would charge with his first bit of Latin : " I would do well to remember-not to extend the arm ask, is there sophistry in my assertion of further than it can be withdrawn with safe- the plain fact, that I have express auty. The work excommunicated by this thority from the author of the Tales of my Scotch bull, ex cathedra is yet in nubibus. Landlord to say he has nothing to do with

“ Pontefract Castle;"—or is there any 60- In conclusion; I leave to Mr Fearman phistry, under this fact, in my continuing the full credit of his waggery,

his sarcasm, to warn the Public against being taken in and his five bits of Latin, uncontested. by this catch-penny imposition, as his work ? The title, he says I assume, I was honoured :

3d, The poor man seems bereft of his with by the Prince himself, through the senses when he asserts, that I “prove my medium of Sir B. Bloomfield and Dr case by admitting that the New Tales may Clarke ; and it has been followed by orders, be genuine.” The only reason I had for neither few nor small, for which I am addressing the public at all on the subject, grateful as in duty, bound. The question was to prove that they could not be genuine, of law betwixt Constable & Co. and him," but were spurious.

I have no further interest in than the ge- ; 4th, The poor mistaken-man! in order neral one, which all must feel, to witness to decide whether his MS. is genuine, calls right established, and fraud punished as it on the author of the actual Tales to avow deserves : But my second sight enables me himself; otherwise he (Fearman) cannot to foresee, that Mr William Fearman will take it upon him to pronounce : Thus, all sell very few of his books, if he can make the authority the Public have for supposing out no better case, than that he has done Pontefract Častle to be written by the au. : in his pamphlet, to prove that they were thor of Tales of my Landlord, is his (Wil. , written by the Author of the Tales of my liam's) opinion, and conviction, from“ inter- Landlord. nal evidence," on the subject, in contradic

I am_SIR, tion of the absolute fact, that they are not .

Your most obedient servant, that author's writing, stated by his agent.

JOHN BALLANTYNE. under his authority.

A Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Collection by James Stewart, from the original pice of Books in the Ancient and Modern Lan- ture of the Circassian Captives, in the Galguages, and various Classes of Literature, in. lery of the Right Honourable the Earl of which will be included numerous articles of Wemyss and March. Painted by William great rarity and value, collected during the Allan. The size of the Engraving will be last few months in various parts of the Con-: twenty-four by sixteen inches, nearly the tinent, and our own country. The whole, same as that of Wollet's Print of the Death in perfect condition, and in the original of Wolfe. Price, to subscribers, Two bindings, are now on sale by John Smith Guineas ; Proofs, Four Guineas, which will and Son, Booksellers, Hutcheson Street, be strictly delivered in the order of subscriGlasgow. The Collection contains all the bers. Standard and Modern Works of English. An Engraving of Mr Allan's Picture from Literature, many of the best editions of the Burns' Jolly Beggars, is about to be pub. Classics and Foreign Works, the Medical lished by Mr Lumsden of Glasgow. "Mr Library of the late Dr Peter Wright of this. Warren is the engraver, and the Print is City, and several recent purchases of books, said to promise additional honour to this ex. the finest specimens of typography, and in cellent artist. splendid bindings. •

In a few days will be published, a SapProposals, for publishing by subscription, plement to W. & C. Taits Catalogue of a Print, to be engraved in the line manner, Law Books.




AGRICULTURE. THE Farmer's companion ; or complete The History of the Royal Residences of System of Modern Husbandry ; by R. W. Windsor, Frogmore, Hampton Court, KenDickson. 2 vols. £2, 2s. boards.

sington, and St James's Palaces, Bucking, A Letter to Farmers and Graziers on the ham House, and Carlton House, illustrated advantage of using Salt in Agriculture and by 100 highly finished and coloured Enin Feeding Cattle; by Samuel Parkes,' graving, 3 vols 4to. 24 guineas. Large F.L.S. Fourth edition, enlarged. 2s. paper, 36 guineas.

Hakewill's and Turner's Views in Italy, Dugdale's Monasticon Anglieacum, Part No VIII. 12s. 6d. XVII. £2, 2s.

An Analysis of the Egyptian Mythology ; T. Key's Catalogue of Old Books, rare, by J. C. Pritchard, M. D. 8vo. £1, 7s. curious and useful, in all languages, includ.

ing also 700 Articles on England, France, Nicholson's Architectural Dictionary, last and America. 35. Foreign part separate, part, 4to. £2, 9s.



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Treuttel and Wurtz's Catalogue of the Notes of Cases argued and adjudged in principal editions of the Greek and Latin the Court of King's Bench, and in higher i Classics, and of the most important Biblical, Courts, taken by the late Lord Kenyon Oriental, Philological, and Scientific Works, while at the bar ; now first published from i : published in Germany, France, and Italy, his MSS. ; and arranged with Notes and &c. from the years 1816 to 1819; with No. Index; by J. W. Hanmer, Esq. of Lincolns tices of the principal Classical Works in pre- Inn, royal, 8vo. £1, 1s. paration on the Continent.

An abstract of the Trial of Thomas Mit. A Catalogue of an extensive collection of chell, from Notes taken in Court. 3d., or Books in Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, 2s, 6d. per dozen. Chemistry, &c. ; by Underwood. 1s.

A Catalogue of old and new Books for : Manual of Practical Anatomy; by Ed. 1819-20, Part II ; by Richard Baynes. 2s. ward Stanley. 12mo. 9s

Hayes's Catalogue of old Books, Part I., Medical Topography of Upper Canada ; containing Classics, Criticism, French, &c. by John Douglas 8vo. 48. 6d.

A Letter to the Right Hon. Viscount The Peasant Boy; an Opera. 28. 6d. Palmerston, on the subject of an Ophthala.

Lyrical Dramas; with Domestic Hours; mic Institution for the Cure of Chelsea Pena miscellany of odes and songs ; by Corne- sioners; by John Vetch. 28. 6d. lius Neale, late Fellow of St John's College, The Atmosphere and Climate of Great Cambridge, 12mo. 8s.

Britain, as connected with Derangements of El Teatro Espanol, No XIV. 38. the Liver, &c.; by Dr James Johnston.

98. A complete Parsing Grammar, or a Prac- Observations on the Yellow Pever of the i tical Key to the Grammatical Construction West Indies ; by R. Dickenson. 8s. of the English Language; by T. Whit- An Essay on the Diagnosis between Erye worth, 12mo. 48.

sipelas, Phlegmon, and Erythema; by G. Grammar for Children upon an entire H. Weatherhead, 8vo. 48. new plan. Illustrated with cuts by Brans- Opinions on the Causes and Effects of ton. ls.

Diseases in the Teeth and Gums; by C. The Teacher's Key to Grammar, for Bew. £1, 1s Children. 4d.

The Dublin Hospital Reports and ComAn improved Spanish Grammar, design- munications in Medicine and Surgery, 8vo. ed especially for Self Instruction ; by L. J. Vol II. 13s A. MacHenry; third edition. 8s.

Surgical Essays ; by Astley Cooper, Scripture Stories, or Sacred History, fa- F.R.S. and B. Travers, F.R.S. Part II. miliarly explained, and applied to Children. 10s. 6d. 1Bmo. 36.

Inquiries into the Effects of Fermented i Juvenile“ Friendship, or the Guide to Liquors ; by a Water Drinker, 8vo. second: Virtue and Happiness, in dialogues between edition. 10s. 6d. two Student Friends, 12mo. 35.

MISCELLANIES Homilies for the Young, and more espe.

Time's Telescope for 1820, or a complete: cially for the Children of the National Guide to the Almanack ; containing an exSchools; by the Rev. Harvey Marriott. planation of Saints Days and Holidays ; 12mo. 5s. 6d.

Astronomical Occurrences ; Comparative An Essay on the Madras System of Edu. Chronology, and Naturalists Diary for every cation, its powers, its application to Classical month, with the outlines of Entomology. Schools, and its utility as an Instrument to 12mo. 98. form the principles and habits of Youth in The Colonial Journal, No IV. and IX. the higher orders of Society ; by the Rev. 6d. each. Harvey Marriott. 18mo. 2s.6d.

British Review, No XXVIII. 6S Elements of Greek Prosody and Metre, Ree's Cyclopædia, vol. XXXIX. part compiled from the best authorities, ancient II. and plates, part F. £2 (last part but and modern; by T. Webb. 8vo., 68. one.) HISTORY

Select Letters of Ganganelli, Pope CleA History of the Revolution of Caraccas; ment XIV. Translated from the French; by Major Flinter. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

by C. J. Metcalfe, esq. 12mo. 4s. Conversations on General History, from The London Tradesman ; & familiar the earliest ages of which we have any au- treatise on the rationale of trade and com. thentic records, to the beginning of the year merce, as now carried on in the metropolis. 1819; by A. Jamieson. 12mo. 6s.

8vo. 10s. 6d. Part XVI. of Aspin's Systematic Analy- The Emigrant's Directory to the western sis of Universal History. 5s.

states of North America. By W. Amphlett. LAW.

8yo6s. Reports of Cases, principally on Practice The African Committee. By J. E. Banand Pleading, and relating to the office of dich, Esq. conductor of the Mission to Magistrates, determined in the Court of Ashantee. 8vo. 3s. King's Bench, in Trinity Term, 1819, with The Costume of the Lower Orders of copious notes ; by Joseph Chitty, Esq.- London, from the Life, by T. L. Busby. Vol. I. Part III. 78. 6d.

4to. part I. coloured 8s. plain 48.


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