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The Shooter's Companion ; by T. R. White Hats; or the Reformiad. In Johnson. 5s. 6d. boards.

3 Cantos ; by Humphry Heligan, Poet A new Dictionary of Classical Quotations, Laureate to the Radicals.' 26. 6d. on an improved plan, with Poetical Trans- The Vision; or Hell, Purgatory, and lations ; by F. W. Blagden.

Paradise, of Dante Alighieri. Translated by Kerby's Wonderful Museum. Vol. vi. 9s. the Rev. H. F..Cary, A. M. The second

Chess Rendered Familiar, by Tabular De- edition corrected, with additional Notes, a monstrations, of the various positions and Life of Dante, and an Index. Three volso movements of the Game; by J. G. : 8vo. £1,„16. Pohlman. Royal 8vo.

The Wars of Wellington, a Narrative. A Ready Reckoner, particularly adapted poem, in fifteen cantos ; by Dr Syntax. for the buyers and sellers of oil; in six royal 4to. part I. 12s. with engravings parts. 38.

Misanthropy, and other poems ; by Jo. Lett's Diary; or Bills Due-Book for seph Snow. 12mo. 6s. 1820. 46.

The Augustan Chief ; by Geoffrey SmelThe Christian's Annual Journal and Ren fungus, Esq. 28. 6d. cord of Literature for 1820. 28. 3d.

A Narrative of Transactions in the Red River Country, from the commencement of Rich. Carlile ; by a member of Gray's Inn :

Constitutional Remarks upon the trial of the operation of the Earl of Selkirk; by 35. Alex. M.Donnel, Esq. with a map. 3s. A Letter on Superstition, by the Right . of suppressing Riots; 2. A Speech on a

Three Tracts :--1. On the Legal Mode Hon. Wm. Pitt, (afterwards Earl of Chato Reform of Parliament; and 3. A Dialogue ham,) first printed in 1733 ; addressed to

on the Principles of Government; by Sir the Multifarious Sects of Great Britain.

William Jones. 8vo. 2s. 6d. 3d. or 20d. per hundred. Observations on Emigration to Poland, the Prince Regent, from the Rev. Lionel

A Warning Letter to His Royal Highness by a Resident. ls.

Berguer. 2s. 60. Hume's Essay on Public Credit, with a Statistical Map of the British Empire, by Royal Highness the Duke of Kent 5s.

A detailed Statement of the Case of his ' Dr Colquhoun, &c. 1s. 6d. The Land Measurer's Assistant; contain.

THEOLOGY. ing Tables for Calculating the Value of

A Second Course of Practical Sermons, Standing Crops, Land, and of all kinds of expressly adapted to be read in Families; Labour performed thereon ; to which is by the Rev. Harvey Marriott, Rector of added, a Comprehensive Treatise on Tim- Claverton, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. ber and Wood Measuring; by William Lord Kenyon. 8vo. 108. 6d. Francis, Land Measurer. Second edition.

Deism Refuted; or Plain Reasons for 35.

being a Christian ; by T. H. Horne, M. A.

12mo. Fourth Edition. 1 s. MUSIC. Mozart's Overtures arranged, for the

Discourses on the Three Creeds, and on Piano Forte, with Accompaniments for a

the homage offered to our Saviour on cerFlute, Violin, and a Violoncello ; by S. F. tain and particular occasions during his Rimbault.

ministry ; by Edward Nares, D. D. 8vo.

10s. 6d. NATURAL HISTORY. Horæ Entomologicæ ; or Essays on the

The First part of the Holy Bible, with Annulase Animals by W. S. Macleay, notes explanatory and critical, and practical Esq. A. M. of Trinity College, Cambridge reflections, designed principally for the use With plates. : Vol. I. Part I.

of Families ; by the Rev. Mr Wellbeloved.

Observations on the Canonical Scriptures ; NOVELS. Earl Osric ; or, the Legend of Rosarond; by Mary Cornwallis

. 8vo. 4 vols. £2, 2s.

The Holy Catholic Bible: with Di Chal. by Mrs Isaacs. 12mo. 4 vols. The Young Countess ; by the Author of loner's notes ; published with the approba.

tion of the Rev. Dr Gibson, Vicar Apostothe Blind Child.

The Italian Don Juan ; or, Memoirs of lic of the Northern District. the Devil Secripante, the Brigand of the

I tell you nay, but except ye repent, ye Apennines.

shall all likewise perish.The Pleasures of want ; or in Love, or A Sermon preached in the Parish not in Love. 3 vols. 21s.

Church of Burnham, the Sunday after the The Family Mansion : a Tale ; by Mrs execution of Thomas Mitchell, who was Taylor, of Ongar, In foolscap 8vo. with executed for an attempt to Murder Miss frontispiece. 5s 6d.

Rowls; by the Rev. H. Raikes, of the Varieties in Womar). 3 vols.

Vicarage, Burnham. Petrarche at Laure, par Mad. de Genlis. “ He that committeth sin is of the Devil.12mo. 2 vols.

A Sermon preached in the parish POETRY

Church of Burnham, the Sunday following Don Juan, Canto I. II. 8vo. 9s. 6d, the day Thomas Mitchell attempted the Don Juan, Canto III. (Hone) 8vo. 3s. 6d. Murder of Miss Bowles ; by the same Au.

The Wizard, or Fatal Banquet, in four thor. · Published at the request of the pa. parts ; by Henry Llewellyn. 8vo. 4.5. rish.

Bishop Watson's Apology for the Bible.

TOPOGRAPHY. 2s. 6d. And by the Society for Promoting A Historical and Descriptive View of the Christian Knowledge. ls. 6d.

Parishes of Monkwearmouth, and BishopNaaman's History, Jonah's Gourd, and wearmouth and the Port and Borough of an Essay on the Pleasures of Religion ; by Sunderland ; by George Garbutt, 8vo. 168. Owen Morris. 12mó. 48.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. The Beloved Disciple : a Series of Dis- Travels in France in 1818 ; by Francis courses on the Life, Character, and Writ- Hall, Esq. late Military Secretary to Geneings of the Apostle John; by Alfred Bishop. ral Wilson, late Governor of Canada, 8vo. 12mo. 58.

12s. Harrison's Sermons on Christ Crucified Journal of New Voyages and Travels, and Glorified. 8vo. 12s.

No VIII. 38.


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Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk ; being a present. It was from the pen of the late Mr Series of Familiar Letters written during a William Brown, editor of the Dundee Relate Visit to Scotland. The Third Edition. pository, and for many years of the EdinWith a Postscript Addresssed to S. T. Cole- burgh Weekly Journal, and having met ridge, Esq. £1: 11: 6.

with a degree of celebrity which is not comLife of Andrew Melville. Containing monly gained by works of such small preIlustrations of the Ecclesiastical and Li- tension, it was estimated to have had the terary History of Scotland, during the lat. most beneficial effects throughout the coun. ter part of the Sixteenth and beginning of try. Coarse paper copies, 4d. fine copies, 6d. the Seventeenth Century. With an Appen- W. and C. Tait's Catalogue of Old Books dix, consisting of Original Papers; by Tho. Also a Catalogue of their Collection of Mos mas M'Crie, D. D. Minister of the Gospel, dern French Books. Edinburgh. 2 vols. 8vo.

Common Sense; a satirical Poem, in Jacobite Relics of Scotland ; being the Two Parts. 4s. Songs, Airs, and Legends, of the Adherents A Letter to the Rev. Robert Buchanan, to the House of Stuart. Collected and Il- Minister of Peebles, in regard to his Speech, lustrated by James Hogg, Author of “ The May 31, 1818, in the General Assembly of Queen's Wake," &c. &c. 8vo.

the Church of Scotland, respecting attend. Edinburgh Christian Instructor. No ance in the Classes of Church History in CXII. for November.

the University of Edinburgh; by George Guilt, or the Anniversary, a Tragedy, in Cron, A.M. Preacher of the Gospel. Is.6d. four Acts. From the German of Adolphus Selecta Latine, ex Historicis, Philosophis, . Mulluer ; by R. P. Gillies, Esq. 4to. (not et Criticis Quibus Accedunt Notæ, et Inprinted for sale.)

dex Historicus et Geographicus Studio A new selection of French Novels, Come. Jacobi Gray. 12mo. 5s. dies, and elegant Extracts in Prose; by M. The object of this volume is to provide Ch. Max, de Bellecour, in one large volume, for the advanced forms of our Grammar price 6s. 6d.

Schools, a more extensive, and at the same Edinburgh Monthly Review, No XII. time, a more select course of prose reading,

Observations on the Use and Abuse of than has hitherto been accessible to them. Mercurial Medicines in various Diseases; The extracts have been taken from Cæsar, by James Hamilton, jun. M.D. 8vo. 78. 6d. Sallust, Livy, Tacitus, Cicero, and Quinc

Thoughts on Paper Circulation, &c. ; by tilian ; and, it is trusted, are such as may Sir John Sinclair, Baronet. 8vo. 1s. at once interest and improve the mind of

Observations on the Propriety and Use- the young student. Explanatory Notes have fulness of an Establishment in Edinburgh been added, with the view of facilitating his for teaching the Oriental Languages, for progress, without relaxing his diligence ; Civil and Commercial Purposes, to young and that the book may be as complete as gentlemen going to India ; by David Scot, possible, every thing that occurs in the text M.D. 8vo.

connected with Biography, Geography, and Essays on Phrenology, or an Inquiry into Antiquities, has been explained in a General the principles and utility of the System of Index. Drs Gall and Spurzheim, and into the ob. Edinburgh High School, Nov. 8, 1819. jections made against it; by George Combe, Esq. 8vo. 12s.

The Spirit of the Gospel amidst religious Look before ye Loup, or a Healin' Sa' difference, a Sermon, preached at Edinfor the Crackit Crowns of Country Politi- burgh, on Tuesday, September 7, 1819, cians ; by Tam Thrum, an auld Weaver. at the opening of the General Associate Sy

“ I was well, I wish'd to be better, nod ; by H. Heugh, minister of the gospel,
And here I lie."

Stirling. 8vo. Is. 6d.
Epitaph on a Constitution Mender. Q. Horatii Flacii Opera Selecta usui
This pamphlet was published in 1793-a Scholarum, a selection from the works of
time in too many respects not unlike the Horace, for the use of Schools. Edited

and illustrated with short notes, written The Poems of Ossian, translated by chiefly in English; by Henry Liston, mi. James Macpherson, Esq. with the translanister of Ecclesmachan. 18mo. 3s.

tor's Dissertation on the Era and Poems of Remarks on the present system of Road. Ossian ; Dr Blair's Critical Dissertation ; making ; by John Loudon M‘Adam, Esq. and an Inquiry into the genuineness of these General Surveyor in the Bristol District. poems, written for this edition; by the Rev. Second edition, 2s.6d.

Alexander Stewart. 24mo. 58.

New Foreign Works, imported by Treuttel and Wurtz, Soho-Square, London. MADAME Genlis, Petrarque et Laure, 8vo. Buffon, Euvres complètes mises en ordre 10s.

par M. le Comte de Lacépède, 12 vols 8vo. Pigault-Lebrun, Nous le sommes tous, ou Fig. en noir. £12. l'Egoïsme, 2 vols 12mo. 8s.

Lacépède, Histoire Naturelle des PoisAug. Lafontaine, Le Frere et la Sæur, ou sons, (complément des Euvres de Buffon,) le Repentir, 3 vols 12mo. 12s.

5 vols 8vo. Fig. en noir. £5.
La Vierge du Mont Galand, ou le Retour Almanach de Saxe-Gotha, pour 1820. 85.
de l'Exilé, 4 vols 12mo. 16s.

The same, in German. 78.
Gottis, Catherine I. Imperative de toutes Almanach des dames, pour 1820. 78
les Russies, 5 vols 12mo, Fig. £1, 1s. And a great variety of other Alma
Fritot, Science du Publiciste, ou Traité

nacks, French and German.
des principes Elémentaires du droit considéré Biographie Speciale des pairs and des de
dans ses principales Divisions, vol. 1. part_l. putés du Royaume de France, Session de
Svo. 10s.

1818-19, 8vo. 19s. Bilhon, Principes d'Administration et Correspondance Historique et Litteraire, d'Economie politique des anciens Peuples, 8vo. 10s. 6d. appliqués aux Peuples modernes, 8vo. 10s. Collection des Memoires pour l'Histoire, 6d.

de France ; par Petitot, vol. 5 & 6, 8vo. 18.


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Sugar. During the last month the market continued exceedingly dull and depressed, and prices were at the lowest ebb. Since the commencement of this month the demand and prices have greatly revived. Near 12,000 hhds. have been sold in London in the course of two days, and at an advance of 3s. per cwt. At this advance the market looks firm, and the anxiety to purchase seems unabated. In refined goods the demand has been unprecedented, and intended for the spring shipments. The advance is about the same as on muscovadoes. It is difficult to hazard a conjecture on the future prospects of the sugar market in the present distressed state of the country. We imagine, however, that it will advance, if not considerably, at least steadily. The present demand is supposed by some to arise chiefly from the desire evinced by those, to effect purchases, who were under large contracts to deliver refined goods in the spring, at the autumnal prices ; but it is evident there is something else giving an impulse to the market, and this we conceive to be the uncommon low price of the article sunk far below its value, and therefore become an object for capitalists to look after. We hope that things will soon assume a more steady appeare ance in all mercantile affairs, and render a further advance on the sugar market certain. It is one of the great springs of our trade, and must, and does, powerfully affect all others. Coffee. The market for coffee is more unsettled. The low qualities are on the decline and dull, but the finer qualities are eagerly bought up at high prices. The value of this article depends altogether upon the state of the continent of Europe, and the advices received from that quarter. The demand by private contract seems to be reviving ; but it is not probable that any great improvement can take place in the coffee market, particularly in the finer qualities, which are already high.-Cotton. Within the last ten days the demand for cotton has considerably revived, and the sales have been considerable Prices have advanced a little, and the opinion at present seems to be favourable for a further ad

The stock is decreased from what it was last year, and it is generally supposed that the stock in the hands of the spinners is unusually small.-Grain. The market for grain is lower, as it regards the inferior qualities. Wines however maintain their prices. Rum is greatly depressed. Brandy is equally so; and in Geneva there is nothing doing. In almost every other article of trade there is no material variation.

Still we are without any improvement in commercial affairs; the horizon appears as


gloomy as ever, but we fondly hope, and eagerly anticipate, that we shall soon be enabled to communicate the pleasing intelligence of a general revival of business.. A necessary step to this is to quiet the public mind, and free it from those just alarms which at present agitate and distract it from the mischievous designs of restless men.

Without strong measures are applied, and immediately applied, the public tranquillity cannot be preserved, and some fearful calamity must befal this country. We trust to the wisdom of Parliament to crush these alarms which terrify the nation, destroy all confidence, and must banish manufactures and commerce from those districts of the country which are the theatre of their operations.

PRICES CURRENT. October 30. London, November 5, 1819.

per lb.

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SUGAR, Musc.

DUTIES. B. P. Dry Brown, • cwt 60 to 65 54 to 60

53 00

58 57 to 58 Mid, good, and fine mid. 76 85 60

70 59 74 60


£1 10 0 Fine and very fine,

96 81


89 72 86 Refined Doub. Loaves, 135 150


147 Powder ditto, 112 114


110 Single ditto,


114 96

Smał Lumps
98 102

112 116

95 105 Large ditto, 95 100

95 102 95 104 Crushed Lumps,




87 MOLASSES, British, cwt. 32

30s Od

0 ņ 61 COFFEE, Jamaica • cwt.

Ord. good, and fine ord, 95 106 93 104 96 108 101 112
Mid. good, and fine mid. 112 122

110 120 115 145 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 85 96


97 85 105 Ord. good, and fine ord. 97 110 95 108

110 115 138

0 0 71 Mid. good, and fine mid. 112 122 110 120 111 120 122

147 St Domingo, 95 105

98 102 105 108 PIMENTO (in Bond) Ib. 7

8 6,
6* 74 73

Jam. Ram, 160 P. gall. 38 10d 4s 0d 3s 3d 3s 4d 2 11 3 2 28 60 4s 0d)

0 8 13 Brandy, 5 0 5 3

3 8

0 17 000 Geneva, 3 0 3 2

2 8

30 (F.S. 0 17 1177 Aqua, 7 2 7 4

15 6 WINES,

B.S. 2143 18 0 Claret, 1st Growths, hhd.) 60


65 0 (F.S.) F148 4 6 Portugal Red,

52 10 58 0 Spanish White, butt. 34

38 68 0

B.S.95 11 0 Teneriffe, pipe. 30

28 40 0

F.S. 98 16 0 Madeira, 60

40 50 0


96 13 0 F.S.) 99 16

6 LOGWOOD, Jam. ton. £7 £8

6 0

6 0 6 10 Honduras, 9 0 6 5 6 10 6 15

09.14 Campeachy, 9

6 15 7 0 7 10 8 0 FUSTIC, Jamaica,


6 5

8 9 0 0 Cuba, 10 90 9 10 12 0 12 12

4 67 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib. 98 6d Ils 6d 8 6 9 8 0 8 9 10s Od 10s 6d

0 0 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot. i 0 1 0

02 Ditto Oak, 3 6

5 Christiansand (duto paid) | 2 o Honduras Mahogany 1 4 18

1 23 1 6 1 1 1 2

3 16 0 St Domingo, ditto

2 3 0 1 57 20 1 6

1 10

8 14 TAR, American, bart. 16

16 0 18 0 1 0 6

B.S. 1 1 45

(F.S. 1 2 113 Archangels 18 20

18 0 20 0 19 6 20 0 PITCH, Foreign, cwt. 8

10 6


8 6

(F.S. 1 10 1 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand. 56 57 60 61 60

55 0

0 3 Home Melted,

57 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton 50


£49 0


109 Petersburgh Clean,

0 45 0 (F.S. ST

0 10 FLAX, Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak. 63 64

70 0 Dutch,


0 0 Irish,


0 0 7%8 MATS, Archangel, 103. 88 90

£4 15


F.S.) 1 4 114

0 3 6 Petersburgh Firsts, cwt. 14

13 0 13 10 | F.S. 0 3 115 ASHES, Peters. Pearl, 33 34

B.S. 0 4 6 Montreal ditto,

(FS. 06
41 38

36 33

0 1 7 OIL, Whale,

tun. 36

38 Cod,


36 TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, Ib. 9


74 ls 5d 0 Middling,


810 Inferior,

0 10

0 COTTONS, Bowed Georg.

3 0 9 Sea Island, fine,

02 1

1 3


Demerara and Berbice,

1 7 2 West India,

1 3


1 Pernambuco,

7 1 8 152 Maranham,

63 63 1 72
1 5 1
1 3 1


pipe. 44

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50c, f. ton. per 12 brls.

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(B.S. F.S.

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(p. brl.)

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11 14 pr.

13 15 pr.

10 12 pr.

Bank stock,

218 219

2184 219 3 per cent. reduced,

68 67}, 6781 3 per cent. cònsols, mamma 695 70 693 685

685 68 4 per cent. consols,

853 86

855 85 5 per cent. navy ann... 102 103 104} 1033 101 103, 103 Imperial 3 per cent. ann. India stock, 212

209 -bonds Exchequer bills, 2d. p.d... 5 4 dis. 3 1 dis. 1 2 dis. Par. 2 dis. Consols for acc. am 69% Š

70 698

69} 683 I 663 American 3 per cent. man

new loan,6p.c. French 5 per cents. annama

Course of Exchange, Nov. 5.- -Amsterdam, 11 : 17 : 2 U. Antwerp, 12:0. Ex. Hamburgh, 35:11:2! U. Frankfort, 150 Ex. Paris, 25:35: 2 U. Bourdeaux, 25 : 35. Madrid, 35} effect. Cadiz, 36 effect. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 48%. Genoa, 443. Malta, 46. Naples, 394. Palermo, 116 per oz. Oporto, 54. Rio Janeiro, 57, Dublin, 124 Cork, 12.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.- Portugal gold, in coin, £3: 18:6. Foreign gold, 2 in bars, £3 : 18:6. New doubloons, £0:0:0. New dollars, 5s. Ożd. · Silver; in bars, bs. 2d.

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September, and the 23d of October, 1819, extracted from the London Gazette.

Abbott, A, Liverpool, upholsterer

Goundry, G. Knaresborough, iton-founder Armstrong, R. Southwark, hat-manufacturer Grove, C. & H. E. Birmingham, coal-merchants Atherton, J. Liverpool, hosier

Harding, T. jun. Helstone, grocer Barford, V. Rumford, grocer

Hitchon, 1. Kidderminster, woo!-stapler Barnett, B. Green-street, broker

Hodgkin, C. Bishopsgate-street Within, merchant Baron, H. Over Darwin, calico-printer

Hodgson, T. C. Leominster, draper
Beadle, J. Stourbridge, mercer

Hudd, G. Norwood, miller
Beaven, W. Buckley-mountain, timber-merchant Hudson, W. Ebenezer-place, ship-owner
Bird, R. Kingstanley, timber-merchant

Isles, J. New City Chambers, insurance-broker
Bingley, G. Piccadilly, milliner

Jackson, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, joiner Bissix, W. Bristol, pipe-maker

Jennings, J. & J. Naylor, Liverpool, coach-makers Blackett, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, innkeeper Johnson, J. Goodge-street, shoe-manufacturer

ihanT Blain, J. Shadwell, grocer

Johnson, R. jun. Bipon, seed-crusher Bólsover, J. Stockport, flour-dealer

Johnson, G. Bristol, engraver

ben Brown, J. Aber, Glamorgan, edge-tool-manufac- King, J. G. Pump-row, cotton-winder turer

Lavers, J. Kingsbridge and Buckfast, woollen-ma. Buck, C. East Smithfield, victualler

nufacturer Bull, M. Henrictta-street, tallow-chandler

Leahy, D. Lawrence, Pountney-lane, merchant Burridge, W. Lyme-Regis, merchant

Lear, F. Bristol, butcher Candy, R. Frome Selwood, linen-draper

Lloyd, R. Liverpool, merchant Cardwell, H. Hunshelf-bank-mill, thread-manufac- Locke, S. Temple-place, Surrey, dealer, turer

M'Nae, T. Queen-square, merchant Collingwood, W. Low Lights, earthenware-manu. Matthews, T. Frith-street, stationer facturer

Meanley, R. Bloxwich, butcher Cuming, G. Roehampton, carpenter

Merrett, J. Arlington, cattle-dealer Devey, W. Holland-street, Surrey, and J. Devey,

Metcalfe, w. Cranbourne-street, liner-draper Hd Coal-Exchangé, coal and ship-owners

Middlehurst, M. Wigan, shopkeeper Devey, W. & F. Albion Coal-Wharf, Surrey, coal- Moss, M. West-square, merchant merchants

O'Brien, J. Broad-street-buildings, merchant. Dover, H. & A. Dé Froger, Bread-street-mews, Pell, W. Great Eastcheap, chemist merchants

Peters, J. Dorking, lime-burner Dudman, R. & G. Winter, Jerusalun Coffee-house, Phillips, G. Argyle-street, manufacturer in bronze **** esll. merchants

Powell, T. & W. Brown, Liverpool, merchants • Dunn, D. Lower Seymour-mews, hackneyman Pritchard, T. jun. Bristol, merchant Edmonds, N. Parliament-street, hatter

Pritchan, W. & E. Beran, Bristol, merchants Edwards, W. Langford, tamer

Riley, T. Wednesbury, carpenter Emery, G. Haughton, dealer

Roaksley, J. Sheffield, grocer: England, T. Smithfield, vintner

Roper, W. sen. and J. Roper, and W. Roper, jun," Ettershank, Dorking, nurseryman

Damens, cotton-spinners Evans, H. Cheapside, silk-manufacturer

Sanders, R. Worcester, glove-manufacturer
Falkner, H. Liverpool, grocer

Saunders, J. & D, Gloucester, grocers
Francis, G. Rotherhithe, Irish provision-merchant Scholefield, J. Saddleworth, woollen-cord-mam-
Fry, R. sen. Lullington, grocer

Gaskell, J. Chapel-en-le-Frith, cotton-spinner Sellers, G. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant
Gaulton, J. Milborne St Andrew, victualler

Slater, J. & R. Samlesbury-mill, cotton-spirmers Glover, T. Northend, victualler

Snell, T. Rowley, J. & C. Gadderer, Limehouse, Good, W. Cambridge, currier

timber-merchants VOL. VI.

2 F

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