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• 21. At Cupar, Mr John Anderson, to Miss Ann At Edinburgh, Mr James Kay, Mains, LinAllan, only daughter of Mr D. Allan.

lithgow, to Miss Margaret Wilson of that place. - At the British Ambassador's at Paris, Captain At Dalkeith, Mr James Alexander, agent for George Tyler, R. N. son of Vice-Admiral Sir Chas. the Commercial Bank of Scotland, to Katherine, Tyler, K.C.B. of Cottrell, Glamorganshire, to Miss youngest daughter of Dr Andrew Graham. Sullivan, daughter of the Right Hon. John Sulli- 16. At Hampstead, John Lloyd Wardel, Esq. of yan of Ritching's-lodge, Bucks.

Downshire-hill, to Mary, eldest daughter of James 23. At Mary-la-bone-church, Lionel John Wil- Davidson, Esq. of the same place. liam Manners, Esq. eldest son of Sir William Man. - At Mary-la-bonne-church, Lieutenant-Colonel ners, Bart. of Beckminster-park, Lincolnshire, to Gubbins, of the 75th regiment of foot, to Mary, Maria Elizabeth, eldest daughter of S. Toone, Esq. third daughter of the late Peter Breton, Esq. of Reston-lodge, Kent.

18. At Wiston, Leicestershire, the seat of Sir 27. At Kelso, Mr George Jerdan, writer, to Sa- Henry Halford, Bart. Frederick, eldest son of the rah, youngest daughter of the late Mr William Hon. John Coventry, and nephew of the Earl of Smith, writer.

Coventry, to Louisa, only daughter of Sir Henry 28. Dr Daniel M‘Allan, to Ann, only surviving Halford. daughter of Mr Alexander M'Kenzie, late merchant - At St Mary-la-bonne, Captain Jeffery Salvin, in Glasgow.

of the 4th, or King's own regiment, to Amelia, At Kinnouchtree, Sir James Dalrymple Hay, youngest daughter of the late William Strong, Esq. Bart. of Park-place, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of of Lieutenant-General Sir John Heron Maxwell, At Gartcows, George Meek, Esq. of CampBart. of Springkell.

field, to Jessie, second daughter of John Heugh of 29. At Abergele, James Robertson Bruce, Esq. Gartcows, Esq. eldest son of Sir Henry Hervey Aston Bruce, Bart. 19. At Edinburgh, William Whyte, merchant, of Downhill, in the county of Londonderry, to Leith, to Margaret, daughter of the late Robert Miss Ellen Bamford Hesketh, youngest daughter of Miller of Milntown, Dumbartonshire. the late R. Bamford Hesketh, Esq. of Gwrych-hall, 20. At Windymains, East Lothian, Mr William in the county of Denbigh, and of Bamford-hall, in Stavert, Greenhead, to Marion, eldest daughter of the county palatine of Lancaster.

Mr Archibald Park. 30. At Paris, Winchcombe Henry Hartley, Esq. 22. Mr William Young, merchant, Leith, to jate judge at the Cape of Good Hope, to Mary, Miss Betsy Ferguson, eldest daughter of Mr James daughter and sole heiress of the late Wilbraham Ferguson, merchant there. Harris, Esq. of Rosewarren-house.

Oct. 2. At Brighton, Robert Lewis, Esq. to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Sir Richard Onslow, Bart, G.C.B. an admiral of the red, and lieutenant

DEATHS. general of marines.

4. Robert Allan, Esq. surgeon, to Mrs Sophia Feb. 17. At New South Wales, Dugald M‘DouBertram, daughter of the late Rev. Dr Thomas

gall, Esq. commander of the Tottenham East InHardy, professor of Ecclesiastical History in the diaman, son of the late Allan M.Dougal, Esq. writer University of Edinburgh, and one of the ministers to the signet. of the city.

May 2. At Santara, in the East Indies, in his -- At Leith, Joseph Johnstone, Esq. merchant, 32d year, after an illness of seven hours, caught by Dundee, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Robert infection, whilst administering relief to a poor naColdstream, Esq. merchant, Leith.

tive, Alexander Gordon, Esq. surgeon on the Bom- At Stewartson-manse, Mr John Torrance, bay establishment, eldest son of the late Rev. Dr surgeon, Kilmarnock, to Janet, eldest daughter of Gordon, one of the ministers of Aberdeen. the Rev. W. Douglas.

June 29. In the Island of Jamaica, Mr Angus 5. At Mary-la-benne-church, London, Major Ferguson, son of the Rev. John Ferguson, minister General Sir Herbert Taylor, to Charlotte Albina, of Uphall, aged 19 years. eldest daughter of the late Edward Disbrowe, Esq. July 18. At Rio Bueno, Jamaica, Mr Cha. Bruce

At Teignmouth, Devonshire, John Cave, of Musselburgh, Esq. of Brentry-house, Gloucestershire, to Catha- 26. At Belfield Plantation, Demerara, Mr rine Margaret Strachan, daughter of John Strachan, George Reid, son of the late James Reid, Esq. of Esq. of Thornton, county of Stirling.

Ardoch. At Edinburgh, Mr George Boak, tanner, to Aug. 6. At Kingston, Jamaica, after three days Helen, daughter of the late Mr James Aikman, illness of yellow fever, in the 24th year of his age, jun. distiller, House of Muir.

Mr John Morison, surgeon, second son of Mr Jas. 6. At Monks Kirby, Warwickshire, Sir Francis Morison, White Hart-inn, Dalkeith. Brian Hill, K. T. S. son of Sir John Hill, Bart. of 23. At the Lodge St Vincent, George Whitfield, Hawkestone-park, Shropshire, to Emily Lissy, Esq. youngest daughter of the late Thomas Powys of 27. At his house of Balranald, in Skye, Donald Berwick-house, Esq.

M'Donald, Esq. of Balranaid, at the advanced age 8. In Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, Archibald of eighty-seven. James Hamilton, Esq. younger of Dalzell, to Mar- 28. At Up Park Camp, Jamaica, of yellow fever, garet Sibella, second daughter of William Ramsay, after an illness of forty-eight hours, Lieut. George Esq. banker.

Mackie, 92d regiment.--Lieut. Mackie was the - At Edinburgh, Mr James Roughead, to Mar- sixth surviving son of the late Mr William Mackie, garet, daughter of Mr James Stevenson, merchant. Ormiston, East Lothian.-He began his military

10. At London, Charles Bertram, Esq. of New Jife as ensign in the 92d regiment, or Gordon HighBond-street, to Ann, youngest daughter of Thomas landers, in which he served for the period of eleven Price, Esq. of Warham, Herefordshire.

years, the last four of which he filled the situation 11. At Hallrule, in Roxburghshire, William Fil- of adjutant to the corps.-He was present with this der, Esq. dep.-com.-general of the forces, to Anne distinguished regiment during the campaigns in eldest daughter of John Wilson, Esq. of Hallrule. Portugal and Spain, and shared its glory in the field

At Lochenbreck, David Irving, Esq. surgeon of Waterloo, where it made itself so conspicuousin the service of the Honourable East India Com- where all were brave. There he received a wound, pany, to Margaret, daughter of William Brown, from the effects of which he was continuing to sufEsq. of Linkins.

fer at the time of his decease. Mild in his temper, 12. At Pancras-church, William S. Cumming, but ardent in his affectious; eager, so far as his Esq. surgeon in the Honourable East India Com

power extended, to promote the happiness of others, pany's service, to Ann, second daughter of John Lieutenant Mackie was, in his turn, a favourite Stewart, Esq. of Burton-crescent.

with all-while his keen sense of honour, and the 14. At Walcot-church, Bath, Henry Andrews refinement of his manners, made love be always Drummond, Esq. coinmander of the Honourable mingled with respect. In the affairs of life there is East India Company's ship Castle Huntly, to Maria, generally a combination of circumstances, and faonly daughter of the late Captain William James vourable conjuncture of events, without the aid of Turquand, R. N.

which merit' is kept comparably obscure; but in 15.

At Glasgow, Mr James Tait, Hailes, to the clearness of his perception, in the soundness of Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Mark Halliburton of his judgment, his accurate discharge of duty, and Glasgow.

the anxiety he evinced to rise in his profession, - At Edinburgh, Wm Forman, Esq. surgeon in there was enough to warrant the conclusion, that Shields, to Anne, youngest daughter of Mr W. Bal- had life been spared, and a wider field opened for lingall, of the London Shipping Co.'s smack Superb. exertion, he would have left behind him a more 80th year.

vrperishing memorial than the affectionate regrets At St Andrews, in the 90th year of her age, of his admiring friends.

Mrs Magdalene Monypenny. Sept. 2. At her father's house at Aberdeen, after At Drimviuch, Mrs Campbell of Balliveolan. a long and painful illness, which she bore with the At her house at Wimbleton, Gertrude Brand, most exemplary patience and pious resignation, in Baroness Dacre. By her ladyship's demise, Mr her 27th year, Mary Ann, wife of Mr Jonathan

Brand, her son, the present member for the county Morison, merchant.

of Herts, succeeds to the title and estates, in con17. At Dalkeith, Mrs Ebenezer Scott.

sequence of which there is now a vacancy for the - In the 89th year of his age, Joseph Sanders, county. Esq. the principal partner in the Exeter-bank.

3. At his house, North Berwick, Mr Francis - At Belfast, Robert Bradshaw, banker, and Buchan, president of the Chamber of Commerce in that - At his house in Plough-court, Fetter-lane, town.

London, after a few days illness, which he bore At Potsdam, John Gibson, Esq. eldest son of with exemplary patience and resignation, Mr John the late W. Gibson, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh. Stalker, printer, aged 64. He was universally be

18. On board the Cornwall Indiaman, near the loved and respected by a numerous circle of friends port of Liverpool, Mr Daniel Edward M'Cormick, and acquaintances. surgeon, third son of the late Edward N'Cormick, 4. At Society, near Hopetoun-house, Mr John Esq. advocate, sheriff-depute of Ayrshire, and soli- Lyon, in the 87th year of his age. citor of teinds for Scotland.

At Southwick, in the stewartry of Kirkcud. - At Berryhill, Mrs M'Lean, wife of Captain bright, Clementina, daughter of the late Hugh Hector M‘Lean, late of the 42d regiment.

Bailie, Esq, 19. At Glasgow, Mrs Margaret Gillespie, wife of 5. At Vevay, in Switzerland, Lord Somerville. Mr Robert Shireff, merchant there.

His lordship, it is said, will be buried in GloucesAt Haddington, in the 14th year of his age, tershire. He was one of the greatest agriculturists John Welsh, Esq. surgeon there, after an illness of in Great Britain. four days, supposed to be occasioned from an in- 6. At Edinburgh, Mr John Porteous, student of fection caught during his humane attendance on a medicine, aged 19. poor person.

- At Gourock-bay, Duncan M'Keller, Esq. mer. 20. At Meadow-place, Mary Sorthwick, infant

chant in Glasgow. daughter of Mr Laurence Butters, seal-engraver. 7. At Crieff, Mary Drummond, wife of Mr David

Mrs Erskine, wife of William Erskine, Esq. Porteous, distiller. of Kinedder, advocate.

8. At Hanover-street, Edinburgh, Mrs M‘Rae - At Montrose, after a very lingering and pain. Smith, widow of the late Captain Robert Gardner, ful illness, which he borc with great fortitude and of the Honourable East India Company's Bengal resignation, Mr Robert Daird, one of the public artillery. teachers in that place.

At Scotstoun, George Oswald, Esq. of Auch22. At Barley-wood, near Bristc!, aged 72, Mar- encruive, aged 84. tha, the benevolent sister cî the justly celebrated 9. At Edinburgh, Maj.-Gen. Dewar of Gilston. Mrs Hannah More.

At Aberdeen, Mrs Captain Livingston. In Charles-street, Berkeley-square, London, 10. At Craigrothie, Oliver Gourlay, Esq. in his Mrs Caldwell, wife of Admiral Caldwell.

- At Edinburgh, M: Alexander Robertson, en- - At Garrgad-hill, near Glasgow, Mr Joseph graver, who has rung the music bells of this city for Shearer, late quartermaster of the royal artillery. many years.

11. At Glasgow, Mrs Hamilton, widow of ArchiÄt Crookston, George Borthwick, Esq. second bald Hamilton, Esq. son of John Borthwick, Esq. of Crookston.

In the Dock-yard, Portsmouth, Capt. Wain24. At Gravesend, on his passage from London wright, governor of the Royal Navy College, which to Inverness, Mr William Ettles, bookseller in In. appointment he only enjoyed since the promotion Verness.

of Admiral Gifford, about ten days. - At Englefield-green, Colonel Sir Felton Her- 12. At Langharne, Carmarthenshire, John Lang. vey, Bart. aid-de-camp to the Prince Regent, secre- harne, Esq. vice-admiral of the white. tary to the Duke of Wellington, and lieutenant- 13. In the 34th year of her age, Elizabeth, eldest colonel of the 14th dragcons.

daughter of the Rev. Dr M Leod, rector of St 25. At Edinburgh, Mr George Yooll, writer. Anne's, Westminster; and on the 30th of August

- At Waterford, Mrs Chambers, widow of the last, in the 5th year of his age, his grandson, Rodelate Mr John Chambers of Lady-lane, and mother

rick M‘Leod. in-law of Mr Kean the actor.

14. At Coats, near Airdrie, Janet Baird, spouse 26. At his seat, Moccas-court, in the county of of Thomas Jackson. Hereford, Sir George Cornewall, Bart. in the 71st 15. At Edinburgh, after a short illness, Mr Wil year of his age.

liam Hunter, spirit-dealer, High-street. - At Linlithgow, Mrs

Jane Hewit, wife of Tho. At Portobello, Charles Stewart, Esq. of Bore. Spens, Esq. collector of Excise.

land, merchant in Edinburgh, in the 28th year of 27. At Morningside, Mr Robert Sprot.

- At Dumfries, at an advanced age, Mr James - At Bridgend, the Rev. Robert Kay, one of Buchan, glover, who, though only a journeyman, the ministers of Perth. from great parsimony and frugality, amassed near- At Oxford, in the 39th year of his age, Rich. ly £2000.

Reade, Esq. of Kilkenny, Ireland. 28. At Blackstone, Miss Napier, sen, aged 76. 21. At Edinburgh, John Arthur, sixty years ser

29. At Wharton-place, Margaret, youngest daugh. vant to Mrs Stuart of Kirkbraehead, aged 88. ter of Thomas Bell, Esq.

At Edinburgh, James, infant son of Macvey - At Buccleugh-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Barbara Napier, W.s. Moffat, wife of Mr Robert Moffat, one of the Lately-At Brussels, at an advanced age, Lord macers of the Court of Session.

Edward Bentinck, brother to the late and uncle to 30. At Clifton, Lieut.-Col. Richard Thompson, the present Duke of Portland. formerly of the 68th regiment. This gallant offi- of the gout in the stomach, John Annesley cer lost his right arm at the siege of Flushing in M‘Kercher Shee, Esq. formerly of St James'-place, 1809, which obliged him to retire from the army. the original founder and institutor of the Bene

At Annan, Ann, second daughter of John volent Society of St Patrick. Little, Esq. provost of that burgh.

At Cupar Fife, after a tedious illness, Miss Mary Oct. 2. At her house in Queensferry-street, Edin- Shanks, second daughter of Mr Archibald Shanks, burgh, Mrs Jean Robertson, daughter of the late residing in the State of New York, United States Rev. Francis Robertson, minister of Clyne, in of America. Sutherlandshire.

At Southend, Essex, Benjamin Moseley, M. D. Hugh W. Gardner, infant son of Mr Campbell physician to the Royal Hospital at Chelsea. Gardner, Dundas-sireet, Edinburgh.

Át Abercromby-place, Edinburgh, Marg. Scott, At the manse of Aberlady, the Rev. Andrew second daughter of James Borthwick, Esq. mer Kemp, minister of that parish.

chant, Leith.

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Literary Pocket-Book.

235 Horæ Germanicæ. No II. The Ances.

tress; a Tragedy. By Grillparzer...247 The Radical's Saturday-Night aroma 25 Ivanhoe

262 Extracts from the “ Historia Major" of

Matthew Paris, Monk of St Albans

(Continued from page 88).manomaann273 Transactions of the Dilettanti Society of

Edinburgh. No II. Viator's Letters
on the History and Progress of the

Fine Arts_LETTER II.... 276 Boxiana; or, Sketches of Pugilism. By

One of the Fancy. No V.. .279 Cotton's “ Voyage to Ireland.”. .284 Remarks on some of our late Numbers; by a liberal Whig

288 On the Military Errors of the Duke of

Wellington, by Odoherty.. 291 On the Discovery of the Remains of Robert Bruce

297 Letter from the Arctic Land Expedition 305 Letter relative to the late Dr Gordon 307

On the Nature of the Imitative Prin

ciple, and some other Faculties, pointed out by Gall and Spurzheim. By Peter Morris, M. D....

309 Cromek's Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song

314 The Clydesdale Yeoman's Return. An

excellent new Ballad to the Tune of

Grammachree, by Dr Scottman -321 The Warder. No II..

-323 The Warder. No III.



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This is the very age of wonders ; so gain and again in rotatory and amatory not to be outdone by any of our con- motion-till at last he bounces upon temporaries, we propose now doing a it, and rifles all its sweetness. Afraid truly wonderful thing-namely, in of being seen by mortal eye, he then good earnest to laud a production of “ flings it like a noisome weed away," Mr Leigh Hunt's. That ingenious hurries to Hampstead—and when city person has got frequent trimmings and suburbs are all ringing with her from “ gruff old General Izzard,” all praises—Mr Hunt alone, false and of which, we verily believe, were in- faithless ingrate, (is there no punishtended for his good—and during the ment on earth for perjured lovers?) absence of the General from this coun- slights the peerless beauty of the North. try, (he is now at Vienna with Lord

All this is exceedingly absurd—but Byron and Mr Moore) it gives us we are of a truly forgiving disposition, pleasure to notify the amendment both and cheerfully pardon all Mr Hunt's in morals and manners of his prote- manifold transgressions against ourgée. Our present Number, too, will selves. His other sins of immorality, appear in London on New Year's sedition, and impiety, we leave for Day—and we cannot suffer a single the present to those dread twins, REsnarl to disturb, on that auspicious MORSE and REPENTANCE. morning, the serenity of our metropo- But now for the Literary Pocket litan subscribers. Mr Hunt, we un- Book. Many people are in the habit derstand, does not take in our Maga- of jotting down little memoranda of zine, but he generally contrives to get their daily thoughts, occurrences, and a peep at it at our friend Ollier's or

engagements-some on the backs of elsewhere, and whatever he may calling cards and someon scraps of letsometimes hint to the contrary in the ters-while the wiser part of mankind Examiner, he knows very well that it carry about on their persons, for that is the very best Magazine he ever saw especial purpose, a little natty clasped or can hope to see in this world. Sto- 24mo, something about the

bulk and len pleasures are sweet, so are smug- shape of a medium whig snuff-box. For gled goods—and we cannot help envy- our own parts we do not now venture on ing Mr Hunt those secret snatches of such sort of autobiography. There is delight which once a month he en- something very fearful in the thoughtof joys within the sheets of our Miscel- losing the table of contents of one's lany. We think we see him left a. brain for a whole year. To drop such lone with it in a room for a few mo- a synopsis into a lake or the sea, would ments. He ogles it-he leers upon it be all very well, for it would amuse -he“ siddles“ up to it with deep and Neptune and the mermaids--but we burning blushes, like a turkey-cock could not suspect and live, that it had at a bit of scarlet-he encircles it a. been picked up by some old fierce tab



The Literary Pocket-Book ; or, Companion for the Lover of Nature and Art London. Ollier. 1819-20. VOL. VI,

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