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Tuesday, February 1.
Beef (17] oz. per Ib.) Os. 5d. to Os. 8d, Quartern Loaf

Os. 54. to Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.)
Lamb, per quarter

Os. Od. to Os. Od. Butter, per lb.

Os. 8d. to ls. Od. Salt ditto,

Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Ditto, per stone
Tallow, per stone 9s. Od. to 98. 6d. Eggs, per dozen

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Os. 8d. to Os. 9d. Os. 8d. to Os. Od. 1s. 6d. to Os. Od. Is. Od. to 9s. Od, 16s. Od. to Os. Od. ls. 3d. to Os. Od.




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1st,......34s. 6d. 1st,...... 255. Od. 1st,...... 20s. Od. 1st,......175. Od. 1st, .....18s. Od.
2d, ......32s. 6d. | 2d,
...... 22s. Od. | 2d,.

.17s. Od. | 2d, ......14s. Od. | 2d,......15s. Od. 3d,......30s. Od. | 3d, ..19s. Od. | 3d,......14s. Od. 3d, ......lls. Od. 3d,...... 12s. Od.

Average of Wheat, £1:12:3:4-12ths.

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Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 22d Jan. 1820. Wheat, 63s. 100.-Rye, 41s. Od.-Barley, 33s. 11d.--Oats, 23s. 9d.-Beans, 44s. 9d.--Pease, 478, 4d.

Beer or Big, Os. Od.-Oatmeal, 255, 9d.

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Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,
and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four

Weeks immediately preceding the 15th Jan. 1820.
Wheat, 52s. 90.-Rye, 36s. 5d.-Barley, 27s. 11d.-Oats, 20s. 10d.-Beans, 31s. 7d. Pease, 31s. Id.

Beer or Big, 23s. 100.-Oatmeal, 17s. 90,

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THE frost that set in towards the latter end of December continued with increasing severity during the first four days of January. During the first night of the month, the thermometer sunk to 14, and on the 2d, to 104. From the 5th to the 9th, it was more moderate ; and on the 10th, the temperature of the day rose to 40ų, the lowest during the night being 36. After the 12th, the frost became more severe than at any former period, and continued till the 22d. On the morning of the 18th the thermometer stood at Zero, and did not rise higher than 11ļ till very late in the evening. In the neighbourhood of the river the temperature was observed about 10 degrees below Zero, probably the greatest degree of cold ever experienced in this country. After the 17th, the thermometer sunk repeatedly to 5, and on the last night of the frost it was at 12. From the 23d to the end of the month, the thermometer rose to 40 or upwards every day. The State of the barometer during the month was as extraordinary as that of the thermometer. From the 1st to the 9th, it rose gradually, every day, with one slight exception ; and on the morning of the 9th, stood at the very unusual height of 30.835. This was at 10; but an hour before, it was at 30.845, and in all probability had been higher during the night. Making allowance for the elevation of the place, it must have been as high as 31.015 inches at the level of the sea, a height altogether unexampled perhaps in this climate. During the next nine days, the barometer sunk almost as gradually as it had risen ; and on the morning of the 19th, two days after the greatest depression of temperature, it stood at 28.830, being 2 inches lower than at its greatest elevation. The mean temperature of January is nearly 7į degrees lower than that of January last year, the mean of Leslie's hygrometer is one degree lower, and the mean relative humidity exactly the same. The quantity of evaporation is one-third less than last year.

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METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of
the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



Mean of greatest daily heat,

35.8 Maximum,

31st day,

24.8 Minimum,


temperature, 10 A.M.
30.7 Lowest maximum, 17th

10 P.M.
30.4 Highest minimum, 30th

........ of daily extremes,
30.3 Highest, 10 A. M. 31st

46.0 .............. 10 A.M. and 10 P.M.

30.5 Lowest ditto,


6.0 ............ 4 daily observations, 30.4 Highest, 10 P. M. 24th

43.0 Whole range of thermometer,

340.0 Lowest ditto


10.5 Mean daily ditto,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 21st

24.0 temperature of spring water, 37.3 Least ditto,



Mean of 10 A.M. (temp. of mer. 38) 29.708 Highest, 10 A. M.


30.835 ......... 10 P.M. (temp. of mer. 38) 29.717 Lowest ditto,


both, (temp. of mer. 38)
29.713 Highest, 10 P. M.


30.800 Whole range of barometer,

9.285 Lowest ditto,


28.990 Mean ditto, during the day,

.135 Greatest range in 24 hours, 27th
..164 Least ditto,


.055 ................ in 24 hours,


Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 11th

16.0 Rain in inches,

Lowest ditto,

0.0 Evaporation in ditto,

Highest, 10 P. M. 11th

16.0 Mean daily Evaporation,

Lowest ditto, 18th

0.0 Leslie. Mean, 10 A. M.

5.3 Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M. 30th 41.0 ....................... 10 P. M.


Lowest ditto,

18th 6.0 both,


........... Highest, 10 P.M. 30th 38.0 Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A.M. 26.8

... Lowest ditto, 18th 11.0
........ 10 P.M.

25.7 .............. Relat.Hum.Highest, 10 A.M. 18th 100.0

........................ Least ditto, 11th 66.0
Relat. Humid. 10 A.M.


....... Greatest, 10 P.M. 18th 100.0
............ 10 P. M.

Least ditto,

9th 65.0 both,

86.8 ...... Mois. 100 Greatest, 10 A.M. 31st .184 ................Grs. mois. in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M. .118

Least ditto,

18th .055 ....10 P.M. .113

Greatest, 10 P. M. 30th .166 ............ both, .115

............. Least ditto, 18th .066 Fair days, 21; rainy days, 10. Wind west of meridian, 23 ; east of meridian, 8.


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METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afterThe second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



Ther. Barom. Ther.


Ther. Barom.



Jan. 1{ A. 22

2{A. 23

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M.17 29.106 M.27 Snow deep,
.178 A.28 S


.209 M.27

Keen frost.
.225 A. 26


snow on gr.
M.17 .325 M.25
A. 22
.580A. 27

Cble. Ditto.
.675 M.28

Frost, snow
A. 28

.706 A.30S on ground.
M.21 .619 M.33
A. 37 .624 A. 36

S.W. Rain.

M.313 .885 M.36
A. 36 .844 A. 35

Calm. Foggy, fair.
.999 M.32

Snow and
A. 34 30.403 A. 36 S


hail aftern.
M.215 .511 M.36

Cble. Keen frost.
.639 A. 36
M.19 .651 M.29
A. 26

.633 A. 29 ) Cble. Ditto.
.371 M.33


A. 35 .131 A. 35

rather fresh.
M.313 29.792 M.35


Fresh, snow
A. 37 .759 A. 36

and rain.
M.23 .986 M.34


A.32 .982 A.34

rather fresh.
M.24 .859 M.32


Dull, shrs.
A. 30 .964 A.33

lof snow.
.975 M.31


A. 26 .660 A. 32

snow on grd.
15 M.217.498 M.34 |

Sunshine, .457 A. 33

Jan. 17{M.19 29.279 M.26



Keen frost.
M. 6
18{ .254 M.22
A, 16
.101 A. 24

Cble. Keen frost.

M.14 28.672 M.25 { A. 25

Snow foren.


.847 A. 27 20] M.13 29.101 M.25

frost night. A. 24

Frost, sun,

.220 A. 26

snow on gr.
.315 M.30

Keen frost,
A. 31

.536 A.27

dull day:
.695 M.23

Frost, with
A. 194

.619 A. 29


.230 M.33
A. 36
.206 A. 37


Fine thaw.
24 M.39} 28.954 M.40
A. 42
.999 A. 42 S

S.W. Ditto.
253 M.35] 29.343 M.41

Dull foren.
A. 11

.108 A. 40

rain even.

.217 M.40
.154 A. 10

sunshine aft. 27

M.31 28.869 M.43
A. 44
.972 A. 43

N. W. Rain.
M.34 29.537 M.42

Dull morn.
A. 41
.836 A.41 )

sunshine day
.820 M.40

Fair, rain
A. 38

.644 A. 42

M.34 .631 M.42

Fair, dull,
A. 43

.576 A. 43 rain night.
M.38 .312 M.46

Fair, rain
.513 A. 43 ) night.
Average of Rain, •305 inches,

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snow on gr. M.22 16

.376 M.31 A.28

Keen frost,

.371'A. 27 Snow,

VA. 34


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9 Dr.


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I. MILITARY. Army Lieut.-Col. Tuyll, hp, 26 Dr. to be Col. on the Continent only

16 Dec. 1819 Capt. Pierce, R. Art. Major 12 Aug. do. -Nicolls, R. Art. Major

do. -Mar. of Worcester, 37 F. Major

30 Dec. do. 2 Dr.G. -Collins, Cornet by purch. v. Cotton, pro. 25 Dr.

6 Jan, 1820
Major Wildman, Lt.-Col. by purch. vice

Lord Hartland, ret, 23 Dec. 1819
Capt. Hurt, Major by purch.
Lieut. Minchin, Capi. by purch. do.
Comet Porter, Lieut. by purch. do.
Wm Beresford, Cornet by purch.

do. 10 Cornet & Adj. Wells. rank of Lt. 30 do. 25

Hon. R. H. S. Cotton, fm. 2 Dr. G. to be Lieut. by purch. vice Jeffries, pro.

23 do. G. Gds. Ens. & Lt. Dirom, Lt. & Capt. by purch. vice Molloy, ret.

6 Jan. 1820 Lord Howard de Walden, fm. hp. Ens, & Lt. by purch.

do. C. Gds. Col. Woodford, 1st Major, vice Jackson, Staff Corps

18 do. - Bouverie, 2d Major

do. Bt. Lt.-Col. Steele, Capt. & Lt. Col. do. Ens. & Lt. Bentinck, Lt. & Adj. do.

Cor. Smith, pro. 2 Dr. G. Ens. & Lt. do. 17. . Bt. Maj. Wetherall, Major, v. Lynch, dead

30 Dec. 1819 Lieut. Macdonald, Capt.

do. Ensign Eddington, Lieut. vice M'Ewen, dead

do. Lewis, Lieut.

do. W. Tottenham, Ensign 22 Mar. 1817 Home, Ensign

30 Dec. 1819 Lt. Cameron, Adj. vice M Ewen, dead do. 11 Bt. Maj. Campbell, Maj. vice Élrington, 4 Vet. Bn.

do. Lieut. Walker, Capt.

do. Ensign Marsh, Lieut.

do. 22 F.

As. Surg. Brown, from hp. 4 Dr. G. As.

Surg. vice Martin, E. Ind. 6 Jan. 1820 29 H. Deedes, Ens. by purch. vice Burke, ret.

23 Dec. 1819 30 Ens. Warren, Lieut. vice Harrison, dead

13 Nov, 1818 Paton, hp. 34 F. Ensign


Ens. Gossip, 87 F. Ens. vice Burrowes,
hp. York Chass.

30 Dec, 1819
W.Fludyer, Ens. vice Barry, dead do.
Ens. Woollart, Adj. y. Barry, dead

do. 50

Flude, Lt, vice Edwards, dead 29 do.

Weir, Lt. vice Harley, dead 30 do.
Gent. Cadet J. Foy, from R. M. C. Ens.

29 do.
S. J. Hodgson, from R. M. C. Ens. 30 do.
Lt. Vinicombe, from hp. 68 F. Paym. v.
Montgomery, dead

6 Jan. 1820
58 Lt. Fugion, from hp, 37 F. Paym. vice
Torner, dead

23 Dec. 1819 J. Skinner, Ensign

30 do.

Lt. Furnace, Capt. vice Mackrill, dead do.
Ens. Verner, Lieut.

A. Grieve, Ens.

do. 64 Ens. Stevenson, Lieut. vice Isbell, dead

6 Jan, 1820 H. F. Broderip, Ens,

67 Lt. Snow, from 89 F. Capt. vice James,

6 do.
Ens. Hassell, Lieut. vice Harpur 13 do.
Gent. Cadet A. Ansell, from Ro. Mil. Col.

Ens. Bateman, Lt. vice Hutchinson, pro.

Ens. Mackintosh, Lieut. vice Logan, dead

28 do.
Gordon, Lieut. vice Will, dead 29 do.

Campbell, from 58 F. Lieut. 30 do,
Gent. Cadet Sir 0. Gibbs, from R. M. C.
Ens. vice Reynolds, dead 27 do,

c. c. Smith, from R. M. C.

28 do. A. Amsinck, from R. M. C. Ens.

29 do, Pearson, Ensign 6 Jan. 1820 Hosp. As. J. Strachan, As. Surg. vice Thomas, dead

30 Dec. 1819 Rifle B. Bt. Lieut.-Col. Miller, Maj. by purch. vice Wilkins, ret.

23 do. Ist Lt. Cox, Capt. by purch.

20 Lt. Brownrigg, 1st Lt. by purch. do.

W. H. Wood, 20 Lt. by pur. 13 Jan. 1820
Staff C. Col. Sir R. D. Jackson, R.C.B. fm. 2 F. G.
Col. vice D'Urban

18 do.
Col. Sir R. D. Jackson, K.C.B. D.Q.M. Gen. to
the Forces, vice D'Urban

18 Jan. 1820

Capt. Weeks, from hp. Nova S. Fen. Town Adj. of
Cape Breton, vice Schwartz, res. 25 Oct. 1819

Medical Department.
Physician T. Short, from hp. Phys. 25 Dec. da.
As Surg. Dunn, from 2 w. I. R. Surg.

13 Jan. 1820 Savery, from hp. R. W. I. R. As. Surg.

25 June 1819 Hosp. Mate M. Ritchie, Hosp. As. vice Macleod, dead

25 Dec. do. W. Charles, Hosp. As. vice Grier, dead

30 do. Hosp. As. Duncanson, from hp. Hosp. As.

13 Jan. 1820 Exchanges. Bt. Major Tayler, from 93 F. with Capt. Mansel,

hp. 53 F. Capt. Lambert, from 64 F. with Bt. Major Eliot, hp. 21 F.

- Goldie, from 6 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Capt. Schreiber, hp. 22 Dr.

Crawford, from 11 Dr. with Capt. Mylne, 13 Dr.

Prager, from 19 F. with Capt. Farquharson, Sub-Insp. Mil. Ion. Isl.

Fit-Gerald, from 54 F. with Capt. Emett, hp. 83 F.

Wright, from 73 F. with Capt. MacMahon, hp. 95 F.

Strangwayes, 65 F. with Captain Burrowes,
hp. 12 F.
Lieut. Dillon, from 63 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Colls, hp.

Walbridge, from 17 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Cary, hp. York Chass.

Smyth, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Gage, hp. 3 F. Gds.

Gordon, from 42 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Macdougall, hp. 85 F.

Hewitt, from 92 F. with Lieut. Randall, hp. 61 F.

Robb, from 7 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lieut. Crossley, hp. 25 Dr.

Sperling, from 9 F. with Lt. Robinson, hp.

Barlow, from 30 F. rec. diff. with Licut. Cheape, hp. 93 F.

Dickens, from 1 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lt. West, hp. 24 Dr.

Cameron, from 75 F. with Lieut. Brooke, hp. 85 F.


23 Dec. 1819 C. H. Doyle, Ensign

do. Ens. Sutherland, from hp. York Chass. Ens. vice Gossip, 41 F.

30 do. 89 Lt. Vincent, from 16 F. Lieut. vice Snow,

6 Jan. 1820 90

As. Surg. M'Arthur, from hp. 25 F. As.

Surg. v. Faman, hp. 25 F. 30 Dec. 1819 92 Bt. Maj. Couper, Major, vice Ferrier, dead

do. Lieut. Innes, Capt.

do. Ens. Macdonald, Lieut. vice Gordon, dead

27 do.

Sandon, from 86 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Nunn, hp.
Cornet Langmead, from 10 D. with Ens. Wortley,

76 F.
2d Lieut. Lewis, from 21 F. with Ensign Booth,
Ensign Francis, from 8 F. rec. diff. with 2d Lieut.
Curtis, hp. Rifle Brig.

Bennett, from 32 F. with Ensign Power, 68 F.

Carey, fm. 8S F. with Ens. Boyes, hp. 30 F.
Hall, i'm, 13 F. with Ens. Macdonell, 25 F.

hp 53 F.

pro, 67 F

Ensign Potenger, from 35 F. rec. diff. with Ensign

Deaths. Semple, hp. 96 F.

Russell, from 55 F. rec. diff. with Ens. Fur- Field-Marshal his Royal Highness the D. of Kent, long, hp. 6 F.

K. G. & G.C.B. 1 F. Governor of Gibraltar Nutt, from 64 F. rec. diff. with Ens. Fo

23 Jan. 1820 thergill, hp. 36 F.

General Earl of Suffolk, 44 F. Governor of LonPaym. Chapinan, from 9 Dr. with Paym. Knight,

donderry and Culmore

Jan. 1820 hp. 5 Line K.G. L.

Lieut.-General Jas Campbell, Unatt. London Assist. Surg. Fogerty, from 2 W. I. R. with Assist.

17 Jan. 1820 Surg. Dunn, hp. 19 Dr.

Captain Pyner, Adjutant to 2d Surrey Militia Hosp. Assist. Robertson, M.D. from Staff Med. Lieut. Maw, 17 F.

11 June 1819 Dep, with Hosp. Assistant Hall, hp.

Hearn, 34 F. Madras

4 July do. Resignations and Retirements.

Cavanagh, Royal Art. Trinidad 12 Oct. do. Lieut.-General Lord Hartland, 9 Dr.

Chadwick, late 1 Roy. Vet. Bn. Dublin Lieut.-Colonel Wilkins, Rifle Brigade

23 do. Captain Molloy, Grenadier Guards

Crouchley, hp. 85 F.

29 Dec. do. Lieut. Schwartz, Town Adj. of Cape Breton

Garrard, of Invalids

27 Sep. do. Ensign Burke, 29 F.

Openshaw, of Invalids

3 Jan, 1820 Surgeon Loftus, 1 Lanc. Mil.

Hudson, of Invalids

Jan, do. Superseded.

Vaughan, 1 F.1 Bn. Dublin

13 do. Captain Lee, Rifle Brigade

Ensign & Adj. Barry, 44 F.

Quarter-Master Masters, 8 Dr. Bengal 26 May 1819 Appointments Cancelled.

Murray, 75 F. Thurso, N. B. Captain C. L. Fitzgerald, on hp. 83 F. as Major in

25 Dec. do. the Army

12 Aug. 1819 Commis. Depart. Dep. Ass. Com. Gen. M‘Douall, The Exchange between Captain Stangways, of 65 Trinidad

20 July 1819 F. and Captain Perry, hp. 56 F.

Medical Depart. Dep. Ins. Taylor, hp. 9 Jan. 1820


July 28. At Surat, the lady of John Romer,
Esq. second judge of the Court of Circuit and Ap-
peal, a daughter.

Dec. 1. At Rossie, Mrs Oliphant of Rossie, a son.

21. In Great Russel-street, London, the lady of James Loch, Esq. a son.

At Greenock, Mrs Turner of Kilbute, a son, 23. Lady Mackenzie of Coul, a son.

24. The lady of William Stothert, Esq. of Cargen, a son.

28. At the King's-stables, Grassmarket, Ann Comrie, upwards of 50 years of age, one of the outpatients of Dr Thatcher's dispensary, and wife of

Malloch, shoemaker, a still-born son, being her first child.

30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hood of Stoneridge, a son,

31. At Warriston-crescent, Edinburgh, Mrs Captain Barclay, R.N. a son.

Jan. 2, At Ulston, near Jedburgh, Mrs Caverhill, a son. 3. At Kelso, Mrs D. Douglas, a son.

4. Mrs Ferrier, Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

5. At Rockville, the Right Hon. Lady Eleanor Balfour, a son.

7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Maitland Gibson, younger of Cliftonhall, a son.

9. At Stirling, Mrs William Galbraith, a daughter.

10. At Woolwich-common, the lady of Captain H. W. Gordon, a daughter.

12. At Knockbreck, Ross-shire, the lady of H. Ross, Esq. a son.

At Brighton, the Hon. Mrs Captain Sotheby, 15. At Acton, Middlesex, the lady of Henry Alexander Douglas, Esq. a son.

Mrs Cunningham Graham of Gartmore, a daughter.

- At her house, Great King-street, Edinburgh, Mrs James Lang, a daughter.

18. At her house in George-street, Edinburgh, Lady Elizabeth Hope Vere, a daughter.

At Catharine bank, Mrs Ireland, a son. 20. At Comely-bank, Mrs Laidlaw, a daughter.

the Hague, Lieut.-Col. Sir James Roupell Colleton, bart. to Septima Sexta Colleton, daughter of Rear-admiral Richard Graves,

19. At Senwick, near Kirkeudbright, at the house of Sir John Gordon, bart. Major-Gen. Riall, governor of Granada, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late James Scarlett, Esq. jun. of Peru, in the island of Jamaica.

22. At Edinburgh, Mr John Paterson, agent for the Leith-bank, Dalkeith, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Richard Lees, Galashiels.

27. Mr Stocks of Lathrow, to Mary, only daughter of Mr Kirkland, Kinross.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Oliver, merchant, to Charlotte, daughter of Mr George M‘Latchie, Nicolson's-street.

28. At the house of Mrs Admiral Deans, Annestreet, St Bernard's, Wm Paul, Esq. accountant, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Admiral Deans of Huntingdon.

Jan. 4. At Greenock, James Hunter, Esq. to Jane, daughter of Æneas Morrison, Esq.

- At Port-Glasgow, Claud Marshall, Esq. she. riff-substitute, Greenock, to Miss Mary Beckford Johnstone, youngest daughter of David Johnstone, Esq. Port-Glasgow.

- At Ormidale, Argyllshire, Major James Limond, of the Hon. East India Company's artillery, Madras, to Jessie, third daughter of john Campbell, Esq. of Ormidale.

6. At Yair, Rob. Scott Moncrieff, Esq. younger. of Newhalls, advocate, to Susanna, daughter of Alexander Pringle, Esq. of Whitebank.

- At Pape Westray, George Traill, Esq. of Holland, to Mary, second daughter of W. Swan, Esq.

7. At Edinburgh, Alexander Macleod, Esq.commander of his Majesty's cutter Wellington, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Chrystie, Esq. of Balchrystie.

- Robert Muter, Esq. captain in the 7th royal fusileers, to Fanny, eldest daughter of J. O'Neill, Esq. of Lanch-hill, county of Dublin.

8. At Bath, Captain John Maitland, royal navy, youngest son of the late Hon. Colonel Richard Maitland, brother of the late Earl of Lauderdale, to Dora, eldest daaghter of c. Bateman, Esq. of Bedford, county of Kerry, Ireland.

10. At Duchally, Mr Charles Graham Sidey, postmaster, Perth, to Miss Frances Monteath, third daughter of J. Monteath, Esq. of Duchally.

13. At Leith, Mr George Craig, Quality-street, to Miss Mary Ann Graham, of Newington, Edinburgh.

14. At her father's house, in Queen-street, Edinburgh, Walter Frederick Campbell of Shawfield, Esq. to Lady Ellinor Charteris, eldest daughter of the Right Hon, the Earl of Wemyss and March.

a son.

MARRIAGES. Dec. 3. At Rickmansworth, L. G. Brown, Esq. son of the Rev. Dr Brown, principal of Marischalcollege, Aberdeen, to Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Brian Hudgson, Esq. Claeton, Essex.

12. At the house of his Excellency the Earl of Clancarty, his Britannic Majesty's Ambi ssidor at

17. At Rosefield-cottage, Portobello, John Jack- 25. At Thurso, Quarter-Master Mathew Murray, son, Esq. of York, to Christian, eldest daughter of of the 75th regiment of foot. the late Mr John Stewart, Pitlochry.

- At Tiverton, William Gammins, aged 102. 19. At Melville-street, the Rev. Patrick Brew- He reaped several sheaves of corn in a field

belongster, one of the ministers of the Abbey Church, ing to George Barne, Esq. when in his 100th year. Paisley, to Frances Anne, youngest daughter of 26. At London, John Haig, Esq. of Bonnington. the late Colonel Edward Stafford of Mayne.

Robert Aitken, only son of Mr. William Ait21. At Edinburgh, William Young, Esq. W. S. ken, currier, Portsburgh. to Agnes, only daughter of the late James Gerard, 27. At Fisherrow, Miss Helen Heriot, daughter Esq. of Whitehaugh.

of the late Tho. Heriot, Esq. of Edinburgh. At Edinburgh, Mr William Christie, writer, - At Edinburgh, Mr John Bruce, late tenant in to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr Alexander Over-Roxburgh. Archer, of the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh.

- At Mertoun-manse, Sarah Elizabeth, second Lately-At Largo, Mr Andrew Liddell, iron- daughter of the Rev. James Duncan. monger, Glasgow, to Jessie, second daughter of the At her house in Hill-street, Edinburgh, Mrs late Dr Goodsir, Largo.

Buchanan, sen. of Auchintorlie. - At St Mary's, Lambeth, Lord Viscount Kings- Mr John Caldwell, miniature-painter, aged land, to Julia, daughter of John Willis, Esq. of 81. For more than half a century he followed his Walcot-terrace, Lambeth.

profession in this city, and, till age had rendered him unable any longer to continue it as the means

of gaining a livelihood, was confessedly superior to DEATHS.

all his contemporaries. In the early part of his June 4. At Bombay, Charles Mitchell, Esq. lieu. life he was remarkable for his proficiency in the tenant in his Majesty's 65th regiment of foot, and mathematics, having for several years gained the son of the late Sir Charles Mitchell.

principal mathematical prize at the Ayr academy, July 15. At Seroor, near Poonah, in command at that time under the care of the well known Mr of a cavalry brigade, Lieut.-Colonel Montagu Cos- Mair, afterwards rector of the academy at Perth, by, an officer of distinguished merit, who fell a by whom he was also initiated in the knowledge of víctim to the melancholy ravages of the cholera, the Latin language--his attainments in which were raging in that country.

of a very respectable kind; and even till within a 27. At Columbo, Ceylon, in the 25th year few days of his decease, the writer of this article of his age, Dr Robert Thin, assisiant-surgeon, 2d has heard him repeat several long passages of Vir. Ceylon regiment, son of Mr John Thin, architect, gil's Eclogues with all the fervour and correct emEdinburgh.

phasis of a college youth. His first instructor in Aug. 25. At Nagpore, Lieut.-Colonel Munt, the principles of drawing was Monsieur Delacour, commanding the 6th regiment of native cavalry. a Frenchman who held the situation of master of

Sept. 17. At Kingston, Jamaica, of the yellow the Drawing Academy, where, as a competitor in fever, Lieutenant Thomas Gordon, 92d regiment.

the fine arts, Mr C. was no less successful than in 18. At Kingston, Jamaica, the lady of Dr Ander- his mathematical trials ;-so much so, that after son, 92d regiment.

having three times gained the first prize for drawNov. 22. At the island of Madeira, Mr George ing, he was forbidden to compete any longer, lest Bartholomew, midshipman on board his Majesty's the rest of the boys might be disheartened froin his ship Leven, youngest son of the late John Bartho- repeated success. With the most unaffected sim. lomew, Esq. of Walridge.

plicity and mildness of manner, he combined the Dec. 3. At Tenby, in South Wales, William Ha- graceful and easy politeness of a gentleman of the milton, Esq.

old school; and his company and conversation 7. At Selkirk, George Dobson, sen. saddler. were equally relished by philosophers and men of

At his estate at Londermuhlen, near Osna- science, as by the young and giddy. In a long list burg, Count Frederick Leopold of Holberg, one of of friends, he had the honour of enumerating the most distinguished characters of Germany. many distinguished both by birth and talent. A

13. At Dundee, John Guild, Esq. in the 77th mong these were the late Hon. H. Erskine, Sir W. year his age, late provost of that burgh.

orbes, Lord Elibauk, Robert Fergusson, David 15. At Kelso, aged 28, William, youngest son of Allan, Runciman, Hearne, Pinkerton, Earl of BuMr William Middlemiss.

chan, H. Raeburn, Esq., Lord Hermand, Gov. - At Bath, agel 90, Mrs Cradock, relict of Dr Ferguson, &c. He has left no relatives, except Cradock, late archbishop of Dublin, and mother of one brother, Mr James Caldwall, well known to Lord Howden.

the admirers of the fiue arts by his engraving of 16. At the manse of Lochgoilhead, of typhus fe

Mrs Siddons in the character of the tragic muse, ver, the Rev. Dr M.Dougall, minister of that pa- after Reynolds, and by his plates to Thornton's ilrish, in the 63d year of his age, and 36th of his lustrations of the Sexual system of Linnæus, beministry.

sides several in the Shakspeare gallery, &c. Mr C. 17. Mr M. Webster, stabler, West Register-street, was of a tall slender make-had a finely formed Edinburgh.

countenance-a nose of the real Roman curvature - At Gatcombe-park, Isle of Wight, Jane Meux -with eyes which to the last sparkled with intelliWorsley, lady of Alexander Campbell, Esq.

gence and good nature. The above is written by 18. Mrs Elizabeth Marshall, wife of Mr James one who had the pleasure of being most intimate Brown, Union-place, George's-street, Edinburgh. with him, and who considers it as a just though

- At Peebles, Mr William Spalding, gardener, humble tribute to the talents and unobtrusive aged 60, a very respectable inhabitant of that worth of an individual on whom the public, at one burgh.

time, bestowed no inconsiderable share of their 20. At his house, of Downie-park, Lieut.-Col. patronage; but who had latterly sunk into an obWilliam Rattray, late of the Honourable East In- livion almost as dark as that in which he is now dia Company's Bengal artillery.

enshrouded. - Mr Charles Bruce, Calton-hill, second son of 28. At Edinburgh, Miss Anna Dunbar, late of the late John Bruce, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh. Durn, aged 82.

21. Mr Jolin Rule, farmer, Cyderhall, Suther- 29. Ai Springside, Marianne, youngest daughter landshire.

of the deceased Robert Ilyndman, Esq. of Spring22. At Grizzelfield, Mr George Hewat, late te- side, in Ayrshire. nant there.

- At Dalkeith, Mrs Katharine Hay, relict of - At her house in Forth-street, Edinburgh, Mrs David Chrichton, Esq. late inerchant there. Anne Dalzel, widow of the late Andrew Dalzel, 30. At the Vice-Regil-lodge, Dublin, the Right Esq. professor of Greek in the University of Edin- Hon. the Countess T'albot. Her ladyship's very burgh.

amiable character, her mild and aftable manners, 24. At Portsmouth, Mr David Proctor, son of and the unaffected goodness of heart, had much the late Pat. Proctor, Esq.of Halkerton.

endeared her to all classes in this country, which - In Buccleuch-place, Edinburgh, Capt. Thos. claimed the honour of her birth. Her excellency's Boyes, late 25th foot, youngest son of the deceased complaint, we understand, was one induced in a John Boyes, Esq. of Wellhall, Hamilton.

principal degree by her late accouchiment. - At her house in George's-street, Edinburgh, - At Bathgate, at the early age of 16 years, Miss M18 Anne Rutherford, widow of the late Walter Marion Jamieson, eldest daughter of Mr John JaScott, W.S.

mieson, merchant there. - At Tunbridge-wells, Charlotte Catherine, wife - In Laurision, Robert Forrest, Esq. late surof Capt. J. Walker, C.B. R.N. and daughter of the geon in the royal navy. late Right Hon. Gen. Sir John Irving, K.B.

- At Glasgow, George Forsyth, Esq. writer.

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