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Enjoys the transports of some distant day,
And Pain's suspended force a moment owns her



Ev'n in the loneliest wild, the deepest shade,
Remote from ev'ry pleasing social scene,
New wonders rise, by Fancy's pow'r display'd;
She paints each heavenly grace with gentle mein,

, Celestial Truth, and Innocence serene, And Hope, exulting still in future joy, Tho' dangers threat and tempests intervene; And 'Patience, ever calm tho cares annoy, And sweet Benevolence, whose pleasures ne'er can cloy.

VI. In dangers firm, in triumphs ever mild, The awful form of Fortitude'appears ; Pure Joy, of heavenly Piety the child, Serenely smiles, unmov'd by grief or fears, Soft Mercy dries Affliction's bitter tears, Still blest in ev'ry blessing she bestows; While Friendship’s gentle voice each sorrow cheers. Sweet are her joys, and pleasing e'en her woes, When warm'd by Virtue's fire the sacred ardour glows.

VII. Thus Fancy's pow'r in solitude can charm, Can rouse each latent virtue in the heart, Preserve the heavenly spark for ever warm, And guiltless pleasures ev'ry hour impart. Yet oh! beware, lest Vice with fatal art Should taint the gift for Virtue's aid design'd; Lest Fancy's sting should point Affliction's dart, Or empty shadows check th'aspiring mind, By vain delights subdu'd, or vainer fears confin'd.


For oft, when Virtue prompts the gen'rous deed,
And points the way to gain the glorious prize,
Imagin'd ills her upward flight impede,
And all around fantastic terrors rise :
Ev'n Vice itself can Fancy's pow'r disguise
With borrow'd charms, enchanting to betray :-
Oh, then, let Reason watch with cautious eyes,
Secure its active force in Virtue's way,
Then slack the rein at will, and free let Fancy stray.


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Thus, musing late at evening's silent hour,
My wand'ring footsteps sought the lonely shade,
And gently led by Fancy's magic pow'r,
Methought at once, to distant realms convey'd
New scenes appear’d, by mortal ne'er survey'd ;
Such as were fabled erst in fairy land,
Where elfin knights their prowess oft display'd,
And mighty Love inspir'd the warlike band
To seek adventures hard at Beauty's high command.

Full many a path there was on ev'ry side,
These waste and wild, and those beset with flow'rs;
Where many a pilgrim wander'd far and wide,
Some bent to seek gay Pleasure's rosy bow'rs,

And some to gain Ambition's lofty tow'rs;
While others view their labours with disdain,
And prize alone the gifts which Fortune show'rs;
With careless steps some wander o'er the plain,
And some with ardour strive bright Virtue's hill to



But many foes in ev'ry path were seen, Who strove by ev'ry art to stop the way; Here Indolence appear'd with vacant mien, And painted forms of terror and dismay; And there the Passions rose in dread array, And fill'd with clouds and darkness all the air; While empty fears and hopes alike betray, And Pride with Folly join'd, destructive pair! Drew many from each path, then left them to de



Yet still distinguish'd o'er the hostile band,
By all detested, and to all a foe,
Pale Envy rose; while, trembling in her hand,
Her poison'd shafts still aim'd some deadly blow,
Her eyes still wander'd in pursuit of woe:
For her, in vain rises the cheerful morn,
In vain the flow'rs with freshest lustre glow,
Vain all the charms which Nature's face adorn,
They cannot cheer a heart with ceaseless anguish


XIII. Beside the way that leads to Virtue's shrine, This wicked hag her fav'rite dwelling chose; Around her walls did baneful nightshade twine, And twisted thorns did all her hut compose; And still, from morning's dawn to ev'ning's close, Some horrid purpose would her thoughts employ; For never could her heart enjoy repose, Nor e'er her restless spirit taste of joy, Save when her cruel arts could others' peace destroy.


The sprightly voice of guiltless Pleasure's train,
The pleasing smile which Peace and Virtue wear,
Whose gentle force might charm the sense of pain,
Suspend distress, and smooth the brow of care,
Still with new pangs her cruel heart would tear :
But when she heard Affliction's bitter cries,
Or view'd the horrid form of dark Despair,
A transient gladness lighten'd in her eyes
But transient still and vain are Envy's wretched



By the Rev. Thomas Bowdler. Hush'd is the brazen tongue of war, Which from loud trump and clarion shrill, O'er sea and land, o'er dale and hill, Rang its dread summons wide and far. Earth, with arts and plenty blest, Enjoys a jubilee of rest; And, once more link'd in holy love, Mercy and truth together meet,

Prepar'd their heavenly LORD to greet; Justice on earth pronounces her decrees, While Righteousness looks down from realms above.

Meet heralds of the Prince of Peace.

In Delphos' gloom and awful cave
A solemn stillness reigns,
Where, by demoniac frenzy fired,

The priestess erst was wont to rave;
No more in dell or grove are mutter'd strains
Mysterious, by some unknown Pow'r inspir’d.

The demons from their tripod thrones are hurl'd,

All vanquish'd by a mightier Pow'r,
With shrieks they own their destin d hour;
While, heav'n-impell’d, the astonish'd priest

Proclaims that in the distant East
Is born a Prince, the Sov'reign of the world !

Silent the voice of prophecy,
Which flow'd from many a holy tongue,
And in soft notes or transports high
Of mercy or of judgment sung.
Which oft in Judah's darkest hour
Had taught her captive sons to know
Its high consolatory pow'r,
And smile amid severest woe.
Their hearts with patriot rapture beat,
As rung the harp and pour'd the lay,

Which told of an auspicious day,
When He, the promis'd Seed, should mount His

throne, Should claim the world's vast empire for His own, And clothe in ancient pomp JEHOVAH's favour'd


Arise, O bright and morning Star!
Whose glorious beams descried afar,
Have cheer'd the thickest gloom of night;
Rise, Sun of righteousness, and bring
Health and salvation on thy wing
To every faithful Israelite!
Come, everlasting FATHER! come,
Conduct Thy weeping children home!
Priests, prophets, kings, beheld Thy day,
And marshall'd all Thy glorious way,

Announcing God's anointed One ;
As though

with solemn pomp and rites decreed, The High Priest to His temple they would lead,

Or Monarch to His throne.

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