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Versailles. Interior of the Palace.- Gallery of Sculp-
tures.-Statue of Joan of Arc.-David the Painter.-La
Fayette.-Gallery of Paintings.-Battle-pieces.-Florid
Colouring.-Marriage of Buonaparte with Maria Louisa.
-Want of Proportions in the Portraits.-The Gardens.
-Picture of the Conquest of Algeria.- Drawing-room of
Louis XIV.-Palace of the Trianon.-Table and Ink-
stand used by Buonaparte.-Le Petit Trianon.—“ An
English Garden," so-called.-Sunday at Versailles.—
Company in the Gardens.—Fountains.—Chariot of Nep-

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tune.-A Thunder-storm.-Return to Paris.-Letters by
Post, requiring a Return to England.-A Night Journey
in a Diligence.—A Fortified Town.-Beauvais.- Lights
extinguished at Midnight. — Picardy.- Boulogne.-An
Oversight remedied.—The Lower Order of People more
civil at Boulogne than in Paris.—Accounted for.-English
Enterprise, and its consequences.


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