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Exploring wilds of Central Park,

Or Brooklyn bridge-tower scaling ! Ho, bring my boots! I burn to gain

Famed Harlem's mountains broken, And flaunt in Scribner's window-pane

My “Travels through Hoboken!"

FLORA. You wretch! how dare you mock me so

At every word I utter?

FRANK (proudly).
Well, I'm no cage-bred pet, you know,

To chirp for cake-and-butter;
Mine be the wild bird's rocky lair,

The wild bird's flight aspiring, To soar through boundless realms of air

On pinions never tiring!

FLORA (sarcastically).
But when the cold December blast

Through leafless boughs came moaning,

Or stones by impish urchins cast

Your carols turned to groaning,
I guess you'd find your “freedom" sweet

Too cold for admiration,
And change for birdie's cage and meat

Your free, unthralled starvation.

Bah! give to those who fear the strife,

Retirement and a cottage;
No Esau I to barter life

And all it yields for pottage!
Not all the gold of Wall Street Jews

To one dull spot should pin me,
With “ earth before me where to choose,”

And life aglow within me!

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Ah me! no cloud the spirit dims

Till youth and vigor fail us ;
But when gray hairs and feeble limbs

And creeping years assail us,

When now no more we proudly stand

Defying grief and dangers,
'Tis then we miss the loving hand-

Lone in a world of strangers !

FRANK (smiling).
Aha! there spoke the sex, ma mie !

No song but this one only:
“ Get married and thrice happy be-

Live single and be lonely!”
Well, well, don't frown, my pretty sage-

You know my tongue's a railer;
But, if I'm destined to the cage,
Will you, dear, be my jailer?



“But we must return! What will they say?

Yes, I know it's awful nice In the window here, from the others away,

With a taste, now and then, of the ice,

And now and then of- Oh, you wretch!

It wasn't at all required That you should illustrate thus with a sketch

The speech that of course you admired.

“No matter how naughty. There!

There! you have spoiled The classical Grecian knot' In which you like my hair to be coiled,

And I really don't know what Other mischief you haven't done! You're

just Real naughty! You squeeze like a vise ! Why can't you men take something on

trust, And be more dainty and nice?

« There ! I'm ready, now. What! just one

more? Oh! aren't you a darling tease? And love me so ?-one, two, three, four !

There ! come now, dearest, please!

I'm almost afraid of the parlor glare :

When they look at my lips, they'll see The kisses upon them.”—“No, not there; But, sweet, in your eyes maybe.



SINCE spelling-matches everywhere

O'er all the land abound,
Why should not we, too,“ do and dare?”

I will the words propound,
And you the “favored scholar" be,

As Rogers' group suggests.
With what a wealth of poetry

The subject he invests !

Spell “spoons." “ What! such a word !”

you say?
“ But fit for kitchen-school?

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