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Pitiable Objects. MR. DONE (to Mr. Dreary). “No! A don't know how it is—but I ain't the thing somehow ! No embawassments or anything o' that sort. Can't make it out. S'pose its overwork ! "

"Well, they may call this a health-giving pursuit, if they like; but

give me roach-fishing in a punt.


MASTER G. O'Rilla. “Deaw! How shocking! There's another good fellah done for !"
Cousins. “Why, what has happened, Gus ?”
Gus. “Happened! Why, Charley Bagshot gone married !


Startling Fact! OXFORD SWELL. “Do you make many of these monkey-jackets, now?"

SNIP. “Oh dear yes, sir ; there are more monkeys in Oxford this term than ever, sir.”

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