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Poor Cousin Charles.
JUVENILE. “Why do they call those things Cousin CHARLES smokes cigarettes ; eh,
Polly ?"

Polly. “Well, dear ; because they are little cigars, I suppose !"
JUVENILE. “Oh, then, would Cousin CHARLES be called a Captainette, because he's
a little Captain ?”




Mr. PEEWIT has a little addition

to his family-he is obliged to get his meals anyhow-and


A Cautious Bird. LOBKINS. “Well, I don't know about marryin'—for yer see, after the knot was tied, some other gal might be fallin' in love with one--and that would be so dooced awkward !”


ARTHUR. Mamma! isn't Mr. BLANQUE a wicked man ?”

MAMMA. . Wicked, my dear! No! What makes you ask such a question ?"

ARTHUR. “Why, because, mamma dear, when he comes into church, he doesn't smell his hat as other people do !"

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