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Friendly, but very Unpleasant. LIVELY Party (charging elderly gentleman with his umbrella). “Hullo, JONES !” [Disgust of elderly party, whose name is Smith.

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A Great Mental Effort.
FIRST COCK SPARROW. “What a miwackulous tie, FWANK!
How the doose do you manage it ?”

SECOND Cock SPARROW. “ Yas. I fancy it is rather grand ; but then, you see, I give the whole of my mind to it.”

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Discernment. CLEVER CHILD. “Oh! do look here, mamma dear, such a funny thing! Mr. BOKER's got another forehead at the back of his head.”

[BOKER is delighted.

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ISABELLA. “Well, Aunt, and how did you like London ? I suppose you were very gay ?”

Aunt (who inclines to embon point). “Oh, yes, love, gay enough ! We went to the top o' the monument o' Monday - and to the top o' St. Paul's o' Tuesday - and to the top o' the Dook o’ York's column o' Wednesday — but I think altogether I like the quiet o' the country.”


The Husband as he ought to be, and As he ought not to be.

ANGELINA. “Well, love, how do you ANGELINA. "Well, E., - you don't say think I look ? — Do you like the dress ? " a word about my dress ?”

Edwin. “I think it's perfectly charm Edwin. “Eh, what ? oh, ugh!— h'm ing! - I never saw you look better!”

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !”

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