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A Table d'Hôte at Paris.
ATTENTIVE SWELL (to elegant and fascinating American young Lady, who has been
monopolizing the adjacent Gentlemen all through Dinner). Let me give you some of
this ” (handing Article of Dessert).

BELLE AMERICAINE. “No, thanks ! — Well, then, a very little ; for I guess I'm pretty
crowded now!" [Horror of Swells; triumph of neighboring Female British Contingent.


Another Pretty Little Americanism. ENGLISHMAN (to Fair New-Yorker). “May I have the pleasure of dancing with you ?”

DARLING. “I guess you may - for I calc'late that, if I sit much longer here, I shall be taking root !"


SARCASTIC PEELER. “Going to 'ave a new 'orse, then, Cabby?”.
CABBY. “New 'oss! 'ow d'ye mean ?”.
SARCASTIC PEELER. “Why, you've got the framework together already!”

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No Consequence.
“I say, JACK! who's that come to grief in the ditch ?”
“Only the parson !”
“Oh, leave him there, then! He won't be wanted until next Sunday !”.

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