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English as She is Spoke; or, A Jest in Sober

Earnest. Compiled from the celebrated “ New Guide of Conversation in Portuguese and English."

Don't: A Manual of Mistakes and Improprieties more or less Discriminate. A Companion to “Don't.” A Manual for

prevalent in Conduct and Speech By CENSOR,

Guidance in the Use of Correct Words and Phrases in Ordinary Speech By CRITIC.

English as She is Wrote, showing curious ways

in which the English Language may be made to convey Ideas or obscure them,

Pictures of English Society. Containing FortyPictures of Life and Character.

one Illustrations from “ Punch." By GEORGE DU MAURIER.

By JOHN LEECH. From the collection of Mr. Punch. Uniform with Du Maurier's “Pictures of English Society."

The Parlor Muse: A Selection of Vers de Société from

Modern Poets.

18mo. Parchment-paper cover. Price, each 30 cents;

In cloth, each 50 cents.

New York: D, APPLETON & CO., Publishers, 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.

Write and Speak Correctly.

The Orthoëpist:

A Pronouncing Manual, containing about Three Thou. sand Five Hundred Words, including a considerable Number of the Names of Foreign Authors, Artists, etc., that are often mispronounced. By ALFRED AYRES.

Fourteenth edition. 18mo, cloth, extra. Price, $1.00. “It gives us pleasure to say that we think the author in the treatment of this very difficult and intricate subject, English pronunciation, gives proof of not only an unusual degree of orthoëpical knowledge, but also, for the most part, of rare judgment and taste.”—JOSEPH THOMAS, LL. D., in Literary World.

The Verbalist :

A Manual devoted to Brief Discussions of the Right and the Wrong Use of Words, and to some other Matters of Interest to those who would Speak and Write with Propriety, including a Treatise on Punctuation. By ALFRED AYREs, author of “The Orthoëpist." Ninth

edition. 18mo, cloth, extra. Price, $1.00. “We remain shackled by timidity till we have learned to speak with pra. priety."-JOHNSON.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.

By the late WILLIAM B. HODGSON, LL.D.,

Professor of Political Economy in the University of
Edinburgh. American revised edition,
Price, $1.50.

12mo, cloth.

“The most comprehensive and useful of the many books de. signed to promote correctness in English composition by furnishing examples of inaccuracy, is the volume compiled by the late William B. Hodgson, under the title of .Errors in the Use of English.' The American edition of this treatise, now published by the Appletons, has been revised, and in many respects materially improved, by Francis A. Teall, who seldom differs from the author without advancing satisfactory reasons for his opinion. The capital merits of this work are that it is founded on actual blunders, verified by chapter and verse reference, and that the breaches of good use to which exception is taken have been committed, not by slipshod, uneducated writers, of whom nothing better could be expected, but by persons distinguished for more than ordinary carefulness in respect to style.”—New York Sun.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.

"« « Bachelor Bluff' is bright, witty, keen, deep, sober, philosophical, amusing, instructive, philanthropic-in short, what is not 'Bachelor Bluff'?"



Bachelor Bluff:

His Opinions, Sentiments, and
Disputations. By OLIVER B. BUNCE.

“Mr. Bunce is a writer of uncommon freshness and power.. Those who have read his brief but carefully written studies will value at their true worth the genuine critical insight and fine literary qualities which characterize his work."-Christian Union.

“We do not recall any volume of popular essays published of late years which contains so much good writing, and so many fine and original comments on topics of current interest. Mr. Oracle Bluff is a self-opinionated, genial, whole-souled fellow. . . His talk is terse, epigrammatic, full of quotable proverbs and isolated bits of wisdom."-Boston Traveller.

“It is a book which, while professedly aiming to amuse, and affording a very rare and delightful fund of amusement, insinuates into the crevices of the reflective mind thoughts and sentiments that are sure to fructify and perpetuate themselves."-Eclectic Magazine.

New cheap edition. 16mo, parchment paper. Price, 50 cents.

New York: D, APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.

His Songs and his Sayings.



“... Mr. Harris's book may be looked on in a double light-either as a pleasant volume recounting the stories told by a typical old colored man to a child, or as a valuable contribution to our somewhat meager folk-lore. . . . To Northern read. ers the story of Brer (Brother-Brudder) Rabbit may be novel. To those familiar with plantation life, who have listened to these quaint old stories, who have still tender reminiscences of some good old mauma who told these wondrous adventures to them when they were children, Brer Rabbit, the Tar Baby, and Brer Fox, come back again with all the past pleasures of younger days.”—New York Times.

Well illustrated from Drawings by F. S. Church, whose humorous animal drawings are so well known, and J. H. Moser, of Georgia.

I vol., 12mo, cloth. Price, $1.50.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.

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