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S the Reputation of the Harleian Library muft, doubtless, have raised in the Learned a Defire of viewing it before its Difperfion, the prefent Proprietor hopes, it will be confidered as an Inftance of Willingnefs, to gratify the Public, that the Books, enumerated in the Catalogue, will be exhibited to View at the Library in St. Mary Le Bon, from the Tenth to the Twenty-eighth of March, from Nine in the Morning to Six in the Afternoon; and intreats thofe Gentlemen and Ladies, who fhall think this great Collection worthy of their Curiofity, not to delay the Vifit beyond the Time appointed, fome Interval being neceffary to regulate the Books which the Spectators may difplace, and to make other Preparations for the Sale, which will begin on Thursday the Seventh of April, the lowest Price marked in each Book, and continue till public Notice is given, in the News-Papers, of its Conclufion.

HOUGH thefe Volumes have been drawn up with all the Care

Necefity of


tended that thofe, which are to fucceed, fhall be more methodically digefted, more accurately printed, and interfperfed with more frequent Obfervations; and at the End will be added, an exact Index of all the Authors, with References to the Numbers in which they occur, after the Manner of Bullialdus's Index to the Bibliotheca Thuaniana.


In Locos communes diftributus cum Indice Auctorum.


Catalogorum accuratior Notitia ita neceffaria eft Polybiftori, ut Mappa
rum Geographicarum Cognitio peregrinaturo.
Quifquis bujufmodi operis fategerit, ei non tantum multum Tadii & La-
boris devorandum, fed minime vulgaris conferenda in evolvendis Libris
exercitatio. Fruftra id aggrediuntur qui titulé tenus duntaxat fapiunt.


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