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Page 470 - of mechanical science, and more particularly for promoting the acquisition of that species of knowledge which constitutes the profession of a civil engineer, being the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man as a means of production and of traffic in states, both for external and internal
Page 16 - and Ireland. Queen, Defender of the Faith, in the sum of pounds to be paid to our said Lady the Queen, Her heirs or successors. For which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, jointly and severally, our heirs, executors, and administrators, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals. Dated this day of
Page 386 - which is not to be performed within the space of one year from the making thereof." The County Court Judge held it not to be within the statute. But be this as it may, it seems to us that, inasmuch as this is an action to recover six weeks' arrears of maintenance, the plaintiff is entitled to recover as
Page 126 - The excepted perils in the charterparty were, "the act of God and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and steam navigation, of •whatever nature and kind soever, and errors of navigation during the voyage.
Page 576 - fruit, and seeds are warranted free from average, unless general, or the ship be stranded. Sugar, tobacco, hemp, flax, hides, and skins are warranted free from average under five per cent., and all other goods also; the ship and freight are warranted free from average under three per cent., unless general, or the ship be stranded.
Page 165 - or such as may reasonably be supposed to have been in the contemplation of both parties at the time they made the contract, as the probable result of the breach of it.
Page 549 - Every share in any company shall be deemed and taken to have been issued and to be held subject to the payment of the whole amount thereof in cash, unless the same shall have been otherwise determined by a contract duly made in writing, and filed with the Begistrar of
Page 178 - from any kind of property whatever, whether situate in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, and for and in respect of the annual profits or gains arising or accruing to any person residing in the United Kingdom from any profession, trade, employment, or vocation, whether the same shall be respectively carried on in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.
Page 560 - however apparently within the spirit of the law the case might otherwise appear to be. In other words, if there be admissible in any statute what is called an equitable construction, certainly such a construction is not admissible in a taxing statute where you can simply adhere to the words of the statute.
Page 561 - for and in respect of the annual profits or gains arising or accruing to any person whatever, whether a subject of her Majesty or not, although not resident within the United Kingdom, from any property whatever in the United Kingdom, or any profession, trade, employment, or vocation exercised within the United Kingdom.

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