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Page Abbott, Walrath v. (Sup.).

529 Barber, Conway v. (City Ct. N. Y.). ...... 136 Abraham v. Mayer (City Ct. N. Y.). 264 Barker v. Fort Ann Woolen Co., two cases Abramson v. Koch (Com. Pl.). 310 (Sup.)

.1114 Acken, Durand v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 937 Barker, People v. (Sup.). Ackerman y. Third Ave. R. Co. (Sup.). 1020 | Barnett v. McCrea (Sup.).

820 Adams v. Stevens (Com. Pl.). 993 Barr, In re (Com. Pl.).

416 Adams, McKean v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 421 Barringer, People v. (Sup.)...

700 Adams, McKean v. (Com. Pl.). 968 Barss. Roblee v. (Sup.).

.1116 Adams, Martin v. (Sup.).. .1106 Bartlett v. Mugett (Sup.).

56 Adee v. Crow (City Ct. N. Y.). 973 Barton v. Donnelly (Sup.).

525 Adler, Bloomingdale v. (Com. Pl.). 321 Bates v. Bates (Super. N. Y.).

872 Adler, Dexter v. (Sup.)...

.1121 Bates v. Trustees of Masonic Hall & AsyAldhous, Cassidy F. (City Ct. N. Y.). 267 lum Fund (Sup.)...

951 Aldhous, Cassidy v. (Com. Pl.)... 991 Bauer v. McCauley (Sup.)..

.1105 Alexander, Manhattan Life Ins. Co. v. Baxter v. Baxter (Sup.).

834 (Sup.) .1109 Beals, Close v. (Super. Buff.).

.1134 Allegany Lumber Co. v. Hoyt (Sup.) .1119 Beirne, In re (Surr.).

435 Allen, Timpson v. (Com. Pl.). 915 Bell, Steinam v. (Com. Pl.)...

905 Alter, Spengeman v. (Com. Pl.). 406 Benedict, Gardner v. (Sup.).

3 Amend, Eckensberger v. (City Ct. N. Y.). . 941 Benfield v. Vacuum Oil Co. (Sup.).

16 American Dist. Tel. Co., Sanford v. (City Bennett v. Hart (Com. Pl.)...

.1130 Ct. N. Y.)... 142 Bennett v. Thompson (Sup.)..

565 American Exch. Nat. Bank v. Cheever Berger, Buckhout v. (City Ct. Brook.) 133 (Sup.) .1108 Bernard, Graef v. (City Čt. N. Y.).

263 American Horse Exchange . Strauss Bernhard, Smith v. (Sup.)...

.1107 (Sup.) 282 Bernhard, Tallman v. (Sup.). .

6 American Society for Prevention of Cruelty Bernstein, Upton v. (Sup.)...

.1078 to Animals, Smith v. (Com. Pl.)... 315 Bertha Zinc & Mineral Co. v. Clute (Com. American Surety Co., Foo Long v. (Sup.). 743 Pl.)

342 American Tube & Iron Co., Nealis v. Betts, People v. (Com. Pl.). .

.1123 (Sup.) .. 733 Bicknell v. Spier (Com. Pl.).

386 Anderson v. Porter (Com. Pl.)... 646 Bird v. Kreiser (City Ct. N. Y.).

425 Anderson v. Steitz (Sup.).

65 Birnbaum v. Lord (City Ct. N. Y.). : 135 Andreas, Stevens r. (Com. Pl.).

.1127 Biskupski v. Pospisil (City Ct. N. Y.). . 1018 Andrews, Winch v. (Com. Pl.). 374 Bliss v. Fogg (Sup.).

13 Appell v. Stemmler (Com. Pl.). .1128 Bloomingdale v. Adler (Com. Pl.).

321 A. P. & W. E. Kelly Co. v.

Conlon (Sup.). 514 Board of Audit of Town of Royalton, RyArhart v. Stark (Super. Buff.). 301 an v. (Sup.)....

169 Arminus Copper Mine Co., Wolf v. (Sup.). 642 Board of Com’rs of Charities and CorrecArmstrong v. Danahy (Sup.)..

60 tion of Kings County. In re (Sup.).... 856 Arnold, Norfolk & N. B. Hosiery Co. v. Board of Com'rs of Excise of Town of (Sup.)

661 Randolph, People v. (Sup.). Arnstein v. Burroughs (Sup.).

958 Board of Excise Com’rs, People v. (Com. Arrigo v. Catalano (Super. Buff.). 995 PI.)

983 Atlantic Ave. R. Co. of Brooklyn, John- Board of Fire Com'rs of Village of Sarason v. (Sup.).. 584 toga Springs, People v. (Sup.).

548 Atwater, Hondorf y. (Sup.).

447 Board of Health of Long Island City, PeoAnld. Bonwell v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 936 ple v. (Sup.).

660 Austin v. Nichols (Com. Pl.).. .1128 Bofinger, Steuer v. (Com. Pl.).

.1127 Bonwell v. Auld (City Ct. N. Y.).

936 Bache, Sier v. (Com. Pl.). 225 Booher v. Stewart (Sup.).

114 Badgley, Dwight v. (Sup.). 107 Booth, Tooker v. (City Ct. N. Y.).

974 Baer 1. Hudson St. Permanent Savings & Bouchard, People v. (Sup.).

201 Lan Ass'n (Sup.)... 102 Bowerman v. Bowerman (Sup.).

579 Bainbridge v. Friedlander (City Ct. N. Y.) 261 Bown, Smith v. (Sup.)...

11 Baird, In re (Sup.)... 535 Bowne, Christie v. (Sup.)..

657 Baker, Browne y. (Sup.). .1105 Box v. Costello (Super. Buff.).

293 Balta, White v. (Com. Pl.). 902 Boyd v. Boyd (City Ct. N. Y.).

942 Banning, Mellen v. (Sup.). 753 Boyer, Miller v. (Sup.).

1119 V.27N. Y.s.




Page Bracco v. Tighe (Sup.).

31 Cameron's Estate. In re (Sup.).... 1031 Bradford Nat. Bank v. Taylor (Sup.). 96 Campbell v. Jimenes (Com. Pl.).

3.1 Brewster, Romaine v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 138 Canavan v. Stuyvesant (Com. Pl.).

413 Brixey, Kibbe v. (Sup.). .1106 Carlson v. Winterson (Com. Pl.).

368 Broadhead, Nies v. (Sup.).

52 Carringon, First Nat. Bank of Plainfield Broadway & S. A. R. Co., In re (Sup.). .1105 v. (Sup.)

.1104 Broat, In re (Sup.). 176 Carroll v. Tucker (Com. Pl.).

IS.) Brooker v. Filkins (Com. Pl.). 918 Carter y. Hodge (Super. Buff.).

219 Brooklyn City R. Co., Byrne v. (City Ct. Case v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Brook.) 126 (Sup.)

496 Brooklyn City R. Co., Fox v. (City Ct. Cassidy v. Aldhous (City Ct. N. Y.).

267 Brook.) 895 Cassidy v. Aldhous (Com. Pl.).

991 Brooklyn El. R. Co., In re (Sup.). 493 Catalano, Arrigo v. (Super. Buff.).

995 Brooklyn El. R. Co. v. Nagel (Sup.). .... 669 Caufield v. Davenport (Sup.).

191 Brooklyn El. R. Co., Davenport v. (Sup.). .1110 C. B. Keogh Manuf'g Co. v. Eisenberg Brooklyn El. R. Co., Flood v. (Sup.). .662, 1111 (Com. Pl.)

356 Brooklyn El. R. Co., Henney y. (Sup.).... 1112 Center v. Lippman (City Ct. N. Y.). .1132 Brooklyn El. R. Co., Hitchings v. (City Ct. Central Gas Electric Co., Maitland v. Brook.)

(Com. Pl.)

965 Brooklyn El. R. Co., Lewis v. (City Ct. Central Gas & Electric Fixture Co., MaitBrook.) 889 land v. (City Ct. N. Y.).

421 Brooklyn El. R. Co., Walsh v. (Sup.).. 605 Central Nat. Bank of Troy v. Fort Ann Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Pill v. (City Ct. Woolen Co., two cases (Sup.)

1114 Brook.)

230 Central Park, N. & E. R. R. Co., Caldwell Brooks, Fox v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 975 v. (Com. Pl.)..

397 Brower v. Kahn (Sup.).

592 Chatfield, Metropolitan Steam Laundry Co. Brown v. Brown (City Ct. Brook.).

v. (Com. Pl.).

. 1127 Brown v. Hyman (Co. Ct.).

436 Chatzkelson v. State of California SteamBrown v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. ship Co. (City Ct. N. Y.).

270 (Sup.) 69 Cheeseman, Riley v. (Sup.).

453 Brown v. Richter (Sup.).

.1094 Cheever, American Exch. Nat. Bank Brown v. Root Manuf'g Co. (Sup.). 551


.1108 Brown, Hart v. (Sup.)... 74 | Chisholm v. Prout (Sup.).

.1105 Brown, Jackson v. (Sup.). 583 Christie v. Bowne (Sup.)..

6.7 Browne v. Baker (Sup.). .1105 Chumar, Truesdell v. (Sup.).

87 Buchanan v. Whitman (Sup.).

604 City of Albany v. Watervliet Turnpike & Buckhout v. Berger (City Ct. Brook.). 133 R. Co. (Sup.).

818 Bucki, Ehrich v. (Com. Pl.)...

247 City of Brooklyn, Conneughton v. (City Ct. Buffalo, R. & P. R. Co. v. Lavery (Sup.).. 443 Brook.)

888 Bull, Collis v. (Sup.)..

478 City of Brooklyn, Kuhlman v. (City Ct. Bullinger, Oberlies v. (Sup.). 19 Brook.)

126 Burby v. Roome (Com. Pl.).

250 City of Buffalo v. Hoffeld (Super Buff.). 869 Burch, Garsia v. (Com. Pl.)..

385 City of Buffalo v. New York, L. E. & W. Burchell v. Green (Sup.). 82 R. Co. (Super. Buff.)..

297 Burckle v. Shannon (Com. Pl.).

899 City of Buffalo, Lynch v. (Super. Buff.) 303 Burke v. Burke (Sup.)..

67 City of Buffalo, McCabe v. (Sup.). .1120 Burke v. Burpo (Sup.). 684 City of Ithaca v. Cornell (Sup.)..

082 Burlingame, Place v. (Sup.). 674 City of New York, Kelley v. (Sup.).

161 Burns v. Pethcal (Sup.).

499 City of New York, O'Reilly v. (Sup.). 1109 Burns, Shapiro v. (Com. Pl.).

980 City of Rochester, Quigley v. (Sup.). .1120 Burns, Van Mater v. (Sup.).

624 City of Syracuse, McChesney v. (Sup.). 508 Burpo, Burke v. (Sup.).. 684 City of Utica, Hanauer v. (Sup.).

063 Burritt v. Koster, Bial & Co. (Com. Pl.).. 353 Clark v. Wilcklow (Sup.).

43 Burroughs, Arnstein v. (Sup.). 958 Clark, Donovan v. (Sup.).

686 Burrowes, Roslyn Heights Land & Imp. Clark, Millard v. (Sup.).

031 Co. v. (Sup.).... 622 Clark, Schwann v. (City Ct. N. Y.)

262 Burton Co., Martens v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 260 Clark's Will, In re (Sup.).

OS1 Bush, Shields v. (Sup.). 751 Clay v. Hayes (Sup.).

.1117 Butler, Parker v. (Sup.).. 805 Clemmons v. Gorman (Com. Pl.).

3.54 Butler, Wagener v. (Com. Pl.).

350 Clemons, Cohen v. (City Ct. X. Y.). 933 Byrne v. Brooklyn City R. Co. (City Ct. Clerk of Board of Sup'rs of Kings County, Brook.)

People v. (Sup.)...

8.77 Byrne, Kirwan v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 143 Clift v. Moses (Sup.).

729 Close v. Beals (Super. Buff.)

1131 Cahill Iron Works v. Pemberton (Com. Clute, Bertha Zinc & Mineral Co. v. (Com. II.) 927 Pl.)

312 Cahill Iron Works v. Pemberton (Com. Pl.) 931 Coflin, Crow v. (Sup.).

1108 Cairnes v. Walter (City Ct. N. Y.). 973 Cohen v. Clemons (City Ct. X. Y.).

933 Caldwell v. Central Park, N. & E. R. R. Collis v. Bull (Sup.).

478 Co. (Com. Pl.)...

397 Colorado State Bank v. Gallagher (Sup.).. 638 Callaghan's Estate, In re (Sup.).




Page Commissioners of Taxes and Assessments Dorney v. Thacher (Sup.)....

787 for City and County of New York, Peo- Doty's Estate, In re (Surr.).

653 ple v. (Sup.)... .1058 Doxtater, People v. (Sup.)..

181 Cone, Hague F. (City Ct. N. Y.).. .1134 Drake v New York Iron Mine (Sup.). 489 Conkey Ave. Savings, Aid & Loan Ass'n, Drake v. New York, L. & W. R. Co. (Sup.) 739 Wolfe v. (Sup.).

44 Dry-Dock, E. B. & B. R. Co., Rozen v. Conkling v. New York El. R. Co. (Sup.).. .1098 (Com. Pl.)

337 Conkling y. Zerega (Sup.). . 1105 Duffus v. Schwinger (Sup.).

949 Conlon, A. P. & W. E. Kelly Co. v. (Sup.) 514 Duffy v. McAvoy (Com. Pl.).

.1126 Conneughton v. City of Brooklyn (City Ct. Duffy, Imgard v. (Sup.).

.1106 Brook.) 888 Dun. Riker v. (Sup.).

. 1107 Constable v. Hardenbergh (Sup.). 1022 Duncan, Hoffman v. (Sup.).

6.38 Continental Ins. Co. v. Phenix Ins. Co. of Durand v. Acken (City Ct. N. Y.)

937 Brooklyn (Sup.). .1109 Duryea y. Furchsel (Šup.).

. 1037 Conway v. Barber (City Ct, N. Y.). 136 Dutcher, Floyd v. (Co. Ct.)...

890 Conway v. Keppy (Com. Pl.). .1126 Dwight v. Badgley (Sup.)....

107 Cooper, In re (Surr.).

425 Cooperstown & C. V. R. Co., Meagher v. East Eighteenth St., In re (Sup.)... 591 Sup.) 504 | Easton, Green v. (Sup.)...

.1116 Cornell, City of Utica y. (Sup.).

082 East River Bridge Co., In re (Sup.). 145 Cornell, People v. (Sup.).

8.59 East Side Exchange v. Howwitz (Com. Costello, Box v. (Super. Buff.). 293 PI.)

.1125 Coverly, Goldsmith v. (Sup.). 116 Eberle, Forster v. (Com. Pl.).

986 Crawford v. Tyng (City Ct. N. Y.). 424 Eccles v. Radam (Sup.).

486 Crimmins, Mulligan v. (Sup.)..

819 Eckensberger v. Amend (City Ct. N. Y.).. 941 Cronin v. Crooks (Sup.).

822 Eden Musee American Co., Lajos v. (City Crooks, Cronin v. (Sup.). 822 Ct. N. Y.).

.1132 Cross F. Long Island Loan & Trust Co. Egan's Estate, In re (Surr.).

1009 (Sup.) 495 Ehrich v. Bucki (Com. Pl.).

247 Crow v. Coffin (Sup.).

1108 Eisenberg, C. B. Keogh Manuf'g Co. v. Crow, Adee v. (City Ct. N. Y.) 973 (Com. Pl.)

356 Crow, Eldridge v. (Com. Pl.). 362 Eldridge v. Crow (Com. Pl.)..

362 Cullum's Estate, In re (Sup.).

. . 1105 Electric Power Co. v. Metropolitan TeleCummings v. Rosenberg (City Ct. N. Y.).. 134 phone & Telegraph Co. (Sup.). Cunard Steamship Co., McCampbell v. Elliot v. Mutual Ben. Life Ass'n of Amer(Sup.) . 1112 ica (Sup.)

696 Curtis v. Ritzman (City Ct. N. Y.). 259 | Elmira, C. & N. R. Co., Van Duzer v. Curtis v. Ritzman (Com. Pl.). 971 (Sup.)

474 Curtis v. Saddlery Hardware Manuf'g Co. Empire State Ins. Co., Louis v. (Sup.).... 83 (Com. Pl.). 901 English v. Hanford (Sup.).

672 Curtis, Wyckoff v. (City Ct. N. Y.). ....1012 Epstein v. Hodgetts (Com. Pl.)..


E. P. Wilbur Trust Co., Thurston v. (Com. Daly, People v. (Sup.).. 283 Pl.)

923 Daly, People v. (Sup.). .1104 Eschbach v. Hughes (Com. Pl.).

320 Danahy, Armstrong v. (Sup.). 60 Evans v. Howell (Sup.).

46 Davenport v. Brooklyn El. R. Co. (Sup.). .1110 Evening Post Pub. Co. Funk v. (Sup.). ... 1089 Davenport v. Pennsylvania Fire Ins. Co. Everitt, Morrison v. (Sup.)...

.1117 (Sup.)

1115 Davenport, Caufield v. (Sup.). 494 Fairchild, Quinlan v: (Sup.).

689 David Jones Co., Storer v. (Sup.). .1107 Falk v. Wolfsohn (Com. Pl.).

903 Davies v. Pelham Hod-Elevating Co. (Sup.) 709 Fallihee, Welsh v. (Sup.).

81 Davis v. Dayton (Com. Pl.).

969 Fancher v. New York, L. E. & W. R. Co. Dawborn, In re (Surr.). 879 (Sup.)

62 Dayton, Davis v. (Com. Pl.). 969 Fanning, Winegard y. (Sup.).

566 Dean v. Raplee (Sup.)....

438 Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Hoffman Delafield, Osborn v. (Sup.).

House (Sup.)

634 Delancey v. Piepgras (Sup.). .1110 Farrington, Weaver v. (Com. Pl.).

971 Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Hart v. (Sup.). 767 Faxon v. Mason (Sup.).

.1023 Del Valle v. Hyland (Sup.). . 1059 Fay, In re (Com. Pl.).

910 De Miranda, Govin v. (Sup.). .1019 Fayen, Oetjen v. (Com. Pl.).

978 Denton v. Weeks (Com. Pl.). .1125 Ferris v. Hard (Super. Buff.).

222 Depew v. Ketehum (Sup.).

8 Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York, Dettinger, Washburn v. "(Sup.). 540 Samuel v. (Sup.).

741 Dexter v. Adler (Sup.)... .1121 Field, Palmer v. (Sup.).

736 De Youngs v. Jung (Com. Pl.). 370 Field, Shearer v. (Sup.).

29 Dold Packing Co., Parks v. (Super. Buff.). 289 Filkins, Brooker v. (Com. Pl.).

918 Donnelly, Barton v. (Sup.)...

525 First Nat. Bank of Plainfield v. Carrington Donnelly Contracting Co. v. Stanton (Sup.)

.1104 (Super. Buff.)

124 First Nat. Bank of Sing Sing v. Hamilton Donovan v. Clark (Sup.).., OSO (Sup.)

...1029 Doremus v. Doremus (Sup.).



Page First Presbyterian Church of Tremont, Green, Burchell v. (Sup.)....

82 Riordan v. (Com. Pl.). ...1123 Green, Haas v. (Com. Pl.)..

347 Fitchburg R. Co., Percey v. (Sup.). . 1040 Greenberg, Schween v. (Sup.).

760 Fitzgerald, In re (Sup.). 281 Greene v. Linton (City Ct. Brook.).

891 Flagg, Hempstead 'v. Com. Pl.).

988 Greenwich Ins. Co. v. Oregon Imp. Co. Flanagan v. Fox (Com. Pl.). .1122 (Sup.)

794 Fleming v. Phoenix Assur. Co. of London Greenwich Ins. Co. of City of New York, (Sup.) 488 Rademacher v. (Sup.).

155 Flood v. Brooklyn El. R. Co. (Sup.). .662, 1111 Griffin, Rollins v. (City Ct. N. Y.).

269 Floyd v. Dutcher (Co. Ct.)... 880 Grillenberger v. Spencer (Sup.).

864 Flynn, Owens v. (Com. Pl.).

336 Guggenheim v. Goldberger (City Ct. N. Y.) 422 Foels v. Town of Tonawanda (Sup.). 113 Gustaveson v. Otis (Sup.).

280 Fogg, Bliss v. (Sup.). . ..1053 Gutlohn, Passavant v. (Sup.).

1107 Foo Long y. American Surety Co. (Sun.). .743 Guzman, In re (Sup.)..

.1109 Foran v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. (Sup.) *.1119 Haake, Zorn v. (Sup.)..

38 Forbes v. Kennedy (Sup.). 596 Haas v. Green (Com. Pl.).

347 Ford, W. D. Wilson Printing Ink Co. v. Haffen, Katz v. (Com. Pl.).

1131 (Com. Pl.) ..1124 Hague v. Cone (City Ct. N. Y.).

.1134 Forster v. Eberle (Com. Pl.). 986 Hahn, Seligmann v. (Com. Pl.).

405 Fort Ann Woolen Co., Barker v., two cases Haines v. Thompson (Com. Pl.).

.1122 (Sup.) 1114 Halsted v. Halsted (Com. Pl.).

408 Fort Ann Woolen Co., Central Nat. Bank Hamburg American Packet Co., Lechoof Troy v.. two cases (Sup.)... .1114 witzer v. (City Ct. N. Y.)..

140 Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. A. R. Co., Hamilton, In re (Sup.).

813 Whitker v. (Com. Pl.).

!1131 Hamilton, First Nat. Bank of Sing Sing Fowler, Merritt v. (Sup.). .1047 v. (Sup.)

1029 Fox v. Brooklyn City R. Co. (City Ct. Hanauer v. City of Utica (Sup.).

663 Brook.) 895 Hanford, English v. (Sup.).

672 Fox v. Brooks (City Ct. N. Y.). 975 Hard, Ferris v. (Super. Buff.).

222 Fox, Flanagan v. (Com. Pl.).

.1122 Hardenbergh, Constable v. (Sup.). 1022 Frankel v. Wolf (Com. Pl.).

328 Harlem Bridge, M. & F. R. Co. v. Town Franklin, Stamp v. (Sup.). 84 Board of Westchester (Sup.).

764 Frazer, Porter v. (Sup.). 517 Harpending v. Gray (Sup.).

762 Freeman v. United States Electric Lighting Harris, Nichols v. (Com. Pl.).

1129 Co. (Sup.) 799 Hart v. Brown (Sup.)..

74 Friedhoff, Johnson v. (Com. Pl.).

982 Hart v. Delaware, L. & W.R. Co. (Sup.). . 767 Friedlander, Bainbridge v. (City Ct. N. Y.) 261. Hart, Bennett v. (Com. Pl.)...

.1130 Frye's Estate, In re (Sup.).

14 Haskin Wood Vulcanizing Co., Wright v. Funk v. Evening Post Pub. Co. (Sup.). .. 1089 (Sup.)

1108 Furchsel, Duryea v. (Sup.)... ...1037 Hauser, Gemunder v. (Com. Pl.).


Haverty v. New England Piano Co. of Gallagher, Colorado State Bank v. (Sup.).. 688 New York (Com. Pl.).

.1128 Garczynski v. Russell (Sup.). 458 Hawxhurst's Estate, In re (Sup.).

613 Garczynski v. Russell (Sup.). 461 Hayden, People v. (Sup.).

487 Garczynski v. Russell (Sup.).

465 Hayden, People v. (City Ct. Brook.). 881 Gardner v. Benedict (Sup.).

3 Hayden, People v. (City Ct. Brook.). 893 Garsia v. Burch (Com. Pl.). 385 Hayes, Clay v. (Sup.).

.1117 Gemunder v. Hauser (Com. Pl.). 977 Hein v. Wilkins (City Ct. N. Y.).

.1133 Geraghty v. New (Com. Pl.).. 403 Helmer v. Minot (Sup.).

79 Gerbig v. New York, L. E. & W. R. Co. Hempstead_v. Flagg (Com. Pl.).

988 (Sup.)

594 Henney v. Brooklyn El. R. Co. (Sup.). ..1112 Gerton Carriage Co. v. Richardson (Sup.) 625 Henry, Walkam v. (Super. Buff.).

997 Gilbert v. Taylor (Sup.). 828 Herman, Pots v. (Com. Pl.).

330 Gilon, People v. (Sup.).

704 Herzog v. New York El. R. Co. (Sup.). Girard, People v. (Sup.). .1118 Herzog, Schieck v. (Com. Pl.).

988 Gleason, People v. (Sup.). 670 Hesdorfer, Stearn v. (Com. Pl.).

. 1127 Glocker v. Spencer Optical Works (Sup.). .1116 Heusner v. Houston, W. St. & P. F. R. Glyn v. Miner (Com. Pl.).. 341 Co. (Com. Pl.)..

365 Goebel v. Goebel (Com. Pl.). . .1129 Heye v. Tilford (Sup.),

.1106 Goldberg, Richards v. (Com. Pl.).

919 Heyman v. Smadbeck (City Ct. N. Y.). 141 Goldberger, Guggenheim v. (City Ct. N. Y.) 422 Hirt v. Vincent (City Ct. N. Y.)...

258 Goldsmith v. Coverly (Sup.)...

116 Hitchings v. Brooklyn El. R. Co. (City Ct. Gombrecht, McLiney v. (Com. Pl.). 253 Brook.)

132 Goodman, Weiss v. (Com. Pl.).

.1126 Hoboken Ferry Co., McCallum v. (5!p.). ..J117 Gorman, Clemmons v. (Com. Pl.). 354 Hodge, Carter v. (Super. Buff.).

219 Gourand, Smith v. (Sup.). 717 Fodgetts, Epstein v. (Com. Pl.).

.1122 Govin v. De Miranda (Sup.). . 1049 Hoes, Lassiter v. (Super. N. Y...

.1130 Graef v. Bernard (City Ct. N. Y.).

263 Hoffeld, City of Buffalo v. (Super. Buff.).. 209 Gray, Harpending v. (Sup.). 762 | Hoffman v. Duncan (Sup.).

C33 Green v. Easton (Sup.).

1116 Hoffman v. Richter (City Ct. N. Y.).


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