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CÆSAR. 31, 32.
HOMER, by Pope. 37–39.

POPE, CONGREVE, ADDISON, and others. 40, 41. CICERO'S ORATIONS, OFFICES, and Treatises on OLD

AGE and FRIENDSHIP. 42–44.
LIVY. 46–52.

The 21 Portraits may be had separately from the work for £1. 58., or any single Portrait, 1s. 6d.

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The Publisher will, if desired, deliver one or volumes monthly, price 4s. 6d. each, commencing with the first volume.


A more important or interesting accession than this Library to our national literature has not taken place in modern times. No serious or well-arranged plan has been proposed, before this time, for placing the treasures of the classic writers in the hands of readers who were unacquainted with the original. All the intellectual splendors of Greece and Rome are opened to the contemplation of the gentler sex; and a lady can acknowlege an acquaintance with the treasures of ancient poetry without the smallest compromise of her delicacy.'-Monthly Review.

. The efforts of this publisher in the cause of ancient literature are meeting with extensive encouragement, as well for his first project of introducing so long a list of Greek and Latin authors to the notice of the unlearned part of the com munity in a uniform series, as for the manner in wbich the promises of using every exertion to render his English Translations of the Classics universally acceptable, have been since redeemed.'- New Monthly Mag.

• This is a most important work, perhaps the most important of the long list which the public owe to the enterprise of Mr. Valpy. We should pity those families who have bookcases not enriched with the volumes of the Classical Library.' -Atlas.



In 15 Volumes, 5s. each, uniformly with BYRON, Pope, and


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S H A K S P E A R E;

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This edition, which has experienced the most favorable reception during the course of publication, may now be had complete, in fifteen volumes, £3. 158. The Plates may be purchased separately in one volume, handsomely bound for the Drawing-Room, or for illustrating other editions, £1. 11s. 6d. Single engravings at 1s. each.

The distinguishing features of this edition are--the text of MALONE; GLOSSARIAL Notes on all obsolete words; and an HistoriCAL Digest and ARGUMENT prefixed to each Play.

The work is embellished with ONE HUNDRED ARD SEVENTY ILLUSTRATIONS, executed on steel, in the first style of outline engraving, from the Plates in BOYDELL’s ShaksPEARE, originally published at £95, and large paper at £190.

The attention of the youthful reader is directed to the most striking and brilliant passages by the Index, which forms a complete reference to the BEAUTIES OF SHAKSPEARE.

For the accommodation of New SUBSCRIBERS, the Publisher will deliver the work monthly, commencing at any time with the first volume.


It is our duty to join the voice of the public press, which is unanimous in commendation of this most useful and elegant edition. Nothing evinces more pointedly the high refinement to which civilisation has attained amongst us, than the production of a work like this.'-Metropolitan Magazine.

' Among the numerous editions of celebrated authors which have lately been introduced to the public in an illustrated form, we know of none more deserving, or likely to become popular, than the one before us. Though all Boydell's plates are not equally excellent, nevertheless in the manner in which the present edition is got up, viz. in outline, the effect is almost invariably good. The typography is so beautiful, and the paper and manner of getting up so excellent, that this must be considered the cheapest and best edition of the bard of Avon extant. These united claims to patronage cannot be resisted ; and we are certain that the work will find its way into the boudoir of every lady, and the library of every gentleman; at least, if it does not, it ought.'— Monthly Magazine.

• An admirable idea, and capitally put in execution. The outline engravings abound, and are excellently done ; type good, size convenient, price next to nothing, the subject * Shakspeare. If this combination do not attract, there is neither taste nor patriotism in England.'-United Service Journal.

. The typography is neat and clear; and the text we assume to be correct, from the name of the editor.'--Spectator.

• The publications which it becomes a duty to remark on, are those periodical works which form a new feature of the national literature, and which really and truly deserve the patronage which we are happy to say we believe them generally to obtain. One of the most valuable of these works is Mr. Valpy's beautiful edition of the Plays and Poems of Shakspeare, illustrated with elegant and graceful outlines from the best and most celebrated pictures, which were originally engraved for Boydell's expensive work—amounting to 170 in number.'--John Bull.

• In these volumes the notes most required have been preserved, and the historical memoranda are reduced into a neat attracting compass; we are not withheld from reading them by their length, or by the diversity of their opinions : all is now proper, and Shakspeare has been given to us in the way we most wished to see him.'-Monthly Magazine.

• We gladly embrace the opportunity of enregistering, as an humble addition to the general praise it has already received, our commendation of this cheap and elegant edition of our Shakspeare.'-Court Magazine.

• This bold speculation has succeeded, and the sale of the work is already as extensive as the proprietor could have hoped for. It is, indeed, a beautiful work.'-Atheneum.

We cannot deny that this work is worthy of its source ; and we have not a doubt that the public will appreciate the labor, and reward the laborers in this vineyard.'-Atlas.

• The work is got up with great taste, the glossarial notes are judiciously selected, and the general execution is excellent. Upon the whole, we consider it as highly deserving of public patronage, as the cheapest and most elegant edition of the immortal bard's productions now extant. Without it no gentleman's library can be perfect.'-Bell's Messenger.

. It is at once the most delightful and available form in which Shakspeare has ever appeared.'-Morning Post.

• Mr. Valpy has conferred a great benefit on the public by this cheap and graceful edition of the works of the world's first wit. Of the style in which it is got up, we cannot speak too warmly. Its mechanical department, such as paper, print, &c., is perfect, and the addition of Boydell's well-known embellishments renders it the most finished work of the sort we have.'-Sun.


Three vols., small 8v0., 24s. boards,

TACITI OPERA, BROTIER'S TEXT ; With his Explanatory Notes, as edited by A. J. VALPY, M.A.

Translated into English.

This is the only Edition of Tacitus published with English



AN ANALYTICAL VIEW OF THE PRINCIPAL PLANS OF CHURCH REFORM, as proposed by Lord Henley, Mr. Miller, Mr. Townsend, "Dr. Burton, Professor Pusey, &c. &c. With a full and impartial Examination of their respective merits and practicability, and a Statement of the True Principles of Church Reform. By the Rev. S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D., F.S.A. Vicar of Bisbrooke, in Rutland. Price 3s. 6d. 8vo.

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The work will be illustrated with engravings like Byron, Pope, Shakspeare, &c., and published in ten monthly volumes.

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