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will be forwarded post free on application:

1. Messrs Churchill's General List of nearly 600 works on Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Materia Medica, Hygiene, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, 8c., 8c., with a complete Index to their Titles, for easy reference.

N.B.This List includes Nos. 2 and 3.

2. Selection from Messrs Churchill's General List, comprising all recent Works published by them on the Art and Science of Medicine.

3. A descriptive List of Messrs Churchill's Works on Chemistry, Pharmacy, Botany, Photography, Zoology, and other branches of Science.

4. Messrs Churchill's Red-Letter List, giving the Titles of forthcoming New Works and New Editions.

[Published every October.]

5. The Medical Intelligencer, an Annual List of New Works and New Editions published by Messrs J. & A. Churchill, together with Particulars of the Periodicals issued from their House.

[Sent in January of each year to every Medical Practitioner in

the United Kingdom whose name and address can be ascertained. A large number are also sent to the United States of America, Continental Europe, India, and the Colonies.]

MESSRS CHURCHILL have a special arrangement with MESSES LINDSAY & BLAKISTON, OF PHILADELPHIA, in accordance with which that Firm act as their Agents for the United States of America, either keeping in Stock most of Messrs CHURCHILL's Books, or reprinting them on Terms advantageous to Authors. Many of the Works in this Catalogue may therefore be easily obtained in America.



To avoid fine, this book should be returned on

or before the date last stamped below.

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