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Genealogical MSS. for Scotland and Ireland, from unquestionable authorities. The author has been much indebted, for valuable augmentations of this portion of his work, to "Bibliotheca MS. Stowensis: a descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Stowe Library, by the Rev. Charles O'Conor, D. D. 1819," 4to. 2 vols. of which only 100 copies were printed at the expense of the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos.

The nature of the present publication would not admit of this division being extended, so as to contain more than a shadow of the vast stores of curious and valuable MSS. but the author takes this opportunity of announcing his intention to publish a "Bibliotheca Manuscriptorum," which is intended to include the numerous Heraldic and Genealogical works which now remain in MS. in the various public libraries of the kingdom, with as full an account of the contents of private depositaries of works of the same description as he may be enabled to procure, for which he has very considerable materials now in his possession.

The third and last part of the "Bibliotheca Heraldica," consisting of a Catalogue of Foreign Works, is presumed to be not without its use.

It is chiefly founded upon the "Bibliographie Instructive, par De Bure," the "Bibliotheca Maarseveniana," "Stochiana," and "Pinelli," and the Catalogue of the valuable Genealogical library of the late Marquess Townshend, President of the Society of Antiquaries.

The whole is concluded by an alphabetical Index, which, it is hoped, will be found sufficiently copious and satisfactory to answer all the purposes of reference.

No exertions or expense having been spared by the author to render the work as complete as possible, he submits it to the public in the hope that it will be found a useful and necessary appendage to the library, and that indulgence will not be refused for such errors or omissions which, notwithstanding his care, may possibly

be found in it.

"Omnia habere in memoria, et in nullo errare divinum potius est quam humanum.”

Duke Street, Grosvenor Square,

SEPT. 1, 1822.


THE Right Honourable Lord Arundell, F. S. A.
The Right Honourable and Reverend Lord Aston, M. A.
The Antiquaries' Society of Newcastle upon Tyne.
John Vans Agnew, Esq. Barnbarroch, Wigton, N. B.
Mr. Arrowsmith, Richmond, Yorkshire.

Mr. Philip Absalom, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square.
Haviland Addington, Esq. Longford, Somersetshire.

George Frederick Beltz, Esq. Lancaster Herald, F. S. A.

Mr. Thomas Bell, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Mr. Charles Brown, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn.

John Trotter Brockett, Esq. F. S. A. Newcastle.

Henry Carington Bowles, Esq. F. S. A. Myddelton House,


Mr. George Baker, Northampton.

John Bidwell, Esq. F. S. A. Park Place, St. James's.
Mr. Francis Burton, Daventry.

William Bentham, Esq. F. S. A. Upper Gower Street.


Edward Wedlake Brayley, Esq. Islington.
John Britton, Esq. F. S. A. Burton Cottage.
The Honourable Charles Butler, M. P.
Major-General Brooke, K. B.

John Broadley, Esq. F. S. A. Kirk Ella, Yorkshire.
Charles Bathurst, Esq. Lydney Park, Gloucestershire.
John Bell, Esq. Newcastle.

Messrs. Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Paternoster Row.
Richard Sparling Berry, Esq. Bolton Lodge, Lancaster.
Sir Henry Brooke, Bart. Cole Brooke.

John Crosse, Esq. F. S. A. Hull.

Colonel Charlewood, Grenadier Guards.

Sir Thomas Gery Cullum, Bart. F. R. S. & F. S. A.

William Capon, Esq. North Street, Westminster.

The Reverend Edward Cooke, M. A. LL. B. Haversham, Buckinghamshire.

William Cail, Esq. Newcastle upon Tyne.

J. S. Coleman, Esq. Bosworth, Leicestershire.

The Right Honourable Viscount Clifden, F. S. A.
Christopher Clarkson, Esq. F. S. A. Richmond, Yorkshire.

Sir Thomas Constable, Bart. Tixall, Staffordshire.

The Honourable William Cust.

John Caley, Esq. F. S. A.

The Honourable Eyre Coote.

Thomas Crofton Croker, Esq.

The Most Noble the Marquess of Chandos, M. P.

The Right Honourable Lord Carbery, Castle Freke, Ireland.

The Reverend James Dallaway, M. A. F. S. A. Earl Marshal's


The Right Honourable Lord Douglas, Bothwell Castle.
Mr. Alexander Deuchar, Edinburgh.

William Deeble, Esq. Islington.

Messrs. De Bure, Paris.

M. Davis, Esq. Turnwood, Blandford.

The Honourable George Agar Ellis, F. S. A. & M. P.

Francis Freeling, Esq. F. S. A,

Mr. John Henry Fletcher, Camberwell.

The Right Honourable Lord William Fitzroy.

The Right Honourable Lord William Fitzgerald, M. P.

Sheffield Grace, Esq. F. S. A. Inner Temple.

The Reverend Joshua Greville, M. A.

Mrs. Ormsby Gore, Porkington, Salop.

Mr. William Ginger, College Street, Westminster.

Matthew Gregson, Esq. Liverpool.

Sir William Grace, Bart. Boley, Queen's County, Ireland. Captain Percy Grace, R. N.

Mr. Robert Hill, Southwark.

The Reverend Richard Hallifax, Batchcott, Ludlow.

Richard Edensor Heathcote, Esq. Longton Hall, Staffordshire.

The Reverend John Homfray, B. A. & F. S. A. Yarmouth. Messrs. T. & J. Hoitt, Upper Berkeley Street.

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