a treatise on the syntax of the new testament dialect

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Page 9 - But after all, when he comes specifically to define it, he makes it " the prefix to a noun, denoting simply that the noun to which it is prefixed, is the same with that which was before mentioned, or is otherwise well known." But these uses of the article are far from being the only ones which it subserves. The definition, therefore, is incomplete. Middleton objects to this definition, however, that ' it makes the article a distinct part of speech ; and that if it be thus distinct, it is not conceivable...
Page 10 - Greek prepositive article is the pronoun relative 3, so employed that its relation is supposed to be more or less obscure ; which relation, therefore, is explained in some adjunct annexed to the article, by the participle of existence expressed or understood.
Page 10 - Doctrine of the Greek Article applied to the Criticism and Illustration of the New Testament.
Page 7 - Aristotle did design, by his qxuvq aarjftos to mark the usual fact, that the article in and of itself has no proper significancy like to that of nouns and verbs. But when we rigidly examine this definition, we find it to be defective ; for, in the first place, the peculiarity here noted applies to some other parts of speech ; and secondly, it is true, after all, of the article, that it does usually specificate the meaning of the words to which it is attached, or at least give them a meaning which...
Page 65 - ¡хаете;, which one would naturally.take to be indefinite, not unfrequently admits the article, although it is generally without it ; Matt. § 265, 5. But I need not pursue the subject any further. Enough, I trust, has been said, to show how little is to be thought of confident and positive declarations, in a multitude of cases, respecting the insertion or omission of the article ; enough to show, how little claim a great part of...
Page 21 - The proof to sustain this claim was not and, from the nature of the case, could not be very definite or satisfactory, but there was evidence on the subject, and the matter could not be taken from the jury.
Page 16 - J, id, in his lexicon. It runs thus : " The prepositive article is annexed ... to every object which is to be represented as definite, either by means of the language itself, or from the circumstances.
Page 33 - Syntax ; but the raoit facile, and that which it more usually followed of late, is to treat of the parts of speech in the natural order in which they would occur to the mind ; the noun with its various adjuncts coming first ; then the verb with its various moods, tenses, regimen, etc. ; and lastly the various particles which serve as a modification of these. Special peculiarities of phraseology, etc., may then be annexed. ARTICLE. $ 89. The Article before leading nouns. (1) The article is a declinable...
Page 133 - For it were better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after knowing it, to turn back from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
Page 126 - Verbs of asking and teaching govern two accusatives, the one of a person, and the other of a thing ; as, Poseímos te pacem, • We beg peace of thee.

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