The History of Antiquity, Volume 4

Front Cover
R. Bentley & son, 1880 - History, Ancient

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Page 55 - If I go along trembling like a cloud driven by the wind : have mercy, almighty, have mercy...
Page 55 - Varuna, that thou wishest to destroy thy friend, who always praises thee? Tell me, thou unconquerable lord, and I will quickly turn to thee with praise, freed from sin.
Page 342 - the four highest truths : pain, the origin of pain, the annihilation of pain, and the way that leads to the annihilation of pain.
Page 348 - Birth. What is the cause of birth ? Existence. What is the cause of existence ? Attachment to existence.
Page 277 - He came on — (my prayer has been well performed), — the bright-backed horse goes2 to the regions of the gods. Wise poets celebrate him, and we have won a good friend for the love of the gods. The halter of the swift one, the heel-ropes of the horse, the head-ropes, the girths, the bridle, and even the grass that has been put into his mouth, may all these which belong to thee be with the gods...
Page 513 - Happy is the female that is handsome. She herself loves (or chooses) her friend among the people." In the Mahabharata the King's daughters appear to choose their husbands, but this is a prerogative of Royalty. * When the widow has led her husband to the place of burial, she is exhorted to " elevate herself to the world of life," for her marriage is at an end (Duncker, op.

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