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either to support his own allegations, or to refute those of his opponents. As HORTENSIUS was nearer to me in age,

and his manner more agreeable to the natural ardor of my

temper, I considered him as the proper object of my come petition; and I observed that when Cotta and HORTENSIUS were both engaged in the same cause, though the Former was generally employed by the client to open the defence, the most important parts of it were left to the management of HORTENSIUS: for a crowded audience and a clamorous forum require an orator who is lively, animated, full of action, and able to exert his voice to the highest pitch. The first

year after my return from Afia, I undertook several capital causes; and in the interior I put up as a candidate for the Quæstorship, Cotta for the Confulate, and HORTENSIUS for the Edileship. After I was chosen quæstor, I passed a year in Sicily, the province assigned to me by lot: Cotta went as consul into Gaul : and HORTENSIUS, whose new office required his presence at Rome, was left of course the undisputed fovereign of the forum. In the succeeding year, when I returned from Sicily,


my oratorial talents, such as they were, displayed themselves in their full perfection and maturity. After spending the five succeeding years in pleading a variety of causes, and with the ableft advocates of the time, I was declared an edile, and undertook the patronage of the Sicilians, with whom I had formerly lived.

HORTENSIUS after his appointment to the consulship, very probably because he saw none of consular dignity, who were able to rival him, and despised the competition of others of inferior rank, had begun to remit his intense application, which he had hitherto persevered in from his childhood; and having settled himself in very affluent circumstances, he chose to live for the future a life of ease and dignity. I, at the same time, spared na pains to improve and enlarge my talents, such as they were, by every exercise that was proper for the purpose, but particularly by that of writing.

In the three succeeding years, the beauty of HorTensius's colouring was so much impaired, as to be very perceptible to a skilful, though not to a common, observer. After that, he grew every day more unlike himself than before, not only in other parts of eloquence, but by a gradual decay of the former celerity and elegant texture of his language. When HORTENSIUS therefore, the once eloquent and admired HORTENSIUS, had almost vanished from the forum, my appointment to the consulship, which happened about fix years after his own promotion to that office, revived his dying emulation; for he was unwilling that, after I had equalled him in rank and dignity, I should become his superior in any other refpect. But in the twelve fucceeding years, by a mutual deference to each other's abilities, we united our efforts at the bar in the most amicable manner: and my confulship, which at first had given a fhort claim to his jealousy, afterwards cemented our friendship, by the generous candor with which he applauded my conduct.


Perhaps, my BRUTUS, I may appear to have been saying too much in praise of myself; but my design in it, is not to make a parade of my eloquence, but only to set forth the great pains and labour, which I have taken, in order that I might obtain it.

Hence it was, that CICERO became the orator, who could speak upon trivial subjects with simplicity,-upon indifferent ones with moderation,--and upon weighty subjects with energy and pathos.

His eloquence was embellished with all the brilliant figures of rhetoric, and studded with sentiment.

He has unfolded the most extensive and refined topics of philosophy

What need I say more? Such speakers are the offspring of philosophy; and were the nervous and more striking orator out of fight, these alone would fully answer all our wishes. For they are masters of a brilliant, a florid, a picturesque, and a well-wrought elocution, which is interwoven with all the beautiful embroidery both of language and sentiment.

This character first streamed from the limpid fountain of the academicians into the forum: but being surpassed by the nervous and weighty orator, he is coinpelled to take a superior, though a secondary, station.


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Sweet is the concord of harmonious sounds,
when the soft lute, or pealing organ strikes
the well-attemper's ear; sweet is the breath
of honest love, when nymph and gentle swain
waft sighs alternate to each others heart :
but not the concord of harmonious sounds,
when the soft lute, or pealing organ strikes
the well-attemper'd ear; nor the sweet breath
of honest love, when nymph and gentle swain
waft figlis alternate to each others heart,
so charm with ravishment the raptur’d sense,
as does the voice of well-deserv'd report
frike with sweet melody the conscious foul!

ALTHOUGH imitation is one of the great instruments used by Providence in bringing our nature towards its perfection, yet if men gave themselves up to imitation entirely, and each followed the other, and so on in an eternal circle, it is easy to see that there never could be any improvement amongst them, Men must remain as brutes do, the fame at the end as they are at this day, and that they were in the be. ginning of the world. To prevent this, God has


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