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little glimmering of light. This internal dawn seemed to increase from time to time, so that he could not only discover the parts of his bed, and such other large objects, but, at length, he even began to perceive the mice that frequented his cell, and saw them, as they ran about the floor, eating the crumbs that happened to fall. He formed here an acquaintance with a spider, whose motions he observed, which was his chief amusement. After some months in this confinement he was set at liberty; but such was the effect of the darkness, and so great the accumulated irritability of the optic nerve, that he was obliged to remain shut up for some time after, and accuftom himself by degrees to the


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OTHELLO fets' fail with DESDEMONA for CYPRUS, when a violent storm arises. They however arrive safe. Enter Othello.

OTH. Oh, my fair warrior!
Des. My dear OTHELLO.
Oth. It gives me wonder, great as my content,

to see you here before me. O my soul's joy!
If after every tempest comes such calms,
may the winds blow till they have weaken’d death:
and let the labouring bark climb hills of seas
Olympus high ; and duck again as low
as hell's from heav'n; if I were now to die,
’twere now to be most happy; for I fear
my soul hath her content fo abfolate,
that not another comfort like to this
fuccceds in unknown fate,

Livy relates, that two women, who supposed their fons dead, upon seeing them return unhurt, after the battle of Thracymene, died from excess of emotion. One, says he, at the very gate, being surprised at the sudden arrival of her son, expired in his arms; the other, to whom the death of her son had been falsely announced, sorrowing at the step of her house, died opon seeing her son return alive.


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THE HERMIT. “ Forbear, my son,” the Hermit cries,

to témpt the dangerous gloom ; « for yonder faithless phantom flies

6 to lure thee to thy doom.

" Here to the houseless child of want, my

door is open ftill ; « and though my portion is but scant,

“ I give it with good will.

“ Then turn to-night, and freely share

“ whate'er my cell bestows; my rushy couch and frugal fare, “ my blessing and repose.

« No

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And spread his vegetable store,

and gaily prest, and smild; and, skill?d in legendary lore,

the lingering hours beguild.

hround, in sympathetic mirth,

its cricks the kitten tries;
the cricket chirrups in the hearth;

the crackling faggot flies.

But nothing could a charm impart

to footh the ftranger's woe; for grief was heavy at his heart,

and tears began to flow.

His rising cares the Hermit spy'd,

with answering care opprest : The Hermit, “ And whence, unhappy youth !” he cry'd,

« the sorrows of thy breast ?

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