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* Forbid

« Forbid it, heaven!" the HERMIT cry'd,

and clasp'd her to his breas:
The wondering fair-one turn’d to chide;

'Twas Edwin's felf that preft*.


“ Turn, ANGELINA, ever dear,

my charmer, turn to see
“ thy own, thy long-loft Edwin here,

6 restor'd to love and thee..

No, never, from this hour to part,

66 we'll live and love so true;
“ the sigh that rends thy constant heart,

« shall break thy Edwin's too."

* The passion the painter would endeavour to express here would be ECSTASY, or joy heightened by the contrary passion.



ROCHEFOUCALT has very well remarked, that absence destroys weak passions, but increases strong, as the wind extinguishes a candle, but blows up a fire. Long abfence naturally weakens the idea, and diminishes the paffion * : but where the affection is so strong and lively as

* Absence

may be too long, and then, instead of being an indirea stimulus, will exhibit its sedative effeat. Hence pcople go abroad to overcome the passion

of love; or,

As when some youth of firm and constant mind,
who long in climes remote had absent pind;
and, after many a year of toil and care,
returns impatient to review the fair,
whom still he hopes to find the same
fresh blooming object of his youthful flame;
but fees, alas ! that time's relentless pow'r
has chang'd the blossom to a faded flow'r;
for radiant locks, that wav'd in ringlets gay,
sees rugged tresses verging fast to gray ;

whose glance illumin'd all around,
dull lifeless lamps, in wat'ry dimness drown'd;
for cheeks, which glow'd with beauty's rosy pride,
a wan complexion, and a shrivell’d hide
One tender word he scarce has pow'r to say,
but turns with horror, from the fight away.

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to support itself, the uneasiness arising from absence, says Hume, certainly increases the passion, and gives it new force and influence.

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