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To His Grace CII ARLES Duke of RICHMOND,

&c. &c. &c,
Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland.

A REPORT by the Commissioners for enquiring into the State

of all Schools on PUBLIC or CHARITABLE Foundations, inų Ireland.


TE the undersigned Commissioners, respectively nominated, appointed, and Free Schools

elected, under the provisions of an Act of Parliament passed in the forty- of Royal sixth year of the reign of Ilis present Majesty, intituled, “ An Act to revive and Foundation, “ amend an Act made in the Parliament of Ireland, for enabling the Lord Lieutenant

to appoint Commissioners for enquiring into the several Funds and Revenues

granted for the purposes of Education, and into the State and Condition of all " Schools in Ireland;"—in pursuance of the powers vested in us by tlie said Act, having met, commenced our enquiry with an investigation of the present state of the Funds of “ The Free Schools or Royal FOUNDATION;" and having examined and enquired into the Annual Value of all Lands, Tenements and Ilereditaments granted and belonging to these Endowments, and having also examined and enquired into the present state and condition of these Schools, and School-houses, the number of Scholars in said Schools, and into the conduct of the several Masters thereof; and into the amount of the Annual Income, Profits and Salaries paid and payable to them respectively: We beg leave, pursuant to the provisions of the said Act of Parliament, to report to your Grace the result of our enquiries.

The Schools which are the subject of our present Report, namely, the Free Schools of Armagh, Dungannon, Enniskillen, Raphoe, Cavan, Banagher and Carysfort, were founded and endowed by King Charles the First, at two different periods.

King Charles, in the second year of his reign, granted very considerable Tracts of Land, lying and being in the Counties of Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Donegal, and Cavan, to the Archbishop of Armagh, and his successors for ever, in Trust, for the sole and proper behoof and use of the respective Masters of five Free Schools in the several Counties and Places mentioned in the Charter,

And afterwards in the fourth year of his reign, in the respective Charters for incorporating the Boroughs of Banagher in the King's County, and of Carysfort in the County of Wicklow, he granted certain Lands in those counties to the Sovereigns and Burgesses of those Boroughs, and their successors for ever, in Trust, for the only use and behoof of a Schoolmaster to reside and teach in each of those towns.

We now proceed to lay before your Grace, our Report upon each of these Schools in their order: and in our Report upon the present state of them, we have made our Observations, and have suggested such present improvements and future application of the Funds of some of these Schools, as appear to us best calculated to render more effectual the original purposes of thesc Endowments; these we also submit to your (Grace's wisdom and consideration,

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