Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

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Penguin, Apr 17, 2008 - Family & Relationships - 336 pages
Learn how to create a cleaner, greener, safer home with Christopher Gavigan and the trusted experts at Healthy Child Healthy World.

Healthy Child Healthy World is the essential guide for parents! All parents want a happy and healthy child in a safe home, but where do they start? It starts with the small steps to creating a healthier, less toxic, and more environmentally sound home, and this is the definitive book to get you there.

Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans, overwhelmingly children, now face chronic disease and illnesses including cancer, autism, asthma, allergies, birth defects, ADD/ADHD, obesity/diabetes, and learning and developmental disabilities. The number gets higher each year and more parents ask WHY? Scientific evidence increasingly finds chemicals in everyday products like cleaning supplies, beauty care and cosmetics, home furnishings, plastics, food, and even toys that are contributors to these ailments.

The good news is that you can something to protect your children with a few simple changes!

Inside, you'll find practical, inexpensive, and easy lifestyle advice for every stage of parenting including:

*Advice on preparing a nontoxic nursery for a new baby
*What every expectant mom needs to do to have a safer pregnancy
*Clarifying which plastics and baby products to avoid and the healthier solutions
*Tips to take to the grocery store, including the most and least pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables and the best healthy kid-approved snacks
*Which beauty care / cosmetic products pose the biggest risk to health
*The best recipes for healthy snacks, low-cost and safe homemade cleaners, and non-toxic art supplies
*How to easily minimize allergens, dust, and lead
*A greener garden, yard, and outdoor spaces
*Tips to keep your pets healthy, and the unwanted pests out naturally
*Renovation ideas, naturally fresher indoor air, and safer sleeping options,
*An 27 page extensive shopper's guide to most trusted and best products every home needs

Inside is also packed with over 40 featured contributions from renowned doctors, environmental scientists, and public-health experts like Dr. Harvey Karp, Dr Philip Landrigan, and William McDonough, as well as many celebrity parents like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tobey Maguire, Sheryl Crow, Erin Brockovich and Tom Hanks. A special featured contribution from First Lady Michelle Obama on her best ways of coping with her daughter's asthma.

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Minor Changes Major Payoff
No One Can Do Everything Everyone Can Do Something
Step 1 Eat Intelligently for Two
Step 2 Get Clean Water on Tap
Expert Opinion A BabyMaking Story
Step 4 Breathe Clean Air
Step 5 Renovate Earlyand Safely
Expert Opinion Avoid Lead Exposure During Pregnancy
Step 10 Leave the Outdoors Out
Parentblog On Having a Child with Asthma
Step 1 Remove Allergy Triggers
Step 2 Make Fleas Flee Naturally
Step 3 Solve Your 2 Problem
Parentblog The Bugs Arent the Real Problem

Think about Next Steps
Step 1 Go Minimalist
WHAT THE HECK IS ? Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs
Step 3 Mix Your Own
Parentblog A Little Help from My Kids
Step 4 Join the Clean Plate Club
Step 5 Banish Antibacterials
Step 6 Wipe Away Mildew and Mold
DIY A Little Help Around the House
Step 7 Tread Lightly and Cleanly
Expert Opinion Why I Do What I Do
Step 8 Sort Your Laundry
Step 9 Bug Out Safely
Parentblog Use Your Network
Step 10 Detox the Garage and Basement
Step 1 Crack the Label Code
Expert Opinion Raising Organic Kids
Go Organic
Step 3 Be a Locavore
Step 4 Fish for a Cleaner Catch
Sidestep the Worst Preservatives and Additives
Organic Beef and Dairy
Step 7 Be Alert to Food Allergies
Parentblog Sometimes It Takes a Mom
Get Prep Schooled
Expert Opinion Dont Table the Family Meal
Step 9 Toss Your Teflon
Step 10 Know Your Plastics
Is Bottlefeeding Better?
Step 1 Read the Fine Print
Step 2 Lose the Scent
Step 3 Find Better Bubbles
Step 4 Oil Your Engine Not Your Skin
Step 5 Dispel Diaper Rash Safely
Step 6 Be Sunscreen Smart
Step 7 Forget ToDyeFor Hair
Parentblog Youre in Charge
Step 8 Put a Nail in Your Polish Habit
Step 9 Make Over Your Makeup
Step 10 Flash a Healthy Smile
Step 1 Seek Out PVCfree
Step 2 Get the Lead Out of the Toy Box
Step 3 Select Toys That Last
Step 5 Gather a Healthy Layette
Parentblog Change a Diaper Change the World
Step 6 Clothes Call
Step 7 Be a Smart Gearhead
Step 8 Use Greener Art Supplies
DIY EarthFriendly Gloop
DIY SuperSafe Finger Paint
Step 10 Tone Down the Electronics
Step 1 Green Your Lawn
Step 2 Whack Weeds Without Herbicides
Step 3 Enrich Your Soil
Parentblog Naked in New York?
Step 4 Fertilize Naturally
Step 5 Kick the Chemical Pesticide Habit
Step 6 Start a Kids Garden
Step 7 Check Your Deck and Play Set
Maintaining a Deep Green Pool
Step 4 Feed Your Pets Healthy Foods
DIY Breakfast of Champions
Step 5 Give a Better Bath
Expert Opinion Natures Pet
Step 7 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie in a Green Bed
Step 9 Fur Sure
Step 1 Sleep Easy
Expert Opinion Health Risks of Fire Retardants
Parentblog Once Upon a Mattress
Step 2 Lose the Carpet
Step 3 Paint Without Fumesand Deal with Lead
Step 4 Armchair and Other Furniture Activism
DIY Olive Oil Furniture Polish
Step 5 Make the Lav More Livable
Parentblog Waiting to Inhale
Step 6 Appliance Yourself
Step 7 Insulation Solutions
Parentblog Body Burden of Evidence
Step 9 Bright Lights Big Smile
Step 10 Renovate Intelligently
Step 1 Get Smart
Expert Opinion Dig Trust Fight and Fight Some More
Step 2 Pass It On
Step 3 Play Detective
Step 4 Take the Local
Parentblog New World Options Old World Values
Re Re Everything Or As Much As You Can
Step 6 Take It Outside
Expert Opinion Parenting Rules for a New World
Step 7 Recruit the Kids
Step 8 Calculate How Much Sense Dollars It Makes
Step 9 Keep the Faith
Step 10 Do Something
Air Quality
Baby Bedding and Crib Mattresses
Baby Clothing
Baby Showers and Gifts
Bedding and Bath
Carbon Offsetting
Clothing and Gear Adult
Construction and Remodeling
FurnitureHome and Baby
Garden and Lawn
Home Safety Test Kits
Pest Control
Renewable Energy
School Lunches
Vacuum Cleaners
NGOs and Groups
Notable Organizations
Colettes Inspiration

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About the author (2008)

For over a decade, Christopher Gavigan has been dedicated to improving the lives of children and families. Gavigan's academic efforts focused on environmental science and geography, and graduate work in both education and child psychology. He has worked as an ecology and sciences professor in the Bay Area and Los Angeles and a child and family holistic interventionist, aswell as founding Pinnacle Expeditions—an outdoor leadership program.

Gavigan currently serves as the Chief Executive Office/Executive Director of Healthy Child Healthy World, the leading nationalnon-profit dedicated to protecting the heath and well-being of children from harmful environmental exposures. Under hisleadership, Gavigan has launched impactful public awareness campaigns reaching millions, has executed a new strategic vision for the organization and has successfully established values-based messaging and collaborative relationships with over 30 social and environmentally driven business partners. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, Jessica Capshaw, and their young son.

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