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Interesting family saga where Vance grew up in a poor Rust Belt town. An analysis of a culture in crisis...white working class Americans. Kindle 4/07/2018

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I was eager to read this book since it was touted as an interface between the two americas that showed themselves in the 2016 Presidential election. I'm not sure I found it to be that but Vance does a great job of depicting his unlikely ascent as the offspring of a poor white semi-appalachian family to Yale law school graduate. His personal story is more compelling than some of the insight provided by Vance into what ails the rustbelt. He has said that he is a Republican and it is clear in the book that he feels government welfare programs create dependency rather than empowerment. He also seems to lean Republican in his belief that his stint in the Marine Corp taught him to be master of his own fate. Less insightful are some of his early childhood experiences - in particular his well rendered accounts of his intelligent mother who despite being an addict did engage his brain, through games and books that developed his fine mind. He was lucky in this regard in a way that many people of his economic class are not. Some in government have tried to make these gift of early child development available to the masses which could help bootstrap success stories such as Vance's become less of an anomaly. I would have been interested to hear where Vance lands on the possibility of government to help those people he introduces us to in his book. 1/2017 

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Well written biography of someone who succeeds

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Sounds a lot like the average struggling black American family. My family and I do not need any one to
provide a job for us. How we live, and upward mobility is up to a people. Let jobs and
manufacturers go
overseas. We can become entrepreneurs, and follow where the money leads. There will never be
yesterday slaves. He need to stop feeling sorry for himself. My future is in my own hands. Everyone
have to ensure their own destiny. It is a ridiculous book, and sounds like he just wanted to write a book.

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The book isn't out yet, but promises to be interesting, given the recent stream of perceptive articles on economic mobility by the author (see National Review Online)

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