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*1. Copy of the agreement relating to Sir I. Newton's MSS. Copy of bond given by Conduitt in relation to Sir I. Newton's papers. An account of John Conduitt's right to the MSS. of Sir I. Newton.

2. Six drafts (all in Newton's hand) of a scheme for establishing the Royal Society.

3. Two printed copies of Newton's letter to the Abbé Conti dated Feb. 26, 1716, with remarks of Newton on the letter of Leibnitz to the Abbé Conti-the latter dated 18 May 1716 (printed in Des Maizeaux. Recueil, Tome ii. pp. 20, 82, 107).

4. Advertisement of the Book "De Systemate Mundi" in Conduitt's hand, with memoranda and modern letters on Newton's life. 5. On Education, &c.

On educating youth in the Universities.

Testimonial to Mr David Gregory for Astr. Prof. at Oxford.

Dr Gregory on the method of teaching in the Colleges in Scotland. Two Chapters on Cosmography.

Beginning of "the Elements of Mechanicks."

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An account of the System of the World described in Mr Newton's principles of Philosophy.

8. Astronomia, cap. 1, 2, 3, 4. This contains a drawing and description of a quadrant or sextant for measuring angles by reflexion.

9. Phænomena 1-15.

10. Scheme of Observations recommended to a traveller.

*11. Papers relating to legal matters.

12. General proportions for the parts of a ship.


Estimates of the expenses of Government in 1668 and 1675,

and a chronological tree of the royal family 1689.

*14. John Conrad de Hatzfeld on a scheme for Perpetual Motion. List of proposed machines by le Sieur Balesme, with fragments on finding the Longitude.

15. Extracts from Phil. Trans. and other fragmentary Papers. Graphical construction by Newton relating to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, &c.

*16. Fragments of the Historia Cælestis.

*17. "Barometri altitudines per totum itineris mei Alpini decursum." June 25-July 13. No author's name or year.

*18. Testimonial for E. Paget, M.A., *Trin., as a person fit to teach navigation to the King's satisfaction. 3 April, 1682.

19. A scheme of Mathematical learning proposed for Mr Stone's foundation (at Christ's hospital). Several drafts.

20. Newton's remarks on this.


Draft of his letter on the subject.

22. Long letter by Newton in answer.

*23. Two drafts of a paper headed, The case of Trin. Coll., on the fellowship dividends.

*24. Henricus Sextus, apparently a College or University declamation.

*25. A Latin phrase-book, under the heads of English words in alphabetical order, the first word abate, the last conduct. At the other end are extracts from Epiphanius, S. Augustine, &c.

*26. Phrases from Terence's Andria, with occasional translations. *27. Miscellaneous fragments relating to personal matters. The packet contains a torn scrap of a letter from Newton's mother to him, 6 May, 1665, and one from Catharine Conduitt to Newton.

28. A Problem in Chances, not in Newton's hand.

*29. A Demonstration in French on the Quadrature of the Circle, by Dan Waeijwel of Amsterdam.

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Catalogue of Manuscripts of Tycho Brahe.

Draft of Latin letter to Roemer relating to Tycho's observations; similar letter in English; both in Newton's handwriting.

Arbuthnot to [Newton]? July 30, 1706.

Letter from Newton and the other Referees to Prince George of Denmark concerning the publication of Flamsteed's observations, Jan. 23, 1705.

Two drafts of Articles of Agreement made between the Referees and Mr John Flamsteed.

Flamsteed to Newton, Oct. 25, 1705.

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Copy of an Order sent to Mr Flamsteed, July 14, 1708.

Flamsteed to Sir Christopher Wren, July 19, 1708.

The Referees to Sir Isaac Newton.

Account of the expense of printing Mr John Flamsteed's Obser


Order to pay £125 to Flamsteed for his first Catalogue of fixed


Receipt for the same from Ja. Hodgson.

Flamsteed to Newton, April 23, 1716 (asking for the return of his MSS.) printed in Baily's Flamsteed p. 322.

Order by Queen Anne for the appointment of a Board of Visitors of the Royal Observatory dated Dec. 12, 1710.

Drafts of Correspondence relating thereto.

Petition to the Queen of the President, Council and Fellows of the Royal Society of London, for the grant of a new place of Meeting.



Conduitt to Fontenelle,

Fontenelle to Conduitt,

27th March, 1727. O. S.
14th April, 1727. N. S.

Conduitt to Fontenelle, No date given, but must be about 21st

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The above are inclosed in a portion of Mists' Weekly Journal for Saturday, April 8, 1727, containing Reflections occasioned by the

Death of Sir I. Newton.

II. Conduitt's Memoirs of Sir I. Newton, sent to Fontenelle for the Éloge.

1. English copy, containing 29 numbered pages, No. 21 repeated, and 1 page of corrections.


French copy, containing 27 pages. This includes a translation of the account of Newton's funeral from the London Gazette of 4th April, 1727.


III. A of the London Gazette for 4th April, 1727, containing the account of Sir I. Newton's funeral.



1. 42 pages, giving an account of Newton's life to the time of his going to Cambridge.

2. 35 pages, containing a more finished copy of the same. [This was intended to be followed by an account of the state of Philosophy when Newton began his discoveries.]

3. Four copies of suggestions addressed to some one from whom Conduitt expected to obtain a popular account of the state of philosophy when Sir I. Newton first appeared, and also a similar account of his discoveries, and of the improvements that several persons have made in various parts of them. 7 pages.

4. 16 pages, relating to his life and work at Cambridge.


17 pages of Miscellanea, containing anecdotes, &c.

6. 17 pages relating to Newton's character.


2 copies, each about 11⁄2 page, on his love and gratitude to his

8. 2 pages on Sir I. Newton's manual dexterity.

9. 2 copies of 2 pages, each on the same subject, illustrated by a custom in the house of Austria.

10. Paper with date 31st of August, 1726, containing 4 large and 4 small pages, containing anecdotes of Newton, relating to various times.

11. 2 pages, containing an account of a conversation of Conduitt with Newton, on Sunday the 7th March, 1724-5.

12. 2 pages, containing various scraps from Newton's note-books. 13. Scrap of 4 small pages, on Newton's dispute with Hook. 14. Scrap of 2 small pages, in glorification of Newton.

15. Scrap of 1 large pages, containing rough notes relating to Newton's last illness, and brief references to anecdotes.

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18. Extracts from Journal books of the R. Soc. relating to the late Sir I. Newton with a letter from W. Rutty, R. S. Sec. to Conduitt.

Dates of what passed at the University (so endorsed by Conduitt).

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